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Demetris Christofi


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Demetris Christofi=

DB= 19 CM 80 SM Value=£2,232,000- you must buy him!

Demetris Christofi is considered one of the best young talents cyprus has. On the data base he is a CM, but i think he can also play as a striker.

He started his career at Onisilos FC, a team in the cypriot second divsion, he scored 9 goals in 36 apperances.

He then moved on to Enosis Neon Paralimni FC, a club in cypriot division one, scoring 9 goals in 27 games.

He now plays for AC Omonia of the cypriot first division. he moved to them for a sum of £800,000, the most expensive transfer in cypriot football.

He has played for cyprus once, against greece, coming on in the 72nd minute.

Yesterday, he was connected with Man United and Arsenal and it was reveled that these to clubs are battling for his signature. Sir Alex will be hoping not to lose another starlet (Aaron Ramsey) to Arsene Wenger. Apparently Onisilos are selling him for £3,000,000.

Here he is in action=


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Re: Demetris Christofi

good find mate keep us updated on his progress but he could get overlooked if he carrys on playing in the cyprus league. I think it will be better if he moves to a better club and then gets loaned out to a 2nd or 3rd division club to enhance his progress but he does have a lot of potential i can see that!

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