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English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sutcliffe Speaks Out


The Rochdale Boss speaks on Red Cards, England and Selling A Wonderkid.

You were obviously angry at the red card issued last night, what did you make of your team's performance?

I don't want the fans to think I am deflecting things from the performance of the team last night. The game was dead and buried when Delph got sent off. I am just angry that we now have to suffer the repercussions for 3 more games. It's a disgrace. With regards to the game, we didn't deserve to win the game. I thought first half we were in fact the better side, hitting the bar and missing a few chances, but we switched off for the goal, when Brad made the save, we just didn't follow up. Second half they started to boss it, the lad Driver in particular stood out for me. Again, we hit the post, which was disappointing, but all in all, like I said before, I felt they were good enough on the day to beat us.

Are Brentford a threat to your league position?

Certainly. We have slacked, no doubt about it. Just lucky for us that Colchester did the same. Many thought that this league would become less competitive following the departure of Crewe managed by Sean, and Oxford managed by David, but it's turned out the opposite. Bar Shorpe, who are running away with it, we have a lot of good managers doing good jobs. Daz is one, as is Turna, and Mr Dragovic of course. All of us stand a shot of pushing on for that second place, but I'll be devastated if it's not us. True, we've punched above our weight, but we deserve this IMO, we've been in this division long enough. It's time for us to stand up and be noticed, and it starts next week away to Blackpool.

Despite the loss with Dale, England did pull off a good win Friday night.

Yeah we did, and praise must go once again to the veterans. I gave Gary Neville his chance today, and he played alongside Beckham, Scholes and Owen, and it was really good to see them using all their experience. We bossed the game from start to finish and deserved everything we got. Michael has 5 in 3 for me now with England, and that goes on top of his brilliant club form. I though we might struggle, playing without a big man up top, but Owen's so clever, and he just makes chances for himself. Neither of his 2 goals were trademark, but he got in the position and got his shot away. He's a key player, but we are still dependent on other results going into the final 2 games. It will be interesting viewing next week.

And news of a rift today between you and 2 other managers. Can you shine light on this?

It's nothing. I guess if we were players, it would be what was an everyday training ground bust up. I disagreed with something 2 managers said to me, and I fought my corner. I have spoken to both and I hope that it's behind us. I don't intend to talk about this further, because it is not relevant, nor necessary.

Can you explain why Diego Orlando Suarez has been put up for sale then?

He's not for sale, because I don't necessarily want to sell. I've labelled him as "available" at the minute, because I am still undecided on to whether to let such a talented youngster pass through my grasp. On the other hand, I can't at the minute afford his £3,000 a week wages, so I will consider any offers that come in for him. Should I not recieve said offers, or should the offers not match my valuation, then it makes my decision easier. However, he's 17, and he's free to move should another club make a bid. So it's up to my fellow managers and the player in question make up my mind.


Suarez moved to Dynamo Kiev in 2008, at the age of 16. He was the youngest player ever to play in the Copa Libertadores too, at just 15. Chelsea reportedly handed him a trial before his move to Kiev. At 17, he has 3 U20 caps for Bolivia.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Could Gillingham boss Jake possibly be facing the sack?


(Good old days: Gillingham gaining promotion to Division 3.)

News coming out of Gillingham this hours is possible rumours that Gillingham boss Jake could possibly be facing the sack from the Division 3 side. Gillingham drew 1-1 in a tough encounter at Priestfield on Saturday night witch helped the struggling side slips out of the relegation zone. Jake has been in charge of the clubs for 19 games now and has lightened up the low confidence levels of some players.

It is thought that Gillingham have around £13 million pounds to spend on a new striker that will partner up with Bakari Kone who has been the masterclass for Gillingham this season as Sercan Yildrim is yet to reach high experience at the role of Gillingham. This is what fans had to say on the saga surrounding the Gillingham boss, "Utter rubbish, Jake has helped our squad out alot this season, he was given tight funds at the start of he's era but I hear he has around £13 million to spend on a new striker so once we get a new forward we should be ok goals wise."

There was only one man behind the scene's at Priestfield and that was Gillingham chairman Paul Scally who is in charge of ensuring that Gillingham have a successful and adequate manager and this is what he had to say to SkySportsNews earlier tonight, "I don't know where this rumour has come from but I can confirm it's not true. I didn't release any sort of statement and I can asure Jake that he's job is safe here at Gillingham. Yes he is going through a bad spell but every manager has one, it takes time to build a side to your liking and that's how Jake likes to do it, thanks and goodnight."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Wycombe Wanderers 2:3 Shorpe United

An even more lucky comback this week, being 2-0 down, 1 man down and with 60 minutes to go, before winning 3-2!

Scorers for Shorpe were




This was followed with the further good news that Colchester and Rochdale lost, unlucky for yourselves Draga and Elliot,

very well done Daz on the Rochdale game, starting to build an impressive run there to be a full promotion contender, maybe even automatics. :eek:

continued luck for the rest of the season to everyone


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Speaking after watching his side beat Rochdale 2-0 in yesterday's crucial match at Griffin Park, Brentford boss Darren Richardson sent out a warning to promotion rivals that they have yet to see Brentford move into top gear yet.

The bee's are now eight matches unbeaten in the league and have come up against some good teams in that period. A 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough away from home coupled with a 1-0 home win over Cardiff City in friendlies have also impressed inbetween their unbeaten streak. The daunting prospect for Brentfords opposition is that the defensive frailties have been dealt with and no goals have been conceded for 396 minutes. With some difficult games ahead Brentford appear to have clicked at a great time. We spoke to Richardson earlier today to get his thoughts on Brentford.


Darren Richardson speaking about his side's chances

What are your thoughts on Brentford recently then?

I feel we are giving a better account of ourselves now and are showing more consistency. The pleasing thing for me is the players have begun to believe me when I tell them how good they can potentially be in this division. Now they have started showing some confidence and we are scoring goals and not letting any in and this is not against the lower ranked clubs either, we are playing opposition from two divisions above us and we are not getting beaten or embaressed in any way at all. In fact, we thumped Middlesbrough and drew 1-1. They are promotion candidates to get in the Premier League.

Managers in the league have started recognising Brentford as a potential threat, do you agree?

You better believe it. I know we can finish second and if we started the season with these performaces we would be giving Shorpe a big challenge because on current form, I dont see a team that would beat us. I am not arrogant enough to think we will win every game, but what I am saying is that we are capable of beating anyone in this league, and I include Shorpe in that.

Rochdale have complained about the red card of Fabian Delph, what was your take on the incident?

My view? I think the booking he received was fair for the first challenge as he was late and rash. The second I must admit, was a strange one. I don't see how you can be booked for time wasting when you are 2-0 down. At the same time, even if he were time wasting I think common sense should be applied and when its a second yellow card. A small warning in the players ear should be enough. I must also question Elliots thoughts that Rochdale were the better side, I personally thought it was an even first 45. Yes they hit the bar, but I note he omitted us hitting the post from his story. I think in the second half we were the better side and deserved the three points.

It is clear from the comments that Richardson has great confidence in the squad he has built and rightly so. It has been a matter of consistency and now that some has been gathered, Brentford look a formidable opponent for any side. He has pointed out the impressive results against sides in the top half of division two and this should give his side encouragment for their trip to Shorpe in the coming weeks. Brentford will want to prove a point to the league by taking three points from the game and take revenge for their defeat earlier in the season.

Whatever the outcome for Brentford, the run in looks sure to be exciting and with several sides competing for the coveted promotion to division three it should be fascinating.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Crouch: Liverpool game like Cup Final

Preston striker Peter Crouch has told the press before the eagerly anticipated game with Liverpool that their league meeting at Anfield is like a Cup Final, thats how important it is for both teams.

Preston have been on a good run of late, but due to other teams around them hitting good form, they havent moved any further up the table. Liverpool are top but going through a bad patch of form, losing 1-0 to Millwall followed by a 6-2 demolition of Plymouth.

"Im really looking forwrd to the Liverpool game, especially in the form Im in. Obviously it's going to be a struggle, as they have some great players, but we beat them earlier this season, even with nine men after myself and Juanito was sent off. Hopefully I can remain on the field this time. This match is like a Cup Final, the winner has a great chance of promotion, the loser could feel the consequences come the end of the season."

Preston won the reverse fixture at Deepdale 1-0 earlier this season, Ashley Young scoring the winner, but Peter Crocuh and Juanito were sent off. Pundits have been unable to predict whether manager James Burrow will stick with the tried-and-tested 4-5-1 formation, or to revert to the formation that helped them shut out Liverpool last time.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


KopStar given 5 games to turn season around- Reports

Reports are suggesting that the Cardiff board are annoyed with the teams current position despite being 6th on the ladder and in the play-off spots. With the ladder being so close Cardiff have 3 other teams equal on points with them.

KopStar has been Cardiff manager for 21 games. His league record is dismal- 4 wins and 7 draws out of 14 matches to have a win % of 28.57. His cup performances have been much more impressive, winning five out of seven and his side is set to play Portsmouth in the Sheild Final in 3 games time. His overall winning percentage is 42.86. Cardiff's last league win was against Sheffield United on 11 November.

The board are desperate to have their side promoted as the cash injection would help keep the club away from debt.

The next five matches are against Cheltemham Town (H), Derby County (A), Portsmouth in the Shield Final, Birmingham (H) and Middlesborough (A).

These are just reports and nothing is confirmed.
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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

EC 106

Vacancy update

Do you think your skilled enough to be part of this bustling and highly competitive game world?..Well, heres the status of the next potential job vacancies in the mighty 106.

Sheffield Wednesday ON OFFER TO THE SET-UP

Bolton Wanderers last log in 16:19 24 Oct 2009

If rejected then Wednesday, could become available at any point

If the Bolton manager does not sign in, then the club will go on offer to the set-up tomorrow.

Keep watching the EC106 threads for further updates..


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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread




Oxford Utd club captain Sam Ricketts, (below)


follows local favourite Darel Russell out of Oxford Utd in a deal with VFL Bochum said to be around 6.5 million pounds.

The popular Welshman said he was sad to be leaving Oxford Utd but is looking forward to a new challenge.

Oxford Utd Coach David Belkevitz said that the deal had been agreed and that both parties were happy with the outcome. In a statement after the news was leaked to the press he said, "It's with a tinge of regret that Sam is leaving the club and although he has been a great servant and a fine skipper, things move on. As a small club, we have very little assets and I have to juggle the books as well as try to secure the future of the club. When Darel Russell left, there was a public outcry around here but since bringing in Bruno China, who has stamped his name on the role left by Russell with two great performances, we have looked a lot more solid in midfield. I base my decisions partly on money and also looking for a fresh outlook to the situation here. If we want to progress, we have to move forward."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

WBA Manager on Cup Final Loyalty and England

WBA manager prepares for tonights Cup Final with local rivals Coventry with a 9 point lead in the First Division.

Despite this Griffin insists 'If we win the cup it will be down to the guys that got us there and my selection tonight will reflect that'

Griffin also insists that despite a weekend win over 2nd placed Darlington that the league title is far from over 'there is a long way to go. We are in a great position and on a fantastic run but one defeat could completely change everything'

Griffin did not wish to get into the England debate but did say that 'It really makes little since that Joe Cole can't force his way into the side. He has had injuries and Fritz came in an done a super job in his absense. However since Cole forced his way back in you got to wonder does the English manager follow the top of the table in the top division at all'?

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Giovinco potential convinces Bryant to ignore Baptista


Giovinco making his Italy debut against Montenegro

Dean Bryant will not continue his interest in Julio Baptista as he feels the void left by Ivan Rakitic in the beginning of the season can be filled by Sebastian Giovinco - an attacking midfielder the boss is hoping to give more games. With Samir Nasri out with two match suspension, Giovinco has given the starting role behind the two strikers on Saturday and Charlton produced an impressive display to win 2-1 against their South London rivals Crystal Palace at The Valley.

Speculation had arisen that after showing such interest in São Paulo attacking midfielder Baptista since joining from Crystal Palace, Bryant could make a bid for the Brazil international in an attempt to strengthen his attacking options when his transfer ban expired. But Bryant is adament he will not test São Paulo's resolve any further and has, typically invested his faith in a 22-year-old player already on his books and who has attracted comparisons with one of the most prolific strikers in English Championship history.

"At the moment I am inclined to say no about going for Baptista because I feel we have enough quality," Bryant told the club's official website. "Also I want to give a chance to Sebastian Giovinco who hasn't played a single game since mid October and has great performances in training. We are reluctant to fork out a lot of money on one player. He will cost us around £14 million. It is not that we are in financial problem but I have my own policy of not buying expensive player. If the player is very good, we might consider. But we lost Samir Nasri for only three matches due to his suspension and I think Giovinco can step in and do a good job.

On Giovinco, Bryant added: "He showed great creativity during the match and showed great awareness to create a goal for his team. I believe in his potential. We work hard in stretching his potential and Giovinco has shown more maturity since he joined three seasons ago. At the moment we have very good young players but the players in front of them are young as well, so it is a bit difficult for this generation than it was for the generation of Samir Nasri and Sami Khedira."

"Giovinco is a fantastic talent and he is 22-year-old. We have invested a lot of time for him because we put him at other clubs for the two seasons, got him back and now we work with him every day I believe his a Francisco Totti-type. He needs very little time to make decision when passing. He is relaxed when dribbling past opponents and he can create a lot of chances for his teammates."

Charlton secured the signing of Giovinco from Preston back in Season 7 following his impressive display at the Under-21 international competition and he spent successive loan spells at Rochdale and Tranmere Rovers. He has proved his maturity in the international stage, scoring a goal in his Italy debut. However, he has yet to find the net for Charlton this season.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



In this weeks 4-4-2 magazine we were able to speak to one of the leagues more colourful managers, Paul Holt. The Crystal Palace manager, who is having a fine season with the Eagles in Division 2 has been answering all your questions which you sent to us during the last month. The 28 year old was born in the old North Riding of Yorkshire and was brought up supporting Middlesbrough by his Zimbabwian born Father.

You were rejected by Darlington at the age of 16, so how did you end up managing South Londons biggest football team? James Flemming, Norwood.

Well I went for a trial at Feethams in 1997 as a promising goalkeeper, but was basically rejected for being only 6ft which was deemed too small for a keeper. I instead went to Durham University to study Biomedical Science and ended up studying Marine Biology at the University of Central Florida. While at UCF I started to coach part time with the Girls Golden Knights "Soccer" team and when their Head Coach quit, I ended up taking over. I did so well with the Knights I caught the attention of one of the biggest teams in America, The Longhorns. So I moved to Austin, TX to manage the girls team where we won every trophy available in the NCAA Soccer championship. After 5 years winning trophys Mr Jordan asked me if I wanted to work with Palace and after a week of thinking it over, I moved back over the pond and here I am.

You’re clearly a very intelligent man who could have succeeded in many different vocations. When did you realise that football was the profession for you? Jim Jones, Furzdown.

Well once I had signed for The Longhorns I knew that was it for me. I had always wanted to do something with Biology but once you get the taste of football, any football, then there is no turning back.

The papers make a big deal out of the mind games managers supposedly play on each other. Has anyone in particular got under your skin. Geoff Wood, Bury.

....There have been a few. Do I need to name names? Do I need too? . Well I have had the odd spat with Mr Izod and someone called Sutcliffe although im not too sure who he managers other than England. I do think the papers make a big deal out of the mind games in which certain managers play. I can't say im a fan of mind games, but I know a few managers who are.

If Sepp Blatter gets his way and introduces an English quota, will it be bad for 102? Henry Potter, Kidderminster.

Yes and no. I think every team in the league will struggle but some will do better than others. Preston have a large contingent of home grown players which Mr Burrows deserves credit for. Teams like Middlesbrough and Crewe would struggle for a while as they rely on foreign players far too much in my opinion.

I’ve heard that James Burrows is one of the worst losers in football. Can you confirm this? Gerry McCann, Blackpool.

Im not sure I can confirm? Ok, well I must admit that after we beat Preston 3-0 earlier in the season I did see a different side to Mr Burrows. He punched the Selhurst Park wall inside the tunnel and he refused to shake Heskeys hand after the game, although he did call Emile afterwards to appologise for his actions which was great. I believe we all act differently when we are in a bad mood.

Are you really racist and homophobic? Dwain Engogu, Lewisham.

Not at all. What I said about the Womens German soccer team was made tongue in cheek. I know now it was wrong but even though I thought it was a funny thing to say, others didn't. I accept that now. I apologised too.

Who is your best friend in football? George Hucknall, Slough.

There are a few, Micheal Flounders (Darlo), Andrew Smith (Wigan), Dan Woodgate (Villa), Dan Macaulay (Wolves) and Andrew Foster (Cheltenham). But outside those guys, whom I have known for a very long time, I have a lot of time for Sean Fitzpatrick of Crewe. What he has done with such a small town club like Crewe is remarkable. He has produced many great young footballers and he is great to work with. He is also a great businessman. Above all he is a true gentleman and stays true to his words. He always has time for people in the game too.

What do you really think of Dave Izod. Steve Harrow, Peckham.

Well..... Well Mr Izod is a good coach, I will give him that much. Other than that I find him arrogant, bombastic, rude, ignorant and small minded. I could go on but I feel I dont need too. I just dont like him.

Palace travel to The New Den in less than a week. Do you think you can come back with points in the bag against Mr Izods side? James Dooley, South Bermonsey.

I am unbeaten against Mr Izod so far in my career and I dont expect that to change.

You are currently the manager of France, but would you be tempted to manage England one day if called upon? Fred Volesic, Grimsby.

Only after my contract with France finishes. I love England and would love to manage them.

My Father tells me your Grandad was a footballer too. Is that correct? Paul Wilkes, Manchester.

No but my Great Grandad was. William McReddie was the original "Beckham" and was the first Boro player to score against Newcastle. He also played for Bolton. Unfortunatly he was a drunk and went to jail which ruined his career and rightly so.

You said that the only club you would leave Palace for was Boro, is that still the case? Philip Thompson, Stockton-on-Tees.

Yes, even if Man Utd or Arsenal came knocking on my door i'd still stay at Palace, but if Steve Gibson, the Middlesbrough Chairman came knocking I simply couldn't refuse. They (Boro) mean a lot to me.


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Game Week 30 Review

Division 1

Darlington (Week 10)

Darlington have shown in past seasons that they are capable of pushing for the Division 1 title as a result were pre season favourites for the title and so far after 10 games they have not disappointed their fans with a solid 2nd place just 1pt behind Blackburn and with a squad that is starting to mature well likely to push the title holders all the way to the end of the season

Darlington (Week 30)

Improved on last seasons efforts having already reached the same points total with 9 games to go however they have not progressed as well as expected with a much stronger title challenge expected earlier in the season with a possible title push on the cards but like so many in division 1 they have not been able to keep up with West Brom however they still look set for a record high finish

Southampton (Week 10)

Southampton have been somewhat of a headache this season showing quite often that they are capable of competing with the best in the league but on other occasions playing some truly dreadful football they do at least look to be getting back on track in recent games and have now pulled themselves of the bottom of the table still a long way to go this season and with Carvalha Amauri on fire in front of goal once again they should start to move up the table.

Southampton (Week 30)

Early prediction of a high league finish were largely based on their performance a couple of seasons ago when runner up however last seasons mid table finish was an indicator of things to come with a dismal display for most of the season only towards the end of the season have they picked up there form and pulled themselves out of the relegation zone

Man Utd (Week 10)

Looked a strong force last season when Turna was in charge of the squad with the team just missing out on the title this season started slowly for them which resulted in the loss of Turna with the manager looking for a more challenging role new manager though has picked up where the old left off helping the club back up the table to there current healthy 5th place and a recent run of 5 games undefeted should be another title challenge for Man Utd

Man Utd (Week 30)

Awful does not quite cover how bad there season has been almost on a par with Liverpool last season two equally incompetent manager have been at the helm in recent months after the departure of Turna first up was Javier Alcántara who managed them for 22 games and picked up just 31pts combined and the latest managers urge to sell off large amounts of the team of reduced prices has seen the club become the laughing stock of the football world could well be the second of the big 4 teams to get relegated some slight encouragement in there last 2 games though could just save them

West Ham Utd (Week 10)

Somewhat of a suprise in the pre season betting market for West Ham with a strong showing from the London team and for the most part they did start well with a run of 5 games undefeated which pushed them up to the head of the table but recent form has been abysmal and recent 9-2 defeat against Blackburn would probably destroyed what self belief they had from there earlier good results and lack of leadership from an absent manager not helping either and despite possessing a strong squad with the likes of Fabregas and Trezeguet it looks like another relegation battle for the Hammers

West Ham Utd (Week 30)

Strong squad of players has not helped them as was predicted earlier in the season with the stats proving to be very wrong with the club currently languishing at the foot of division 1 and on a losing run of 9 league games they should have been relegated last season but for a miraculous escape relegation look a certainty this season

Chelsea (Week 10)

By far one of the most consistent football teams in the English league without fail they are challenging for the title and despite last season disappointment at being 15pts adrift from Blackburn they have come back once again this season and are giving their all once again currently just 3pts behind Blackburn could this finally be there year.

Chelsea (Week 30)

Look set to be another solid if uneventful season for Chelsea always up with the pace but never seem to find that bit extra like Blackburn last season and previously Liverpool,Man Utd and Arsenal

Bolton (Week 10)

Inconsistent team either has a good run in the league and finished in the top 6 as seen last season and in season 6 and season 4 or fails to show the same level of form as seen in season 7 and season 5 when just holding onto league 1 status still too early to say how there season will go but they have stated strongly and maybe they can break the cycle of good and bad seasons.

Bolton (Week 30)

Bolton have shown that inconsistency once again after a solid 7th place last season this season has seen them struggle as a result they find themselves in the relegation zone and like West Ham and Man Utd they find a gap opening up between them and 17th placed Portsmouth that said they have been here before and if any team can pull out of the relegation zone it is Bolton however Awol manager is a major worry for them

Sheff Utd (Week 10)

Made an amazing start to life in Division 1 in season when making there debut in the top flight to finish 3rd just 1pt behind the league winners amazingly followed that up last season with a good 4th however this season they have found things much more difficult currently placed 14th and early form is inconsistent however they do have the advantage of one of the most exspirianced managers in football at the helm who should guide them to safety but the pre season prediction of 7th could be a bit hopeful.

Sheff Utd (Week 30)

Back to their best this season after a poor show last season when only 14th looked set for another disappointing season earlier in the season when very inconsistent however a good spell in mid season and a good run in recent weeks has moved them into a respectable 3rd place with 2nd placed Darlington well within reach however Darlington do look to have the edge over them

Man City (Week 10)

Man City were tough to beat last season in Division 2 with a minor dip in form at the end of the season costing them the Division 2 title however they have continued they good form this season at the higher level and as predicited are the best so far of the newly promoted teams wins against Tottenham,Sunderland and Chelsea proving they they are not going to be pushovers pre season prediction of a solid mid table finish looks to be pretty good

Man City (Week 30)

One of last seasons promoted teams who have been very impressive back in the top flight with the club pushing for a top 5 finish only 9pts from 3rd placed Sheff Utd form has been patchy though of late and it could be the first signs of fatigue setting in top 5 finish could be a bit too hopeful

Newcastle (Week 10)

Last seasons push for the title by Newcaslte does seem to have been a bit of a flook the north east team have yet to show the drive they did last season with there +32 goal difference with goals seeming hard to fine for them this season with them already falling 7pts behind league leaders Blackburn defensive injurys to there small squad have not helped either likely another mid table season for them.

Newcastle (Week 30)

Definitely a flook last seasons when runners up to Blackburn with the team looking a shadow of there former selves this season going from a +32 goal difference last season to -19 this season and having scored the least amount of goal of any team in division 1 this season they do look to have done enough to secure division 1 football for themselves next season though

Tottenham (Week 10)

Tottenham have had a shocking season so far with the club currently lying in 20th place with relegation favorites Burnley performing better they have at least show signs of a revival in thier last couple of games picking up 4pts but lack of recent activity from the manager is a worry could be another Liverpool on the way.

Tottenham (Week 30)

Tottenham have managed to turn around there season however they have been far from impressive with just 37pts on the board well below last seasons 56pt haul and a good 6th place awol manager has not helped either and to be honest they have been lucky this season to get where they are.

Sunderland (Week 10)

Sunderland have stated to put a poor star behind them with a recent run of 4 games undefeated pulling them up to 15th place with a solid mid table finish looking more likely especally with a run of games against some of the more likely relegation candidates in the next couple of weeks wins against Burnley,West Brom and West Ham could see them moving up the table

Sunderland (Week 30)

Sunderland were on the receiving end of a major blow when long serving manager Aaron Dhandli left the club for Arsenal however new manager Craig Johnson has done a good job since taking over guiding them to there current 11th place with wins against Blackburn,Tottenham,Portsmouth and Everton safety looks assured for the club

Blackburn (Week 10)

Blackburn were tipped before the start of the season to struggle this season with last seasons title more of a flook however i have been proved wrong so far the Blackburn setting the pace once again and a recent demolition of West Ham by 9 goals to 2 should have silenced any other critics however it is still early and a lot can change but they do look tough to beat.

Blackburn (Week 30)

Blackburn once again looked to be a major player in the title race however an injury to Kevin Kuranyi has shown there frailties even with Mata and Sand scoring 30 goals between them they have looked desperate for there star striker to return as a result they are now 15pts adrift from West Brom with the title defence looking a forlorn hope

Everton (Week 10)

put in a solid if uneventful season last season in there first season back in the top flight just holding on in the final relegation battle by 2pts which saw Cardiff and Liverpool relegated they look to be in for another tough battle this season with some tougher looking opposition down the bottom of the table this season will be hard work for them.

Everton (Week 30)

Look to have done enough already to ensure there survival having fended of Liverpool,Cardiff,Aston Villa and West Ham last season to finish 16th and only 7pts short of last seasons total with 9 games to go not an impossibility they could get relegated especially with there recent form but they do have a strong squad and look more secure than some of the teams around them

Arsenal (Week 10)

Arsenal have been disapointing since winning the title back in season 5 and were a total of 17pts adrift last season from Blackburn inconsistent season so far see's. them down in 12th place another who's manager is awol which could see them start to drop down the table.

Arsenal (Week 30)

Arsenal have been a revelation since they appointed Sunderland manager Aaron Dhandli as there new manager with the former Sunderland boss leading them to a 8 game unbeaten run which has seen them move from just above the relegation zone to a healthy 8th place with the top 5 not out of there reach definitely a team to watch next season

Wolverhampton Wanderers (Week 10)

proved a popular team last season proving you dont need a huge amount of money to perform well in division 1 with a solid mid table finish they have started this season well and currently sit in 7th place tough upcoming games against Blackburn and Man Utd though will test the team and could see them drop down the table hopfully not with a detramental effect on the team

Wolverhampton Wanderers (Week 30)

Have proven once again that they are no pushovers with the team sitting in 6th place big tests to come though if they are not to fade towards the end of the season like last season with games against Blackburn,Darlington and Man Utd hard to know what will happen in the latter of those three however another good year for them with top flight football definitely assured for them next season

Coventry (Week 10)

Coventry were hugely disapointing last season after there 7th in the previous season only just holding on the Division 1 status after spending most of the season in the relegation zone however they look back to there best this season after a change in managment which saw one of the longest serving manager in the league leave however new manager Lee Bradbury seems to have got them back into form currently unbeaten still early in the season but things do seem to be looking up for Coventry fans

Coventry (Week 30)

Coventry have had a revival in recent months since Lee Bradbury took over at the club however his recent absence has seen them start to drop down the table currently on 42pts which based on last seasons table should be enough to ensure there safety if they continue this poor run of form

West Brom (Week 10)

Last seasons hugely impressive division 2 champions started the season well with wins against Wigan and a 5-0 win against Southampton but recent games have seen the newly promoted side start to find life hard work in division 1 with the team just picking up 7pts from there last 7 games nowhere near good enough for survival.

West Brom (Week 30)

Have turned there season around and are currently running away with the division 1 title with very few teams looking up to the challenge of catching them that said the past few seasons has seen teams well clear but for a late collapse and a close end to the season but an 11 game unbeaten run looks to have secured the title for them

Portsmouth (Week 10)

One of the pre season favorites for relegation Portsmout have found themselves in a solid mid table position after wins against Blackburn,Arsenal,Tottenham and Man City however recent run of 3 straight defeats has seen them start to drop down the table currently in 10th maybe just a minor glitch but it has been proven meny times that a run like this can start to drag on and before long they could find themselves in a relegation battle but more than likely they will settle into there mid table position that they have occupied for the last couple of seasons

Portsmouth (Week 30)

Early progress has gone down hill and they have started to inch closer to the relegation zone thanks to a recent run of 7 straight defeats which leaves them just 5pts clear of 18th placed Bolton who with Man Utd have been finding form of late which could spell doom for Portsmouth

Wigan (Week 10)

Wigan have not looked the same since finishing 2nd back in season 6 with the two recent season something that the Wigan fans want to forget with the club clinging on to division 1 football by the skin of there teeth however this season there does seem to be a mini revival with Wigan making a solid enough start despite being one of the pre season favorites for the drop recently added depth to the squad will help there cause a great deal as well with the club possibly looking at a mid table finish based on recent form

Wigan (Week 30)

Wigan looked to be back to their best during early heading into mid season however in the last month or so they have slipped back into their old inconsistent routine with 8 defeats in there last 13 games currently have a 10pt gap between them and the relegation zone which by no means makes them safe especially if this latest bad run of form continues

Burnley (Week 10)

No offence to Burnley or there fans but they do look well out of there depth here in division 1 like Cardiff last season they will likely put in a brave effort but it look highly unlikely they will survive with their form since there shock 5-2 win against Man Utd very poor with just 2pts taken from a possible 12.

Burnley (Week 30)

Burnley have surprised everyone this season widely tipped to struggle they have held there own this season and caused plenty of upsets and a mid season run of 7 games undefeated has helped them to 10th in the league and looking pretty safe another couple of wins though to be on the safe side will cement their place in division 1 for next season

Title Odds

West Brom:1/4


Sheff Utd:12/1




Man City :100/1


Relegation Odds

West Ham:4/11


Man Utd:2/1









Division 2,3 and 4 to follow

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Swansea City News


"We won an important match on Saturday" Said the Swansea City Chairman in an interview last night.

On Saturday Swansea City played a home match against sixth placed Port Vale. Swansea City won the match 3-0 and gained a vital three points to take them to twelfth place.

Swansea City's biggest young talent John Bostock has officially signed a new 5 year contract. Both Chazza and Swansea City's chairman believe that the young English man could be the next big thing. Chazza said to Sky Sports:-

"I am very impressed by Bostock's development throughout the past few weeks. John has looked incredible in training and I believe the central midfielder has the potential to be the next Gerrard."

Last week Crewe Alexandra centre back James Collins joined Swansea City on loan. James said to ESPN:-

"I am happy to come here on loan because I'll get games, I'm looking forward to playing a good few matches at the Liberty Stadium".

There are rumours that Chazza wants to sign James when the loan contract runs out but there have been no comments from Swansea City FC about the subject.

Swansea City have a tough encounter with Yeovil on Wednesday evening. Although Tom Taburro's side sit bottom of Division 3, Huish Park is a far from easy place to get all 3 points from.

Yeovil have lost their last five matches so a win is definitely what both the team and fans want. Tom will be under pressure of losing his job if he doesn't pull his act together soon.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Game Week 30 Review

Division 2

Liverpool (Week 10)

Liverpool have a lot of expectation on the this season after last season shock relegation and despite getting of to a solid start currently in 2nd place however they are nowhere near the total domination that was predicted at the start of the season currently 5pts behind Aston Villa and not looking like certainties for automatic promotion with several rapidly improving teams just behind them in the playoffs.

Liverpool (Week 30)

Currently leading division 2 however they have been far from impressive and not the unbeatable force that they were expected to be and automatic promotion is not guaranteed with both Fulham and Millwall in striking distance and 7 or 8 teams who are not far away as well that said I am expecting there class to show through in the end

Huddersfield (Week 10)

Have proved to be an anomaly from the pre season predictions with the Yorkshire side so far struggling with life in Division 2 however they do at least look to have the measure on a few teams in the league including long time division 2 sides Sheff Wed and Plymouth with both of those sides 4pts behind Huddersfield and having sieves for goalkeepers main rival for safety looks to be Watford with a possibility of Millwall and Middlesbrough being forced to battle it out with Huddersfield

Huddersfield (Week 30)

While not the high flying 2nd place that was predicted in pre season they have at least held their own in the division and have so far collected a healthy 37pts and opened a lead of 10pts over the relegation zone should be safe for next season

Norwich (Week 10)

Norwich have failed to pick up where they left off last season after a late flurry which almost saw them sneak a playoff place has been an inconsistent start to the season so far like quite a few of the more fancied teams that said only 3pts from the playoffs in what looks like another close battle like last season and they cant be ruled out from another late challenge as other teams weaken.

Norwich (Week 30)

Norwich have once again picked up there form as the season has progressed and are in the thick of the promotion battle currently in 8th and just out of the playoffs on goal difference and certainly up to claiming a playoff place on recent form

Middlesbrough (Week 10)

Middlesbrough have failed to show much since there English shield success back in season 7 have been expected to be playing top flight football by now but a slow start last season and again this season seem to have put a damper on things even so proved last season that they can improve despite a slow start and are a danger as always

Middlesbrough (Week 30)

One again inconsistencies have seen them drop out of the playoffs however they are certainly playing much better now than earlier in the season and recent signing of Ronaldiho is a big boost but hard to know what performance they will put in from week to week certainly have the ability to make the playoffs once again

Crystal Palace (Week 10)

hated by most managers especially after recent comments made however Paul Holt finally seems to be getting the best from Crystal Palace with possibly there highest ever placing in Division 2 since being relegated currently in 3rd and in a great position to go on the offensive especially with 2nd placed Liverpool looking far from at home in the division.

Crystal Palace (Week 30)

Palace manager Paul Holt has unusually being keeping quiet of late even with the club sitting 4th in the playoffs however behind arch rivals Millwall which must be eating him alive not helped by recent loses to Norwich,Fulham,Watford and Charlton which has seen them drop into the clutches of at least 8 teams concerns that they may have had their run this season and are on the decline

Derby (Week 10)

Solid start to the season have taken a hammering recently after picking up just 2pts from their last 4 games which has seen them drop out of the playoffs with 7 first team players already looking fatigued at such an early stage could see them start dropping further down the table.

Derby (Week 30)

Hard to believe Derby were in the playoffs last season they have had a truly awful season so far especially disappointing after the good start to the season they made however a run of 16 games without a win has seen them plummet into 19th place and looking strong favourites for the drop recent absence of the manager leaves them with a huge challenge to stay up

Preston (Week 10)

Season started very frustrating for Preston manager James Burrow with the club drawing 3 and losing 1 with another disappointing season on the cards however in recent games they have raised there game and with young starlet Stevan Jovetic once again unstoppable in front of goal they look to be a force to be reckoned with this season as long as the injuries dont mount up.

Preston (Week 30)

Preston have been in the best form of the whole season in recent weeks breaking their own record for an unbeaten run which has seen them latch on the the battle for the playoffs all this is with wonderkid Steven Jovetic out of form as well if they win against Liverpool then consider them major players in the playoff battle

Leeds (Week 10)

Unfortunate not make it into the playoffs last season missing out by just 1pt after making a slow start to the season once again they have not set the league alight with Leeds drawing 4 of there last 6 league games and currently sit in mid table outplayed by Preston in there last match which is unusual for Leeds often a tough team to beat

Leeds (Week 30)

Like Norwich they are always just off the pace but seem to lack the touch of class to push them into the top six and stay there recent defeat to Preston has not helped there cause either could just miss out on the playoffs again

Charlton (Week 10)

Last seasons pace pushers for most of the season have yet to really start firing this season and recent form has been poor with Charlton picking up just 5pts from there last 6 games including a defeat against struggling Watford looks like another hard battle for a playoff place this season.

Charlton (Week 30)

Charlton have started showing the ability that allowed them to dominate most of last season with wins against Stoke and Crystal Palace in recent games and are one of six teams separated by just 1pt certainly deserve a playoff place and certainly seem to be keeping there form while several teams start to fade

Fulham (Week 10)

Found a new lease of life halfway through last season pulling themselves from just above the drop zone and into the playoffs look to have continued to progress from last season and are currently sitting in 8th place look a good prospect for another playoff and possibly a push for an automatic promotion spot if they stop dropping silly points with 3 of there current 5 defeats by just 1 goal can be prone to the odd collapse in defence though

Fulham (Week 30)

Looked short priced favourites for last seasons playoff final after dispatching Middlesbrough 4-1 however collapsed in the final against Burnley this season they once again look major players and are on course for an automatic promotion place and along with Millwall look the main dangers to Liverpool

Aston Villa (Week 10)

Villa were humiliated last season with the club at one point on just 11pts when relegated they did at least put in some creditable efforts towards the end of the season to get to a less humiliating 29pts they were expected to no bounce back this season however they currently hold a 5pt lead at the top of the table and look very strong only one defeat so far and they look to have the measure over Liverpool

Aston Villa (Week 30)

Things are going from bad to worse for the pre season favourites slowly losing touch with Liverpool with these two exspected to fill 1st and 2nd place however they find themselves down in 10 still only 2pts from the playoffs but recent results will have the fans very nervous with just 2 wins in their last 8 games

Sheff Wed (Week 10)

Looks set to be another tough season for Sheff Wed after 2 seasons of just scraping survival they currently sit in 19th on just 4pts they do at least have the advantage of a youthful team that will no doubt improve over time but sadly a squad that lacks first team depth just 14 first team players in the most competetive division could prove too much 3rd time round.

Sheff Wed (Week 30)

Have managed to stave off relegation in the past couple of seasons by the skin of their teeth however this season looks one to many for the club currently on 19pts on a losing run of 10 games and without a manager all hope seems to be lost

Birmingham (Week 10)

like several teams in division 2 Birmingham have been underperforming they showed this last season when dropping vital points and dropping out of the promotion battle agains this season they had a recent run of 3 defeats which saw them drop out of the playoffs however in their most recent match they proved how much of a danger they are when destroying Derby 6-1 tough few games coming up in the next couple of weeks will really test there promotion credentials.

Birmingham (Week 30)

Inconsistent all season long and had serious trouble in front of goal of late with a run of 4 straight defeats without the team scoring a single goal lucky to beat Derby in their latest game that has eased the pressure on them and earlier wins during the season could be just enough to save them

Stoke (Week 10)

Another team that found there stride halfway through the season sadly running out of steam in the closing stages of the season this season though they have stated much stronger currently sitting in the playoffs credit to the manager who has done an excellent job with them building a strong team should do much better than there pre season prediction of 14th

Stoke (Week 30)

Stoke have been a revelation this season and have pushed Liverpool all the way for most of the season however those early exertions look to have taken there toll with the team failing to win in there last 6 games including a defeat to Liverpool, Millwall and Charlton which has seen them drop to 5th and in serious danger of dropping out of the playoffs

Millwall (Week 10)

Last seasons suprise package who only just missed out of a playoff thanks to a bout of injuries towards the end of the season and general fatigue taking its toll they have found things much tougher this season currently just above the drop zone and concerns over recent departures at the club most notably Brede Hangeland who left for Stoke leaving just one 89 rated player in the squad.

Millwall (Week 30)

Some wise investments have put Millwall in an excellent position as the season comes to a close the loss of Hangeland has not had the detrimental effect it was thought it would with Millwall looking much stronger for the move and looked capable of winning the division when dispatching Liverpool 1-0 a couple of weeks ago big challenge for them in the next week when facing both local rivals Crystal Palace and Charlton likely to decide if they are real challengers to Liverpool

Watford (Week 10)

Watford dominated Division 3 last season eventually winning the division by 7pts but at one stage were nearly double that clear much tougher this season now back in division 2 with them claiming just 8pts in there first 10 games of those 2 were wins and against good opposition in Stoke and Charlton proving the team has potential but they need some consistency pretty soon if they are to stay up

Watford (Division 2)

Watford have had a tough time back in division 2 after there domination of division 3 last season just holding on to 17th this season 2pts clear of fellow promoted team Carlisle and a further 2pts clear of Derby with Watford possibly having just that bit more class than Carlisle could prove key to their survival with Derby having an awol manager

Plymouth (Week 10)

Better known as a solid mid table team quite often in the fight for a playoff place however this season they have claimed just 4pts from there first 10 games which sees them rooted to the foot of the table confidence must be a little better there only win so far coming in there last game however they will need to build on that but with a squad mainly made up of youth players it will be a tough season.

Plymouth (Week 30)

Plymouth have failed to progress from earilier in the season when struggling down the table they have remained there throughout vital win against Watford in there recent meeting could prove vital to their safety especially with a tough set of fixtures upcoming.

Cardiff (Week 10)

Cardiff put in a brave effort last season in division 1 despite lacking the overall quality of most of the teams they only missed out on survival by 1pt they have bounced back well this season currently sitting in the playoffs in 4th after a run of 5 games undefeated ending in there last game should be up there at the end of the season.

Cardiff (Week 30)

Put in a brave effort at the end of last season in division 1 just missing out on safety by 1pt and were tipped to do well this season and things looked good for them up until the end of October when they started putting in some very inconsistent performances and thrown away 3pts on many occasions similar to Charlton with 12 draws so far this season really should be up with Liverpool,Millwall and Fulham if they get their act together they have a good chance of the playoffs even maybe push Fulham and Millwall for 2nd place

Carlisle (Week 10)

By far the weakest of the newly promoted teams however they have held there own in the division currently out performing long standing division 2 sides in Plymouth,Sheff Wed and promotion hopes Middlesbrough pulled of a shock win over Liverpool recently proving they are no pushovers could prove a bogey team for some of the promotion hopeful’s.

Carlisle (Week 30)

Early good results have been overshadowed by a recent drop in form which has seen them dragged into a relegation battle with some decent teams the most notable is Derby lack of direction at Derby though could play into Carlisle hands and a wins in there upcoming game against Watford and Sheff Wed could save them

Cheltenham (Week 10)

Been here before in the past 2 seasons Cheltenham each time have got a good start to the season only to grind to a holt during mid season and end up in a relegation battle current run of 5 games undefeated leaves them in 6th time to hold your breath if you are a Cheltenham fan.

Cheltenham (Week 30)

Looked set to be another hard season for them as they dropped down the table however a recent revival in fortunes for the club has seen them on a 3 game winning streak and as hard as it is to believe a playoff place is not out of the question but like so many seasons Cheltenham do have a habit of dropping the ball when it really counts

Promotion Odds







Crystal Palace:6/1



Aston Villa:7/1




Relegation Odds

Sheff Wed:1/12









Division 3 and 4 to follow

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Gillingham website: Pongolle is having a medical as we speak


(Our sources from Portugal suggest that Pongolle was yet to settle in Lisbon and wanted a move.)

News coming out of Gillingham tonight is that there new striker is soon to be unvieled to the Gillingham supporters. Florent Sinama Pongolle who has played at big level before for the likes of Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Darlington is set to join for Gillingham later tonight as he is as we speak having a medical with Gills. Pongolle has played 236 games at 4 different clubs scoring a total of 104 goals and 72 man of the matches.

This is what some fans had to say on Pongolle after news broke out across Gillingham, "This is going to be a very good signing for our club, this is what we needed, a good forward that can score alot of goals along side Bakari Kone, I think he is the answer to a new striker who can score, very good move and spot by Jake. Bristol City must have been mad selling him ealier in the season as he had scored 4 goal in 7 appearances for Bristol. I can't wait to see him play against Notts County on Wednesday night, come on Gillingham!"

Well the fans are very passionate on the Frenchmen and this is what the mad behind the scene's had to say on the signing of Sinama Pongolle from Sporting Lisbon, "I as the manager of Gillingham am pleased to announce the signing very soon of Sinama Pongolle. We have had a hard day here in the office and we have finally got our much needed striker to help us stay up this season. There may be more changes ahead of us as we need as much as we can in order to stay up this season so keep your eye's peeled on our website if you wish for updates every 5 hours."

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



In another dramatic turn of events down at Oxford Utd, no sooner has Sam Ricketts departed than Milan Badelj, who has been on loan from Crewe Alexandra this season has signed for the Oxfordshire club. In a deal behind closed doors, coach David Belkevitz and Sean Fitzpatrick of Crewe, worked out a deal that was satisfactory to both clubs. The fee is said to be around 6.5 million.


The Oxford Utd coach was pleased with the way things have worked out and spoke just after the news of the Badelj deal, "I have long since been an admirer of the boy and he has been an ever present in the side since coming here on loan at the beginning of the season. I believe he has a big future and shows a lot of maturity for his twenty years. I have had to sacrifice my club captain to clinch this deal and that was not an easy decision, but it shows how much I value the lad."

The twenty year old Croatian said he was pleased to make the deal permanent as he loved the set up at Oxford Utd.

In a strange twist of fate, Badelj will make his official debut as an Oxford Utd player against Crewe Alexandra on Wednesday night, which is a crucial match for both teams.

Oxford Utd, for so long heavily tipped to be scrapping for survival in the Third Division after their play off promotion last season, have defied the odds and a win against Crewe Alexandra on Wednesday will put them on the edge of the mix for a play off slot.

The Oxford Utd manager wouldn't be drawn on the outcome of the match stating that Crewe were a tough team and had already dished out a 5-2 thrashing here at the Kassam Stadium, "I have a lot of respect for Crewe and I would have thought that they would have been right up there, but I also thought that Leyton Orient were a top outfit and they are struggling to hang in there for a play off position, such is the competition in this Division. We are on a no lose situation really, we are not expected to beat Crewe and it's not the end of the world if we do lose. We have achieved our goals for this season by avoiding the drop, having an outside chance of promotion is just a bonus for all our hard work this season."

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sutcliffe: Oxford Have Bottled It

Belkevitz Slammed By Sutcliffe...


In a remarkable outburst, the Rochdale Manager today claimed that Oxford Boss David Belkevitz had "bottled" his chances of promotion, by selling his 2 most loyal servants in order to bring in younger foreign talent. Both Darel Russell, who was signed by Oxford in Season 1, and Sam Ricketts, signed in Season 2. Both were deemed "forced out" by Sutcliffe, who also stated that he had lost respect for the "dour Scot" in the way he handled the situation.

I find it quite bizarre. I have previously labelled Darrel Russell as one in a million and Oxford's heart and soul. I have seen David do the same on many occasion, yet as soon as his team get promoted and he starts to fling a few results together, he is cast aside. What sort of reward is that for a player who gave 9 years of his life to the club? And then don't get me started on Sam Ricketts. Captain of the bloody club. Inspired skipper who led them to where they are in the table. I tell you now, this is catastrophe of the season. Belkevitz has lost it, success has gone to his head. He has bottled his chances of promotion, right at the final hurdle, and I feel sorry for him. The fans have every right to be angry, the treatment of such loyal players is disgraceful, and nothing I would have ever expected from Belkevitz. He has certainly justified the label of a dour Scot. He should know, better than anyone, that foreign talent can't compensate for those 2 players. The spine of Oxford United has gone. The heartbeat of the club has gone. In 2 moments of madness, the gaffer has blown it. I fell sorry for him, maybe it's old age. I feel sorry for the club and the fans, but most of all, I feel sorry for the 2 players. Belkevitz should be shot down for this. I'm stunned.

The outburst is likely to cause a stir, but Sutcliffe obviously feels strongly on the matter. 2 key players have been sold, 2 of Oxfords best and most consistent players. Should results falter in the next few games, Belkevitz could be under serious, serious pressure from the fans and his board. The move is quite extraordinary, on his part at least.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Bent Deserves Call-up


Tranmere Rover boss has put his worthy opinion across to England gaffer Elliot Sutcliffe, to get his striker a ''much deserved and overdued'' England call-up. Chewett, says that with Englands bad form Sutcliffe has to gamble on Bent, a recent £12m signing from Charlton. ''At the end of the day, its Elliot Sutcliffes decision who makes the team, but I urge him to at least think about Darren. He's been a revolation at Prenton Park, look at his stats - 7 appearences, 3 goals, 5 assists and 3 man of the match awards. They speak for themselves, there certainly better than some of his other strikers. Darrens been playing really well, he certainly would love a call-up''

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Crewe kickout pair


Badelj celebrates making his to Oxford permanent

Division 3 side Crewe today let 2 more players leave the club, with promises of more to come over the coming weeks.

Young French midfielder Gregory Sertic has left for a fee if just over £2million, rejoining former club Bordeaux

Also leaving is Croatian attacking midfielder Milan Badelj for £6.5million. Milan had been thought to be a key player for the future of the club, and speaking on the club website Crewe boss Sean said:

"Milan is an outstanding young player, who is going on the great things in the future, however he was in the unusual position of not only being 4th choice for his position here, but being the 4th choice Croatian in his position, behind Modric, Sharbini & Perisic."

"I have regularly spoken to Milan during his loan spell at Oxford, and he enjoyed working under David B, and I know David has been happy with Milan's performance's. So following the sale of some of the deadwood at Oxford this week, it was no surprise when I got a call from the big man."

"This is a good deal for so many people, I got £6.5mil to spend, Oxford get an outstanding young talent, Milan gets to play regular football, enhancing his skills, and Croatia get a better player."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

No regrets insists Griffin

Baggies boss Colm Griffin insists he has no regrets about sending out his reserve team during their 3-1 defeat to Coventry tonight.

We had a good mixture of young and old out there tonight. Young Ledley put us ahead on his club debut but there is alot of disappointment in the dressingroom particularly in relation to conceding an equaliser just 2 minutes after taking the lead.

For some of the guys out there tonight it was their last chance to win a cup medal with WBA insists Griffin indicating that perhaps some of the players might be moving on in the close season.

For the younger players it was a case of playing and losing in front of 85,000 people. That experience will stand them in good stead in the long run.

Backing up his decision to field the reserves Griffin explained ' I got two young lads in there that might be out of action for the rest of the season after tonight. We have already missed Totti for most of the season if that was Neved and Poliski injured instead of the younger guys well we might have thrown the league away as well tonight.

Asked again about England the Irishman said he had no interest in England whatsoever but when you see people calling on players with Tranmere Rovers to be in the team it shows you that they don't really have much to pick from.

Still too good for Joe Cole eh Griff?

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sutcliffe: Oxford Have Bottled It

Belkevitz Slammed By Sutcliffe...


In a remarkable outburst' date=' the Rochdale Manager today claimed that Oxford Boss David Belkevitz had "bottled" his chances of promotion, by selling his 2 most loyal servants in order to bring in younger foreign talent. Both Darel Russell, who was signed by Oxford in Season 1, and Sam Ricketts, signed in Season 2. Both were deemed "forced out" by Sutcliffe, who also stated that he had lost respect for the "dour Scot" in the way he handled the situation.[/b']

The outburst is likely to cause a stir, but Sutcliffe obviously feels strongly on the matter. 2 key players have been sold, 2 of Oxfords best and most consistent players. Should results falter in the next few games, Belkevitz could be under serious, serious pressure from the fans and his board. The move is quite extraordinary, on his part at least.

The Oxford Utd boss was made aware of the comments concerning his teams affairs and said that he didn't want to be drawn into an argument with a fellow manager, but was saddened to see the Rochdale manager sticking his nose into other people's affairs.

I have had words with Elliot before over this concerning other managers, it seems that he want's to manage all 80 clubs in the league.

Although I don't feel I have to justify my decisions to anyone, I will make an allowance this time and just to set the record straight, Ricketts, rated 85 and dropping, and Russell, 82 and dropping, have done a good job at Oxford Utd but you can't rest on sentiment when you are running a football club, perhaps this is why Rochdale are still in the 4th Division hanging onto a play off position because Mr Sutcliffe refuses to wield the big stick and wants to be everybody's friend at the club. Well, managing a club is not for the faint hearted, Ricketts and Russell were surplus to my requirements and I have brought in Bruno China (86) and rose 3 last ratings change, and Badelj (85) and rising. I think Mr Sutcliffe would be better off dealing with his own club issues rather than worrying about Oxford Utd.

I took over Oxford Utd in the middle of last season and nowhere near the play offs, but I turned the tide and after a solid run, we saw off teams like Mr Sutcliffe's Rochdale and even Brentford, a far superior side than I had at Oxford Utd, but we saw the job through and then faced our next hurdle of staying in the 3rd Division when everyone had marked us down as relegation candidates. But here we are, lying in 11th place in the league with a very important away fixture against a talented Crewe side, and Mr Sutcliffe accuses me of selling the club out!!!

It's called progress Mr Sutcliffe, and that's why I am where I am and you are fighting another play off situation, but you won't see me telling you how to run your club!!!B)

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Notts County Boss Justice Backs belkevitz

Notts County Boss Nick Justice said "I think that Sutcliffe's comments were not needed, and also I back David's decision as, Badelj and Bruno China are both better classed players than Ricketts and Russel, and he made a great decision there for his team, and that I think that Sutcliffe should concentrate on his team and country before he can run his mouth about others decisions!"

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


millwall.gif V 75_1202128533.gif

Millwall 2 Stoke City 1


A last gasp goal from Millwall front man ED Grafite was a fitting end to a close run affair at the New Den on Saturday night as Millwall overcome promotion rivals Stoke City by 2 goals to 1. The game was touted as a must win for both teams as the division 2 run-in began in earnest with just 9 games left. In a first half controlled by the attack minded Stoke, the visitors broke the dead lock after just 18 minutes with a firm header from playmaker Gabriel Rodriquez after fine work down the right by Krasic. In front of a restless 11,000 strong crowd the Potters braved the appalling weather conditions to stretch the Millwall back line at every opportunity. Creating numerous chances for both Guilherme and goal scorer Rodriquez , midfielder Stillyian Petrov went closest to doubling the advantage with a rasping 25 yarder that crashed off the hosts bar with keeper Gordon well beaten.


Man of the Match Esteban ‘ the Pirate’ Granero

Not unexpectedly, Lions boss Dave Izod rung the changes at half time, reshuffling the Millwall pack from a conservative 5-4-1 ,into an offensive 5-3-2 with Danny Montenegro taking up an unfamiliar role alongside Grafite in attack. Welcomed by the baying South London hordes back into the cauldron of the Den, the subtle change caught City of balance, but it was a piece of pure artistry from Esteban Granero that drew the game level. Receiving the ball from Lemoine the young Spaniard escaped the attentions of the combative Vincent Kompany, just long enough to lock on to the Stoke goal, before unleashing a 35 yard screamer past the motionless Tim Howard into the City Net. With roundly booed Former Millwall man Brede Hangeland picking up the games only booking, the match degenerated into a war of attrition. Typified by the example of Lemoine the Lions at last began to get forward in numbers and in a good spell peppered the Potters goal with an increasingly accurate barrage of Shots all dealt with ease by the American Howard. Despite the Lions struggles Stoke continued to produce the best chances, and with just 15 minutes left, were left to ultimately rue the missed, clear goal scoring opportunities for Rodriquez and Bakkal. With what turned out to the last kick of the game, a speculative low cross from Mcgeady inexplicably somehow bobbled across the City 6 yard box and into the path of the untracked Grafite who joyfully toe poked the ball home to the delight of the Millwall bench. The win sees the Lions continue their rise up the table into 3rd place level on points with 2cnd placed Fulham.

Next up for the Lions a crucial South London double

Header against promotion candidates Charlton and Palace.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



In an interview with the local press, Crystal Palace manager has hit out at current England boss Elliot Sutcliffe after his outburst over Oxford Utd's selling of their long serving duo Russell and Ricketts. The Rochdale manager claimed that Mr Belkevitz had "bottled it" and blown his chance of promotion, but Holt believe's Mr Belkevitz is finally growing a backbone by getting rid of players from the old regime.

"For Elliot to question another manager for selling players is astonishing. Mr Sutcliffe should keep his views to himself when it comes to other clubs transfer dealings shouldn't he? But since he brought up the subject I may as well give my view on Mr Belkevitz's Oxford. Selling Russell and Ricketts was long overdue. If Oxford want to gain promotion then David must realise that his current squad is just not good enough. Having said that, Mr Belkevitz almost certainly knows this and probabaly has a long term plan which should never be questioned, especially by the young England manager. If there was anybody in the lower league's who deserved to be England manager then surely that would have been David, although I doubt he would have ever taken the job being an Irishman and all. But he has already proved to be a master tactician and got Oxford promoted against all the odds, something Mr Sutcliffe has yet to achieve. He (David) obviously has a certain amount of money to work with which I doubt is a lot. If you look in contrast at other mid table Division 3 clubs Tranmere and Crewe, who have had huge amounts of money and a greater amount of talent to play with, are only doing AS good as Oxford. I think its great that David has finally grown a backbone in order to sell these players as there's no room for sentiment in football. So instead of questioning Mr Belkevitz, Mr Sutcliffe as the National manager should have heaped praised on the Oxford manager, but as always, Sutcliffe does the opposite which is certainly no surprise to me. The only advice I can give to David is not to take Mr Sutcliffe's outburst to heart, just remember this is the same person who picked Dave Kitson for the England team."

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