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English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Game Week 30 Review

Division 3

Crewe (Week 10)

The pre season favorites for the division 3 title go off to a strong start unbeaten in there first 5 games however in recent weeks they have started to struggle since losing 6-5 to Notts Forest maybe that game took a bit too much out of them with the club recording just 1 win since then and losing to struggling Leyton Orient and Bristol Rovers still early though and a club with extensive resources and a world class youth team plus the recent signing of Luka Modric a big plus for them.

Crewe (Week 30)

Things have not gone to plan for Crewe as the season has progressed with defeats to Barnsley,Doncaster,Port Vale and Notts County which has seen them drop down to 9th place still within reach of the playoffs though but a team of the quality that Crewe have they should really be in the hunt for automatic promotion

Reading (Week 10)

Suprise relegation last season for Reading after gaining promotion the season before while never setting the division alight they should have had the quality to stay up with the likes of Corluka,Naldo and Pandev however it was not so and it does not look like they will be bouncing straight back up to division 2 this season on what they have shown so far currently on a run of 4 games without a win which has seen them drop to mid table a real shame after scoring 13 goals in there first 3 games.

Reading (Week 30)

Major disappointment last season when relegated from the second division and this season is no better with the club failing to perform at this lower level with the team sat just 9pts above the relegation zone awol manager is unlikely to help there cause either they have at least maintained a decent level of form with a recent win which may be enough to survive

Tranmere (Week 10)

Tranmere were up there at the end of last season just missing out on promotion in the playoffs different story this season after making a truly dreadful start to the season only claiming 3pts from there first 6 games things have started to pick up in recent games with the club pulling themselves out of the relegation zone and signs that they are getting back to the team that almost got promoted last season key games in the next week against Oxford and Swansea could prove a major confidence boost if they can win.

Tranmere (Week 30)

Exspected by the manager to be challenging for promotion this season after last seasons near miss in the playoffs and they are there or there abouts just outside the playoffs still 5pts adrift but things could have been much worse after the start to the season they made will need some much needed luck in the coming weeks to make the playoffs this season

Barnsley (Week 10)

South American heavy side that sadly is yet to show the flair you would expect with the club currently sat in mid table in 12th have had a couple of tough games recently against Doncaster and Bradford unlucky not to get a point against Doncaster tough few weeks of games coming up could put a big dent in there promotion hopes.

Barnsley (Week 30)

Finally seem to have started gelling as a team with only 3 defeats in their last 17 games which has pushed them up into 4th place and recent form has been better than 2nd placed Notts County and 3rd placed Doncaster making them definite contenders for automatic promotion

Nottingham Forest (Week 10)

Like Crewe since that 6-5 game both sides have seen a drop in form Forest who were victors in that game have since suffered heavy defeats to Tranmere and and Leicester they did at least though scrape a win against Bristol Rovers in there most recent game to stop there slide down the table with the club currently lying in 13th with another mid table finish looking likely

Nottingham Forest (Week 30)

Record stands at 2 wins in there last 23 games yet amazingly they are not stone dead last in Division 3 however there chances of survival this season are non existent

Leyton Orient (Week 10)

Another one of last seasons playoff teams that has yet to start firing this season currently in 17th place just 2pts clear of 18th placed Gillingham signs of a revival in form when beating Crewe 3-1 however failed to beat fellow strugglers Tranmere in there last game with a tough season looking likely.

Leyton Orient (Week 30)

Good run of form during October has taken a hit in the last few weeks with the team slipping back into there earlier inconsistent form dropping 12pts in there last 7 games still in touch with the playoffs though and not out of it with both Doncaster and Port Vale hitting a bad run of form

Gillingham (Week 10)

had a tough season last season just surviving at the expense of Luton looks set to be another tough season for them currently lying in 18th with just 8pts to there name after 10 games squad have serious fitness issues with several key players showing signs of fatigue already.

Gillingham (Week 30)

Have picked up a few vital wins here and there most notable was a 5-2 win against Leicester as well as wins against fellow strugglers QPR,Hull and Nottingham Forest and last week a win over promotion chasing Tranmere still going to be touch and go on weather they will survive or not especially with QPR in better form

Bristol Rovers (Week 10)

Another team that found life tough last season and this season looks set to be tough again Rovers are finding it hard to hit the back of the net so far this season with just 9 goals and a squad that lacks some of quality that most of the team in the division have that said they have pulled off a couple surprise wins against Doncaster and Crewe but they need a few more wins in the bag if they are to stay up.

Bristol Rovers (Week 30)

Taken their time to get going and many fans would have given up hope after that run of 7 defeats and 20 goals conceded however the team got there heads down and put in some solid efforts recently with valuable wins against Tranmere and Notts County as well as holding there own against there fellow strugglers as a result they have a 7pt cushion over 18th placed QPR with Rovers the most in form team in the bottom eight teams they look one of the more likely to survive

Leicester (Week 10)

failed to impress for most of the season so far especally with some of the quality players that they have the likes of Ambrosini,Van Bommel and Pantelic however these 3 players look set to leave the club with all 3 transfer listed shown signs of a return to form recently with 3 consecutive wins including a 1-0 win against Bradford and despite only having a small squad look a potential title challenger.

Leicester (Week 30)

Huge amount of change has been happening at Leicester since Jake Mallinder took over the club at the start of the season with a complete clearout of the teams veteran player in favour of younger players which has finally started to pay off with wins over Doncaster,Notts County and Crewe to be within reach of the playoffs just 2pts behind the out of form Port Vale certainly in with a chance

Port Vale (Week 10)

Progressing well are Port Vale good solid mid table finish last season with further improvment shown this season with the team currently sitting in 4th place and on a run of 6 games unbeaten main concern is the number of players that are transfer listed at the club despite the form the team are in.

Port Vale (Week 30)

Looked set to be in the playoffs after a run of 5 games undefeated in recent weeks however two defeats once to Oxford and to Swansea in the past week have signalled to the vultures that there is possibly a struggling team and with 6 teams within 6pts of Port Vale they look vulnerable

Notts County (Week 10)

Oldest professional club look to be getting back to there best after securing promotion from division 4 last season winning the title with some ease and once again they look set to challenge for promotion currently leading by 1pt lack the depth of a few of the teams in the division which may count against them by the end of the season.

Notts County (Week 30)

Lack of first team depth has not hindered them as expected apart from the odd lapse in form they have in the whole been very consistent and should really be clear at the top of the league but for ten drawn matches still they look a good bet for back to back promotions

Hull (Week 10)

Hull usually start the season well currently sat in 9th place after a couple of good wins against Yeovil and Crewe however the past couple of seasons has seen them lose there form as the season progressed they do however have some tallented youngsters coming through there youth team most notable Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who is 3 goals from 3 games.

Hull (Week 30)

Hull seem to be on the gradual decline although never a team to trouble the playoffs in recent seasons they at least held their own in mid table however this season they have struggled against weaker teams and recent run of 1 win in 12 has them tipped for relegation however there slightly better record than Gillingham could just save them

Doncaster (Week 10)

Only one of last seasons playoff teams that have shown anything like the form they did last season still not performing to there full potential with a leaky defence luckily there strikers have made up for that so far with 26 goals should be a leading contender for the playoffs.

Doncaster (Week 30)

Looked to have started putting there leaky defensive issued behind them during mid season with a nice run of results however as the critical stage of the season approaches they find themselves in a run of 5 games without a win and 16 goals conceded only saving grace once again is their strikers are still on the ball with 11 goals scored this along could keep them in the hunt for an automatic promotion place however with Barnsley and Brighton both in good form as well as several teams outside the top 6 coming into form they have every reason to be nervous

Brighton (Week 10)

unlucky not to reach the playoffs last season missing out by just 2pts and having one of the best attacks in the league with Brighton hitting the back of the not 90 times only Shorpe United were more prolific in front of goal less impressive this season dropping valuable points against Oxford,Reading and Leyton Orient but a youthful and improving team means they should not be ruled out.

Brighton (Week 30)

With last seasons golden boot holder Hulk still knocking them in Brighton once again find themselves in the promotion battle having just missed out last season currently on an eleven match unbeaten run and along with Barnsley they look the most likely to give Bradford and Notts County any trouble

Ipswich (Week 10)

unlucky not to be promoted 2 seasons ago when in the playoff final against a badly weakend Millwall but failed to use there advantage failed to follow that up last season despite ending the season well the damage was done earlier in the season not so this season with the squad performing well currently in a strong 3rd after putting a bad run of 3 defeats in 4 games behind them with wins over Gillingham,Swansea and Oxford much tougher games up coming in the next few weeks will test there promotion credentials.

Ipswich (Week 30)

Should have been promoted 2 seasons ago when facing a depleted and tired looking Millwall in the playoff final however they blew it which took its toll on the team next season with a disappointing display once again they look a shadow of there former selves and while being 8pts clear of the relegation zone that are nowhere near certain to stay up especially if there current run of 4 games without a win continues

Swansea (Week 10)

Swansea have had multiple managers in the past couple of seasons since being promoted with the team performing well last season securing there safety with some ease however this season things have been much tougher for them with just 4pts on the board so far ended a losing run of 5 straight defeats last time with a draw but things are not looking good for Swansea.

Swansea (Week 30)

Made a truly awful start to the season with just 4pts in there first 11 games however they picked things up and a run of 13 games and just 1 defeat catapulted them up the table however the loss of Rafel Benitez then the sudden departure of Robert Jarni left them in turmoil however the appointment of Chazza Bones has seen them return to winning ways and a run of 5 games out of 6 undefeated promotion is a bit of a tough ask but not completely out of the question

Bradford (Week 10)

had a torrid season last year ending the season at the foot of the division 2 table with just 30pts already almost reached that total this season unlucky not to get anything from the Leicester match which ended there run of 5 games undefeated quite a lot of changes happening in the squad with most of the squad regulars having left of set to leave a few questionable first team signing but for the most part some strong players joining the squad most notable Sanli Tuncay.

Bradford (Week 30)

Bradford have put a poor last season well behind them so far currently joint top of division 3 despite some patchy form of late however when they are on form they have been lethal with 6-0,5-0,5-1 and a 4-2 wins in recent weeks with only Doncaster scoring more this season who they face next a win there will put them in a strong position for automatic promotion

QPR (Week 10)

struggled with a small squad for the past few seasons which saw them get relegated from division 2 a couple of seasons ago failed to bounce back last season with a mid table finish with another mid table finish on the cards this season currently 11th run of 6 games undefeated ended in there last match with a 2-0 defeat to Notts County with the squad looking fatigue.

QPR (Week 30)

QPR are another team that seems on the decline after last seasons good mid table finish with the team currently in the middle of relegation battle they do have one plus to there name that are the most in form of the bottom 5 teams with 2 wins in there last 6 games upcoming games against the likely relegated Yeovil and end of the season game against Hull these two games could save them or relegate them

Yeovil (Week 10)

Ended last season in fine form which saw them pull out of the relegation zone and end the season in 15th with a goal difference of +8 a real turn around in form however they have failed to carry that form through to the new season recent wins against Leicester and Leyton Orient showed signs of a possible revival but those were short lived with two heavy defeats against Hull (4-1) and against Oxford (6-0) vital games against Gillingham and Swansea upcoming will be vital for there survival.

Yeovil (Week 30)

Season seemed to be going with some promise for them after 8 games having already picked up 2 wins and 2 draws however terrible does not quite cover how there seasons has gone a run of 21 games and just 1pt picked up best hope for them now is to build up there team for Division 4 next season

Oxford (Week 10)

Squad may lack the quality of most of the other teams in the league but they have managed to hold there own so far this season and are running into some good form of late 6-0 drubbing of Yeovil will no doubt have silenced some of the Oxford managers Critics however very tough couple of weeks for Oxford with games against Crewe,Notts Forest and Leicester all of whom are pushing for promotion any points gained from these teams will be a big boost for Oxford's chances of survival.

Oxford (Week 30)

Truly remarkable how Oxford have done so far this season even with a mid season spell of 4 straight defeats and a 10-0 friendly defeat to Middlesbrough however the latter result seemed to spur them on with a 7-2 win over Gillingham in their next match which was the start of a run of 6 wins in 10 games which has pushed them within reach of the playoffs which if they reach will be a bigger surprise than there promotion last season when you look at the quality of some of the teams in the 3rd division

Promotion Odds


Notts County:2/1




Port Vale:5/1




Leyton Orient:12/1



Relegation Odds


Nottingham Forest:1/25




Bristol Rovers:4/1



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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Match Preview

Division 2

16289_badge.jpg v NewLogo2007.jpg

Middlesbrough welcome Derby County to the Riverside looking to get there promotion campaign back on track after there 4-0 drubbing against Cheltenham at the weekend while Derby look to claw there way closer to getting out of the relegation zone.

Middlesbrough look likely to ditch the 3-4-3 formation after Saturdays game possibly opting for there usual 4-2-3-1 or maybe even a standard 4-4-2 formation only Pablo Ledesma,Orlando Engelaar and Gaetano D'Agostino keep there place in the 16 man squad with new signing Ronaldinho set to get his first taste of 2nd division football with Axel Witsel leaving as part of the Ronaldinho deal new signing Florent Balmont joins Baris Ozbek in holding midfield

Derby will be without Raul Meireles the central midfielder look set to miss the rest of the season with a broken nose Fernández Luis Garcia and Armando Petit are both suspended while Mario Gomez,Luigi Vitale and Luís Edu Dracena are serious fitness doubts

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Bryant back Belkevitz, slam Sutcliffe

In an interview with The Soccer Manager Times, Charlton Athletic boss Dean Bryant has hit out on Rochdale manager Elliot Sutcliffe after his outburst on Oxford United manager David Belkevitz regarding the departure of Darel Russell and Sam Ricketts from Oxford. The Rochdale manager claimed that Mr Belkevitz had "bottled it" and blown his chance of promotion, but Bryant believe David Belkevitz is doing the right decision to sell two of his most loyal players.

"It is disappointing to hear that Elliott (Sutcliffe) talking about other manager's team affair in the public. I believe Belkevitz has done nothing wrong in selling off his longest servants who have played for the side for many seasons. He may have his own plans on his team and I don't have any idea why Elliott would want to come out and made an unwanted comments on the transfers made by Belkevitz. He should be focusing more on his club and especially on England rather than talking nonsense on other managers' decision making. All managers have the right to make their own decision to buy or sell their players. And I believe Belkevitz has brought in two good replacements in Bruno China and Milan Badelj. Since I joined this English Championship three seasons ago, I felt that this leagues have become more and more competitive. And to stay strong in the league we need to invest on better players. Belkevitz is doing the right thing."

Bryant added: "Elliott has so far struggled to get results with England. I was a little bit of shock to hear his appointment as the England manager last few months because I think he has no experience in the top flight league or even the international stage. Rochdale is currently in the fourth and the lowest league in English Championship and his decision to call up Dave Kitson for England doesn't make sense. Kitson may be doing a good job for Rochdale but I don't believe he has what it takes to make it to the international stage, not even in Division 2. Elliott should look at himself before judging others."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Crystal Palace have officially signed Fabrice Muamba from Division 3 side Tranmere Rovers. The England U21 International joins fellow U21 stars Scott Loach, Adam Johnson and Richard Stearman. Fabrice cost Palace £7.5m and Holt believes Muamba is better than Walsall's Lee Cattermole.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Game Week 30

Division 4

Rochdale (Week 10)

The fortunes of the Rochdale fans have taken a turn since Elliot Sutcliffe took over the helm last season pre season prediction of a title challenge seems to be accurate with Rochdale currently lying in 2nd even managing to out score Shorpe however defensively there are improvements to be made with Rochdale throwing away valuable points against Wycombe, Colchester, Southend and most recently there first defeat of the season against Rusden.

Rochdale (Week 30)

Pre season prediction of a strong campaign were accurate with Rochdale currently sitting in 3rd place however they have been slipping up in recent weeks with defeats to promotion chasing Colchester and the revitalised Brentford which has seen them slip behind Rotherham and into the grasp of the chasing pack however a playoff place should be assured at least with very few teams below 6th showing much form

Swindon (Week 10)

Suffered a humiliation of back to back relegations which has seen them plummet from Division 2 to 4 a price to be expected with the clubs dependence on youth players a first team squad with an average age of just 18 they will improve however probably not for a few seasons but look for them to bounce back in the future already performing far better than the last couple of seasons with some promising youngsters in the team.

Swindon (Week 30)

Not a good time to be a Swindon fan on the back of a double relegation this season has not been much better for them currently down in 16th and just playing for pride for the rest of the season with a 13th a possibility if they keep picking up the odd win here and there

Brentford (Week 10)

Brentford have been disappointing so far this season last seasons playoff qualifiers have so far failed to show the same level of form this season solid enough start to the season but recently 3 defeats in there last 5 league games and a 5-3 defeat to promotion rivals Rochdale has seen them drop out of the playoffs and into 9th.

Brentford (Week 30)

Headache causing team for the manager earlier in the season with nothing going right for them however a changed side at the moment on a run of 8 games undefeated and just 1 defeat in their last 10 which has catapulted them past fading teams like Luton, Peterborough and Southend and into the playoffs and with there current form a push for an automatic promotion place is not an impossibility

Grimsby (Week 10)

looks set to be another mid table season for Grimsby with the team struggling against the best in the league despite having the likes of Van Der Sar and Saha in the squad only wins to date have come against the likes of Bournemouth, Chesterfield and Hartlepool squad lacks any real back bone to hold them together.

Grimsby (Week 30)

Grimsby have plenty of experience on their side but they have found themselves falling behind the big guns in the division of late after a good spell in mid season possibly over performed this season and they look set to fade out of the promotion battle especially with games against Rotherham, Rochdale and Brentford up coming in the next couple of weeks

Blackpool (Week 10)

Blackpool only just missed out on the playoffs last season finishing just 5pts from 6th placed Wycombe however this season they have looked a different side winning just 4 of there first 10 games which sees them down in 14th place tough games against Rochdale and Boston in the the next week are must win games for Blackpool if they are to get there promotion challenge back on track.

Blackpool (Week 30)

Very disappointing season so far for Blackpool with just 37pts on the board so far the squad do have plenty of ability but they have been far from consistent with 4 wins in their last 10 games they have been performing better than the majority of teams in mid table with the possibility of maybe 10th to 12th a target for them but overall a season best forgotten for Blackpool fans

Shorpe (Week 10)

Somehow Shorpe managed to miss out on getting promoted last season despite scoring an incredible 107 goals ending there push for promotion with a defeat against Wycombe in the playoffs looks a force to be reckoned with once again this season despite the minor slip up against Swindon they look the most likely to push Rochdale all the way to the end of the season.

Shorpe (Week 30)

Shorpe should have been promoted last season but for missing out on automatic promotion to Crewe by 1pt and once again this season they have been performing well and looking a sure bet for automatic promotion with a 7pt lead however games against Rotherham, Rochdale and Brentford are all to come and they have slipped up now an then through the season but it would take an exceptionally bad run of form to prevent them from getting promoted

Bristol City (Week 10)

had a dreadful season last season ending level on points with Swindon major changes have occurred at the club since former Man Utd manager Turna took over the reigns at the club bringing in no less than 33 players and creating a squad that would not be out of place in Division 3 even so they have suffered some poor results recently 3-0 defeat by Walsall and a 4-0 defeat by Shorpe will have hurt them but a squad capable of reaching the playoffs.

Bristol City (Week 30)

Former Man Utd manager Turna has built up a strong squad of young players at City which has started to blend together well with the team beating Shorpe Utd 2-1 recently which was the start of a 3 match winning run couple of winnable games upcoming and as long as the manager keeps his attention on the club they could be a threat to 2nd placed Rotherham

Southend (Week 10)

Another division 4 side that is under new management this season and a club that has seen an influx of new players with a total of 28 joining this season to give Southend a youthful but talented squad of players that sadly have yet to gel with the team currently struggling down in 16th with the team currently on a run of 4 games without a win prior to that they were performing well and holding there own in this division if they can pick up there form they should start to move up the table.

Southend (Week 30)

Team started to play well at the mid season stage however in recent weeks the progress they made has gone downhill with just 3 wins in their last 9 games which has seen them drop out of the playoffs and start to lose touch and with the far more consistent Boston and Hartlepool on their heels a playoff place is looking less likely

Walsall (Week 10)

Walsall manager cun jue peh has done a good job with the limited resources he has a Walsall did a great bit of business at the end of last season when bringing in Milan Baros with the Czech striker no doubt going to come into his own as the season progresses.

Walsall (Week 30)

Very disappointing season so far for Walsall and they are currently on a 8 game run without a win they have been a little unlucky of late with the team deserving to at least pick up a point in the last 3 games with 2-1,3-4 and 2-3 defeats to Blackpool, Bristol City and Swindon failure of Milan Baros to find his form has no doubt helped there poor season they should at least beat last seasons total of 35pts though with just 5pts to go

Wycombe (Week 10)

Unlucky not to get promoted last season ending the season with a defeat to Oxford in the playoff final since then there has been a change in management at the club and as a result huge changes have gone on at the club with a total of 61 players joining the club with an additional 16 leaving the club all these changes though have sadly not had the desired effect with the team currently sitting in 12th after 4 defeats in there last 5 games with the squad clearly having trouble gelling together

Wycombe (Week 30)

Large influx of players at the start of the season has sadly not had the desired effect on the club with last seasons 6th place a distant memory now current run of 6 game without a win have all but ended their promotion hopes this season even with a few easier games upcoming it look like a mid table finish for them

Bournemouth (Week 10)

Bournemouth had an uneventful season last season finishing in no man's land in 13th well behind the promotion pushing teams and well clear of the lower teams different story this season with the club finding it hard to score any points this season currently in 19th place with just 5pts and on a run of 9 games without a win looking like one of the favourites for the wooden spoon.

Bournemouth (Week 30)

Bournemouth have been a total failure this season especially after there good mid table finish last season the club really seemed to be progressing recent win over Grimsby clearly a bit of a flook it was their first win of the season since the opening day of the season awol manager as well pretty much has sealed the wooden spoon for them

Colchester (Week 10)

many fans disappointed by there poor showing last season after there previous season when just missing out on the playoffs look to be back to there best this season under new management with a strong if youthful team built up impressive 7-1 win over Peterborough seemed to be the catalyst for there improvement which has seen them move up to 8th with a push for the playoffs starting to look more promising.

Colchester (Week 30)

Colchester have gone from strength to strength as the season has progressed and would be up there with Shorpe had they not drawn as many games impressive against Rochdale however they can be prone to the odd poor display as proven in their latest game against Hartlepool when losing 2-1 however I fancy them for 2nd place behind Shorpe

Peterborough (Week 10)

Pulled off an amazing 7-0 win over Northampton before a shocking 7-1 defeat to Colchester however it did not slow them down recent games have seen Peterborough add another 21 goals to there season tally and another 9pts which moves them up to a far more respectable 7th another push for promotion expected

Peterborough (Week 30)

Unlucky not to make the playoffs last season losing out by a point to Wycombe they are once again in with a shout of a playoff place however recent form has been poor and a tough run in to the end of the season for them has them looking less and less likely of making the playoffs once again

Northampton (Week 10)

last seasons 2nd worst team in the league have looked a changed side this season despite getting off to an amazingly poor start with the club suffering 7 straight defeats including a 7-0 hiding at the hands of Peterborough however they have got there heads down and worked hard in recent games to get valuable wins against Chesterfield, Hartlepool and Grimsby if they can continue to build on this they could aim for a mid table finish.

Northampton (Week 30)

Earlier prediction of a mid table finish seem to have gone out of the window after a run of 2 wins in 9 games however upcoming games against Walsall,Swindon and Bournemouth are winnable which would put them on a respectable 37pts which would have surpassed last seasons 34pts

Chesterfield (Week 10)

Chesterfield were in the same boat as Northampton if not worse with just 1 win from 10 games and a awol manager to make things worse defeats by fellow strugglers Grimsby, Northampton and Hartlepool make them favourites for the wooden spoon at the end of the season.

Chesterfield (Week 30)

Over performed last season when finishing 8th and just 4pts out of the playoffs this season has sent them straight back down to earth with the team currently 5pts adrift in 19th recent good run of 2 wins and 2 draws has at least pulled them away from Bournemouth and the dreaded wooden spoon

Rotherham (Week 10)

Rotherham look to be putting a disappointing season well behind them with just 1 defeat so far in there first 10 games they do have to face the top teams in the division in the coming weeks with Brentford, Peterborough and Rochdale all upcoming before the end of September which will give them a stern test of there title credentials

Rotherham (Week 30)

Quiet but much respected manager who has been doing a very steady job at the club now for 4 seasons gradually strengthening the team into what is today a leading contender for promotion having replaced Rochdale as Shorpe’s biggest danger and a win against Rochdale and Brentford in their next couple of games could well seal second place

Luton (Week 10)

Relegated last season in a close battle between Gillingham and Bristol Rovers with a poor run of form towards the end of the season proving costly this season they have performed well and are in solid 5th on 19pts they are however showing signs of faltering after a heavy 6-1 defeat against Peterborough they are unlucky currently marred by injuries in defence with 4 key first team defenders all out injured severely straining an already small squad which could see them start to drop down the table.

Luton (Week 30)

Luton made a very strong start to life in the fourth division however a lapse in form saw them start to drop away however they did get a second wind in October when winning 7 out of 9 games however they seem to have slipped back into they poor form once again at the vital stage of the season and with the top 6 in good form as well as Hartlepool and Boston finding their form a playoff place could be hard work for them

Boston (Week 10)

Last seasons wooden spoon winners clearly don’t want that honour again with a revived Boston side despite having a very inexperienced squad and to be honest by comparison to most in the league they have a pretty poorly rated squad however the Manager has worked a miracle with them with the club currently sat in 4th place in the playoffs.

Boston (Week 30)

Early hard work was ruined by a run of 13 games with just 9pts being picked up however a recent flurry of 14pts in 9 games has once again reignited there playoff hopes especially with the likes of Grimsby, Luton and Peterborough all finding things hard work of late will be a big ask for them to make the playoffs but non the less it has been good effort from them team

Hartlepool (Week 10)

Hartlepool are better know as been a solid mid table side in division 4 however this season so far has not gone to plan could the squad finally be feeling there age with a squad average age of 36 it looks likely desperately need some fresh blood in the team

Hartlepool (Week 30)

Veteran Hartlepool manager Tomek Kaklewski has stuck by his experience over youth policy with a squad average age of 36 and players aged 40 and 42 in the squad however it seems to be paying off with a late flourish of 7 wins in their last 10 games which has seen them move up to 12th just 7pts off the playoffs and with teams ahead of them faltering its not an impossibility but a top 10 finish is more realistic

Rushden (Week 10)

performing well above pre season expectations currently sitting in 6th place after a run of 4 games undefeated winning run coming to an end at the hands of Rotherham and are the only team so far this season to beat Rochdale even so could find that they are unable to keep up with a few of these and find themselves dropping off the pace as the season progresses

Rushden (Week 30)

As expected they have started to drop off the pace as the season has progressed with just 8pts taken from their last 12 games and are currently the worst performing team in the league along with Walsall with just 1pt in their last 6 games however they look set for a lower mid table finish like last season which is a good performance with the limited strength of their squad

Promotion Odds






Bristol City:7/2







Wooden Spoon






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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Shorpe United Transfer News

Miguel Veloso


Shorpe United today have announced they have fought of fierce competition to secure the huge signing of Miguel Veloso. The Portugese international is viewed as big long term talent by the Shorpe boss, with some impressive performances this season and featuring for Portugal, there is a good chance of a rerise to 91. This as well as the added bonus of Veloso being versatile enough to play in defence or midfield.

Crawford admits the fee is high with the bid coming in 5 million+ over chairman valuation, but Crawford has found it hard in recent weeks in the transfer market, to find any teams willing to release these kind of players, so the high fee is acceptable.

Crawford also went on to thank Tim Wiese for his services to the club who after recieving little interest on the transfer list, the surplus goalkeeper, went the other way for about 14 million.

Quick Facts

Age: 23

Real Club: Sporting CP

Rating: 90

International Caps: 8

Position: DM/CB


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Newcastle United Manager Stephen Butler has announced the club have agreed a deal that sees Adrian Mutu coming to St James'.

The bid thought to be around 1.8M + Julio César DOMÍNGUEZ + Fernando MEIRA was accepted by Hamberg.

Butler had this to say "I have been chasing Mutu for a long time, i needed another forward to add to the squad and Mutu is the kind of quality player i was hoping for"

"We have also been looking at Veloso but unfortunatly he decided not to join and i wish him and his new club all the best."

"The deal is a good one for the club as Dominguez is out of favour but Meira did have a future and its sad to see him go, i put him in the deal as i was hoping for Veloso but these things happen, the player is out for 5weeks so this was also a factor but the club is looking to change formation so Meira's departure wont be missed too much"

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Izod calls for Understanding

Millwall boss Dave Izod refused to be drawn into the furious war of words between England and Rochdale manager Elliot Sutcliffe and respected Oxford boss Dave Belkevitz. The row erupted on Tuesdy night, after Sutcliffe blasted the craggy Scot with a blistering broadside after the sudden departure of loyal Oxford servants Darrel Russell and club Captain Sam Rickets. The England man erupted in fury when it emerged, the departures were in part to finance the arrival at the Kassam stadium of Croatian , Milan Badelj in a 6.5 million pounds deal with Crewe. Sutcliffe called the transfers ‘’ ‘disgraceful and disloyal’ and went to accuse Belekvitz of ripping the ’spine from the team’. Suggesting that Belekevitz was very much the ‘dour Scot’, Sutcliffe went on to blame old age or delusions of grandeur for the deals.

In response, third division slugger and high profile opponent of the ‘ Keep Scotland English campaign ‘,Belkevitz issued a terse suggestion that Sutliffe would be better served concentrating on his own affairs and maybe even lacked the objectivity and courage to be a successful manager. Led by renegade Palace boss Paul Holt , Sutcliffes comments brought a wave of condemnation from other 106 managers, criticism that Izod today described as somewhat premature.

I think we need to slow down here and the correct perspective is required before anyone should get involved. Elliot’s comments should be viewed in the wider context, the league is a powder keg at the moment and with all the promotion and relegation battles hoting up, it’s a very stressful time for a lot of the mangers. And you need to be mindful that Elliot has not only a slow start with England to contend with but also Rochdale’s almighty promotion battle in the fourth. Quite often when under such pressure, things can get out of hand and honestly held opinions can come out the wrong way and end up causing unintended offence. I am sure that this is the case with the recent comments. I am also confident that Dave knows this as well, he is a rhino skinned bear of a man, who in his 6o years of football has seen it all. He can see that Elliot is feeling the pinch and I thought his response was both correct, measured and pitched at the right level. Dave will be the first to want to move on from this and knowing the blubbery, old ox like I do will not hold this against Elliot any longer than he feels he has to.

I must add that in my opinion the real culprit here is clearly, Crystal Palace manager Paul Holt. I found it despicable that he seized on the opportunity to once more grab the headlines for his blatant whispering campaign about the England manager. I for one am happy to say that I am not fooled by Holts sudden interest in Oxford or Dave Belkevitz, he of course has none. Instead this is yet another act of deliberate media manipulation and self betterment. Holt should perhaps take heed of Dave’s words and should concentrate his limited attention span and intellect on his team. Its not lost on me that Palace are nowhere near the same proposition without Cignac and Aguirre, and are in danger of dropping out of the race. Its also quite obvious that Heskey is not the player many thought he was, and that Preston were right to ditch him. Once more we see Holts true colours, rather than sort out his ridiculous tactics he cunningly looks to detract attention from his own shortcomings by seeking the limelight elsewhere. I am also disappointed that some of the leagues managers decided to follow his lead and run shrieking to the papers like weepy eyed , snotty nosed, alcopop fuelled ,over emotional 13 year old schoolgirls at a poorly supervised teenage sleepover, many of them should know better. I don’t have a crystal ball but stand on me and mark my words ,Crystal Palace will not gain promotion from division 2 this season.

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



In an interview with the local press' date=' Crystal Palace manager has hit out at current England boss Elliot Sutcliffe after his outburst over Oxford Utd's selling of their long serving duo Russell and Ricketts. The Rochdale manager claimed that Mr Belkevitz had "bottled it" and blown his chance of promotion, but Holt believe's Mr Belkevitz is finally growing a backbone by getting rid of players from the old regime.[/color']

"For Elliot to question another manager for selling players is astonishing. Mr Sutcliffe should keep his views to himself when it comes to other clubs transfer dealings shouldn't he? But since he brought up the subject I may as well give my view on Mr Belkevitz's Oxford. Selling Russell and Ricketts was long overdue. If Oxford want to gain promotion then David must realise that his current squad is just not good enough. Having said that, Mr Belkevitz almost certainly knows this and probabaly has a long term plan which should never be questioned, especially by the young England manager. If there was anybody in the lower league's who deserved to be England manager then surely that would have been David, although I doubt he would have ever taken the job being an Irishman and all. But he has already proved to be a master tactician and got Oxford promoted against all the odds, something Mr Sutcliffe has yet to achieve. He (David) obviously has a certain amount of money to work with which I doubt is a lot. If you look in contrast at other mid table Division 3 clubs Tranmere and Crewe, who have had huge amounts of money and a greater amount of talent to play with, are only doing AS good as Oxford. I think its great that David has finally grown a backbone in order to sell these players as there's no room for sentiment in football. So instead of questioning Mr Belkevitz, Mr Sutcliffe as the National manager should have heaped praised on the Oxford manager, but as always, Sutcliffe does the opposite which is certainly no surprise to me. The only advice I can give to David is not to take Mr Sutcliffe's outburst to heart, just remember this is the same person who picked Dave Kitson for the England team."

Couple of things I wanted to straighten out for Mr Holt, first and foremost, I'm a Scot, nothing wrong with the Irish, but I'm a Scot, now, coming from your neck of the woods, we have a saying up in "god's" country that the Northern East English guys are just Scotsmen with their brains missing :D...wie aye man :P. I think that's being too kind on our southern cousins myself but what do I know :confused:.

Now, to get to the footballing part of this topic, I made sure of relegation worries before selling off my two long serving players, you see, up in Scotland, where people are not only known for their friendly, helpful manners, we also have something going on between the ears. :P

You English don't need to worry about such things as long as you have us Jocks to guide you along life's highway :D.

I made my decision to strengthen my side after we had done the business of securing our place in the Third Division, which was my prime objective, having succeeded in that task, I now take the next step of building my team for next season. The fact that we have an outside chance of promotion is just icing on the cake for Oxford Utd and although the chances are slim, it's a good place to be with a squad of my depth.

So, in ending this little piece, I want to thank the guys who rallied in my corner and to my defence, including Mr Holt...(Geordie's are ok with me :D) oops, did I get that wrong Mr Holt?

And a final word for my cockney rebel,:D, doesn't your bum get sore sitting on the fence all the time? Can't wait for the big London clash between Millwall and Crystal Palace. :D

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Oxford Utd travel to Crewe tomorrow in a game that has implications for both clubs. As season 9 begins to close and teams are getting into position for either a promotion or a relegation battle, Oxford Utd find themselves in the enviable position of staving off relegation worries and a win against a very strong looking Crewe side will pitch them onto the periphery of the promotion play offs. Both sides go into tomorrow's match with no injury worries but the Oxford Utd coach is under no illusions as to the task before him.

As his team prepared for the match under the lights of the Kassam Stadium, The craggy Scot spoke to an SM reporter saying, "I'm looking forward to the match tomorrow. I am well aware of the potential in the Crewe Alexandra squad, Modric and Bellamy to name a couple but they have players of quality all over the pitch so it's going to be a difficult match for us. We have played well against stronger opposition for most of the season so I won't be waving the white flag, but I'm also a realist and know that it's a tough nut to crack. We will approach the game with the same endeavour as we have all our matches and if we can perform to our ability, then it should be an interesting game. Crewe came to the Kassam Stadium earlier in the season and gave us a lesson on how hard life in the Third Division would be, so if I get a result tomorrow I will be more than delighted."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Bristol city vs Swindon Town

The robbins travel to Ashton Gate today where they meet a Bristol City side who are fighting for promotion. The robbins have been very poor this season but they are coming a win against walsall last week. This is what the robbins boss had to say. Its gonna be avery tough game as bristol city are a very strong team and are looking good for promotion this season on the other hand games are not won on paper so we will give it our best shot and you never know we have nothing to play for so we have nothing to lose but everything to gain

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Liverpol v Preston NE

Match Preview

Preston hope to continue their recent good form against top-side Liverpool, who are on an equally good run, but seem to be making a meal of winning what was seen as an easy league by manager Tom Field.

Liverpool will be without African duo Michael Essien and Samuel Eto'o. The Ghanaian may return before the end of the season, while the Cameroonian should be back for the next game. Two goal hero Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been subject to a bid from Barcelona, which the Liverpool boss may be tempted by.

Preston have a clean bill of health before the Liverpool game. Hugo Rodallega has left Preston on loan to Notts County to get regular first team football. Eljero Elia has been left out of the squad again, and is yet to make his debut for the club. Glen Johnson has been recalled in place of Paulo Ferreira.

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sutcliffe: I Stand By Everything


Controversial Rochdale Manager Sutcliffe has defended his scathing attack of Oxford Boss Belkevitz earlier this week, claiming he has nothing to be sorry for.

I'm alarmed at the reaction. I expected most of 106 to agree with me and let it be. Clearly they are all afraid of the old timer and don't want to get on his wrong side. Anyone can see that the decision to sell the heart and soul of Oxford was a mistake, and now he's begging other managers for defenders on loan. I'm not prepared to argue this anymore. I'm right, I know I am. I'd like to think it's water under the bridge. David has made his points, and I have my right to argue mine. I have a lot of respect for the guy and his football club, but now that he's sold these 2, and let them go in the manner he has, well, it's just torn up the respect I had. David's not a bad guy, he's not the first to do this, I just expected better, that's all. He's blown his chance this season. That's all. They've done incredibly well to stay up, thanks to Russell and Ricketts. They can't sustain it now, trust me.

But Sutcliffe has his own football club to worry about, with a short trip to Blackpool tonight, Rochdale needing a win.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. We've got a hard run in so it's vital that we start to pick up points in these kind of games now. Clarkey will have them well organised, he's a good manager. ON paper, they have better players. In reality, they don't have as good a team. We are together. One. We have the belief to be able to go away from home, against better players, and get results. We drew 1-1 at our place earlier in the season, but it was a game we dominated, and sh0uld have won, especially with the amount of shots we had. McCarthy scored that day and I'm sure he'll be up for it today against his old club and gaffer. It's just a shame he won't have Delphy alongside him because of the horrible decision made to ban him for timewasting.... when we were 2-0 down!!!

Close sources also suggest Sutcliffe is waiting on a response to a loan signing, who, if the paperwork is completed in time, could feature at Bloomfield Road tonight.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Chazza speaks out.

At a Swansea City press conference this afternoon, Chazza was asked if he missed Cardiff City Football Club. Chazza replied:-

"I do but they are not important any more. I am the Swansea City manager now and I can't stay in the past.

Switching from one Welsh side to another was very difficult for me. At first I felt I had made a bad decision and that I had betrayed Cardiff City, but I believe that they are on my side because I am a Bluebird.

I think the Swansea City fans are beginning to like me and they think I am the right man for the job. I mean at the end of the day I'm here to manage a football team, not get abuse off supporters.

I can't please everyone. I know that some fans still probably hate me, but I want to prove to them that I am here to take Swansea City forward and win trophies with this club".

Also, Chazza spoke about new manager Son Of Pluto at the press conference today, he said:-

"I am so glad someone as experienced as Pluto has come in at Sheffield Wednesday. I was worried an in-experienced manager would take the job (like at Manchester United) and do bad transfers and abandon the club. I have faith that Son Of Pluto can turn the run of bad results around at Sheffield Wednesday.

Hopefully another experienced manager like Toonfan or Harvey can take the Bolton job. Bolton are currently eighteenth in the premiership and will need a good manager to boost their confidence. I wish Harvey and Toonfan the best of luck in getting Bolton Wanderers.


Another conference at Swansea.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Speaking ahead of Crystal Palace's home game against Birmingham City, Holt gave his opinions on a number of issues brought up this week.

When asked about how his team would fair against the Brummies Holt replied;

"Birmingham are a tough team to beat. Last season they came to Selhurst and beat us 3-0 so I know what to expect from them. They have some great players in their squad like Agbonlahor, Ledley King and Diego Milito so my players will have play to the best of their ability. I have told them to own the midfield like always and to try not to give the ball away around the box. If they do what I say then I fully expect to win even without key players like Aguirre (suspended), Karadeniz (foot) and Gignac (bruised shin)."

The press then asked Holt about the whole "Sutcliffe" outburst in which the Palace manager defended the Oxford manager Sir David Belkevitz;

"I already had my say on this matter havent I? Sutcliffe was out of order, he was wrong to say what he did as it was not his business. He lacks respect but then again not many people and players (including England players) respect him so its irrelevant I suppose."

And then he was asked about arguably 106's biggest game on the calender, Millwall v Palace and how he thought his team would fair against his big rivals side.

"When Sunday comes and I read the Mail on Sunday, I fully expect to see that Palace are still unbeaten against Izod and Millwall. You see when it comes to the big games like Palace v Millwall, Izod bottles it. He runs out of idea's which surprises me because I rate him as a manager. I find that he's a great tactician. The problem is that when its derby day Mr Izod is guarenteed to lose his head. That much is fact. His mind games dont work on me no more. He faxed me yesterday claiming that I need to change my tactics and that advice he would give for free, but where Izod is concerned you get nothing for free. I predict a draw on Saturday. And may I remind Mr Izod that this time he doesn't have the SMFA on his side, unlike last time when he got them to place me on gardening leave for 2 weeks."

Last 3 derbies

Millwall 0 - 0 Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace 4- 2 Millwall

Crystal Palace 3 - 1 Millwall

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Match Review

Division 2

16289_badge.jpg2 v 1NewLogo2007.jpg

Ronaldinho on form on his debut

Middlesbrough put the disappointment of their 4-0 defeat to Cheltenham well behind them this evening with a fine display against Derby all be it marred by the sending off of Marcelo Bordon.

The match got under way with both sides looking edgy with Boro in desperate need of a win to keep their hunt for 2nd place going while Derby are in desperate need of a win to keep their survival hopes alive both sides showed there nerves with Altintop for Boro wasting a golden chance while at the other end Guzman,Edu and Filipe all squandered chances all in the first 7 minutes new signing Florent Balmont had his first chat with an english championship ref after just 8 minutes of his english career earning a booking for shirt pulling the visitors should have been 2-0 up after 26 minutes when first Mario Gomez narrowly headed over and couple of minutes later Luigi Vitale drive just went wide of Valdes's goal he wasted another chance just 3 minutes later followed up by an excellent long range efforts from Guzman which hit the bar the visitors should have been 3-0 just before the half time whistle but once again Luck was on Boro's side when Gomez was left one on one with Valdes but his shot hit the outside of the post to leave the sides at 0-0 at half time.

Middlesbrough looked more assured as the second half started with the team passing the ball well and with a more and more confident Ferriera Wagner on the left wing a goal looked a certainty and the fans were not disappointed just 5 minutes after the restart new signing Ronaldinho opened his Middlesbrough account with an excellent side footed shot from an excellent cross Derby should have pulled level 10 minutes later but for Halil Altintop's last gasp clearence off the goal line and 8 minutes later Guzman was left an open goal but somehow managed to miss with luck on Boro's side they added a second goal and once again it was Ronaldinho who left the Derby defenders standing to slot home his second goal of the game Derby were given a lifeline 2 minutes later when they finally managed to get the ball over the Boro goal line with Vitale's powerful long range effort far too good for Valdes the Derby fans hopes were lifted once again 2 minutes later when Marcelo Bordon recived a straight red card for Diving however the visitors failed to capitalise on this with the match ending 2-1.

The win moves Middlesbrough up to 5th place after defeats for Crystal Palace,Stoke,Charlton and Cardiff they remain 5pts behind the now 2nd placed Millwall Derby continue to tred water with the club now 7pts behind Watford after they beat Carlisle

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Nottingham Forest 0 - 3 Leyton Orient

Leyton Orient produce a great display of football after a 2-0 defeat to Chewett's Tranmere Rovers. All of Leyton Orients goals came in the first half when Harry Kewell smashes a brilliant strike into the back of the net in the 9th minute with his weaker foot. They then doubled their lead just 2 minutes later when Barry Ferguson Barry Ferguson smashes in a well placed cross from scorer turned provider Harry Kewell and what a goal it was, right into the roof of the net. Then they made it 3-0 when Cavenaghi picked up the ball after Ben Foster fumbles the ball straight into his path to give him an open goal.

Leyton Orient had alot more chances after that fumble, but Ben Foster to make up for it produced some amazing saves keeping Leyton Orient out for the rest of the game.

Zak Cluer had a few words to say about the performance and a few individuals at the end of the game, "I was very pleased with how we played today after a poor game on the weekend, but we fully deserved that win today, although it could have been 5 or 6 easy. My man of the match was definatley Fernando (Cavenaghi). He was absolutley brilliant! Everything you can want from a CF he has. Although once again Harry Kewell proved why he, in my opinion is the best LM in the entire league with an amazing goal and an outstanding performance, he is catch Fernando on goals scored, he has already caught up with assists."

Leyton Orient play host to 7th place Leicster City on the weekend, it should be a great game to watch!

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Shorpe United 2 : 1 Northampton Town

Match Report


Match Commentary

The match started of balanced with a number of shots, for each team, with Berg for Northampton and Thomas Muller for Shorpe looking dangerous.

This soon resulted in 3 rapid fire goals which would determine the match, first a neat finish by "The Quag" who has come back well from being injured for large parts of the start of the season. Then an athletic finish from Damien Duff a minute later, before the best goal of the day, a brilliant long range curler from Antonio Nocerino.

A number of chances followed in the second half as Shorpe maintained 64% of the possesion, with Veloso making his debut in a confident defensive performance, but a tense finish remained till the final whistle.


Shorpe United: 2

Quagliarella 22

Nocerino 27

Northampton Town: 1

Duff 23


Quagliarella scoring the first goal


Sean Campbell

"A tight game today, and I would like to especially thank Sean Campbell for an enjoyable game. I have found him to be a particularly likeable manager in the Divison and always very respectful. Although Northampton are struggling at the moment, he remains determined and the last match's 4-0 victory should still give room for confidence."

Sheffield Wednesday

Rumours have been abound that Crawford was offered the Sheffield Wednesday job earlier this week,

"I can go on record that, the position was offered, and I was very flattered to recieve such interest from such a historical team two divisons higher. However we are commited to the project here at Glanford Park, and it would be dishonourable in the eyes of commentators, chairman and fans alike, who have always supported us fully. For this reason the offer was politely but readily turned down and I wish SoP, a manager of great credentials the best of luck with them."

Division 4

"We are now in the fortunate position, to lie 9 points clear at the top of Division 4, but we are very very lucky, with many other teams more deserving to be there.

It is possible that investment is paying off with signings just this season including;

Maarten Stekelenburg 90

Antonio Nocerino 89

Abdoulay Konko 88

Iganzio Abate 86

Miguel Veloso 90

Lorenzo De Silvestri 86

Jeronimo Cacau 89

Thomas Muller 85


Thomas Muller

"The Iron's" form of late has been strong with 7 victories in the last 8 games but with many especialy tough games to come, a lot of points will be dropped.

Well done to Elliot and Draga tonight on two well fought victories for Rochdale and Colchester respectively. Brentford drew to drop out of the playoffs but still remain on a impressive undefeated run. Continued luck for the remainder of the season! :)

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Preston robbed by Liverpool in league encounter

Liverpool 2-2 Preston

Preston manager James Burrow said that he was happy with a draw, but that Preston should have got their third win over the Merseysiders in the past three meetings.

Preston drew 2-2 with Liverpool when they should have won. Aaron Lennon gave Preston an early lead, before Liverpool talisman Steven Gerrard equalised 10 minutes before half time. Substitute Phil Jagielka scored his second goal in as many games to give Preston the lead again, and they perhaps should have held on to that lead, but Liverpool had the final say, Aleksandr Anyukov also scoring from the bench to give Liverpool a point they perhaps didnt deserve.

Preston play Norwich next, and need to beat them, seeing as they now lie 13th in the league, 4 points behind 6th placed Crystal Palace.

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sutcliffe: I Stand By Everything


Controversial Rochdale Manager Elliot Sutcliffe has defended his scathing attack of Oxford Boss Belkevitz earlier this week' date=' claiming he has nothing to be sorry for.[/b']

But Sutcliffe has his own football club to worry about, with a short trip to Blackpool tonight, Rochdale needing a win.

Close sources also suggest Sutcliffe is waiting on a response to a loan signing, who, if the paperwork is completed in time, could feature at Bloomfield Road tonight.


Oxford Utd boss David Belkevitz rounded on Rochdale manager Elliot Sutcliffe as he continues to air his views to anyone willing to listen. The dour Scot was in no mood for frivolities as he launched an attack on his fellow manager, saying, " Who does this guy think he his? Is this the same guy who bottled it last season when a promotion spot was on the cards? When I took over at Oxford Utd, we were not considered play off candidates but we got there ahead of some good sides.

Sutcliffe talks about loyalty to players? My loyalty is to Oxford Utd and if that means getting rid of aging long term players, albeit that have done well for the club, then so be it. Perhaps this is why Rochdale are once again on the periphery of a play off slot, will he "bottle" it again like last year? Is he up to the pressure of taking that step forward? We will see. When I took over at Oxford Utd I had a plan, admittedly being promoted in my first season wasn't expected but now that it has happened, step two was to ensure safety in the Third Division, which we achieved with 11 games to play. And so I have a very slim chance of making the play offs but still ahead of the game.

Now let's talk about Mr Sutcliffe, Rochdale and "England" manager? How did this happen? He get's the job ahead of prestigious managers from Darlington, Blackburn Rovers and West Brom, all proven track records in the set up, and then there is Rochdale? Under achieving with Sutcliffe at the helm. How did he get the England job? One word, Nepotism.

And now as the season climaxes he recoils at the thought of success. A scrappy 0-1 affair over Blackpool keeps his meagre hopes alive.

He opens his mouth about me asking for a defender now that Ricketts has gone, what is it to him? I had Lauro and Badelj on loan from Millwall and Crewe and I have to say that negotiating a deal with these two seasoned campaigners was a pleasure after hearing wonderboy mouthing off!!

I raised the cash by selling off Russell and Ricketts, both past their sell by dates and brought in a class goalkeeper and one of the best young players in the game, and wondermouth tells me I'm disloyal? As stated, my loyalty is to Oxford Utd and not the players, they are cogs in the wheel and young Sutcliffe better learn this if he wants to grow as a manager.

And just to end this tirade, if we look at pipgib's brilliant spreadsheets on the teams form and probabilities, you will see Oxford Utd were doomed for relegation. On paper, many teams have class players in their side whereas we have an 85 top rated player. We have constantly been written off and not only lived with superior teams but beaten them, hence the reason we are in 11th spot in the league and clear of relegation worries.

So my advice to young Elliot wonderboy Sutcliffe, (my relatives got me the England job) is to concentrate on Rochdale and don't go blowing any chance you might have of promotion, see if you can sustain the pressure this season and not bottle it like last time.

I wish him well although I can't for the life of me think why?" :P

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans today


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


56_1248789623.jpgNotts County 1-2 Gillingham 33_1191751249.gif

Jesus Sousa Derley (24)

Freddy Guarin (36)

Florent Sinama-Pongolle (68)


(Immediate effect: Pongolle on target on his debut for Gillingham which earned Gilss 3 points.)

Gillingham went into the clash at Meadow Lane last night with high hopes after being boosted by the signing of Florent Sinama-Pongolle from Sporting CP. The game started at Meadow Lane and it was very end to end from the word go, Pongolle coming close for the visitors early on and then Guarin blazing over from 8 yards for Notts. The game got it's first goal on the 24th minute, a swift move from the Gillingham midfield saw central midfielder Jesus Derley to slot home and send the 3,000 Gillingham fans wild. Notts County wen't into this game in 2nd place and their class shown on the 36th minute after Freddy Guarin slides the ball home into an unguarded net after Moya was in no mans land. All hopes of a Gillingham win were lifted in the second half again after debutant Florent Sinama Pongolle marked his return to English football with a poached goal as he ran up to the Gillingham supporters behind the goal as it could be a season changing goal. The final whistle wen't at Meadow Lane and the 3,000 travelling Gillingham fans wen't wild after this could be a crucial 3 points in their fight to safety with 8 games left.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Sheffield Wednesday appoint SoP as there new manager.

SoP has taken a look at the squad and is fairly pleased at what he has got, apart from the fitness issue's from the previous tenure and the league postion that this talented squad are in.

SoP said "Currently we arn't looking to have a complete squad overhaul until at least after either the Spainish or Italian ratings changes coming up soon. Stabilty will be the key if we are looking to stay up. Left in the league we have:-










27 possible points with the team currently 13 points behind Watford and a -12 GD to make up on Watford as well.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Crewe Alexandra 3-2 Oxford United

Attendance - 8,623







50% 50%

Total Shots

15 7

Shots On Target

11 2


7 8

Yellow Cards

0 2

Red Cards

0 0

Before the game, both managers highlighted that this was the biggest game of the season, and it appears that the fans believed the same, with a bumper crowd of almost 9 thousand, nearly double the season's average for Crewe.

New £15million Crewe signing Leiva Lucas was in the crowd to watch his new team snatch victory, with the former Liverpool man cheering on every goal scored by his new team mates. And by some amazing turn of events all 3 goals were scored by former Liverpool players themselves.


The game was an exceptional exhibition of 3rd division football at it's best, with both side playing some wonderful football, however the big difference between to two sides was their front men, with Crewe's front two of Luka Modric playing off Craig Bellamy looking dangerous every time they got the ball. However Santos Weldon seemed isolated most of the game, with the normally exceptional Milan Badelj having what could only be described as a stinker, possibly put off by rumours that Croatian boss Darren Richardson was getting the game recorded specifically to see how he performs.

Crewe took the lead in the 32nd minute when Man of the Match John Arne Riise out jumped the Oxford defence to head home Steven Pienaar's cross, and the home side went in at half time a goal up.


As the second half started Crewe came out looking for a second, and nearly got it with Ruiz hitting the bar on 56 minutes, and Croatian sensation Modric having an effort cleared of the line 8 minutes later. But a combination of 2 excellent finishes by Eder and Weldon and some sloppy defending by Franco Douglas meant that Oxford took the lead via 72nd & 74th minute goals.

A 75th minute triple substitution helped revitalise Crewe, with Dodgy Douglas, Bryan Ruiz and Didier Zakora making way for Gary Cahill, Anas Sharbini and Spanish winger Iván Riki, and it was the Spaniard who played a delightful chip through to Craig Bellamy for a 77th minute equaliser. With just 3 minutes left in the game the outstanding Riise found Murphy in space, and the midfielder lashed home a 15 yard belter, worthy of winning any game.


Post match, losing manager David Belkevitz was, rightfully, proud of his teams performance saying:

"It was a great game played at a fast pace and we were just pipped by a class team. I am proud of the way we handled the game and we take a lot of pride from the match."

A jubilant Crewe boss said:

"It's been a great day here at Crewe. Oxford are one of the toughest teams to beat in the division, and they were once again exceptional here tonight. David has done an amazing job at Oxford, and he rightfully deserves all the praise that comes his way. Fortunately for us players like Bellamy, Pienaar and Riise put on outstanding show tonight."

On new signing Lucas Sean said:

"I am delighted to be able to bring in a player of the talent of Lucas. It was obvious that we were missing a partner for Danny Murphy for next season, as Zakora who partners him at the moment is most likely to become a key figure at Huddersfield next season. Its a sign of the huge advancements at the club that we are able to not only compete with, but beat some of the bigger teams to be able to sign a young international with the talent of Lucas. And I'm sure he will be a great signing for the club"


New signing Lucas, hoping to shine at Gresty Rd

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