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English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

PieSports News

Bradbury Battles Bemoaners


Coventry City manager Lee Bradbury has defended himself over claims that he has done nothing to help the club move forwards, and that the setup was already there for him when he took over.

In an interview earlier today, Bradbury told Pie Sports reporter Michael Angelo that his efforts with the Sky Blues will 'eventually snowball to create an avalanche of cold, snowy justice, freezing out any challengers'.

Bradbury (above) was not able to provide hands on management to his squad for two months after being accidentally frozen when he locked himself in the freezers at Tesco, but in spite of his absence, Coventry went on to win the cup, and this has lead some managers in the league to criticise his supposedly laxidasical approach to management.

The ever-stubborn Bradbury responded, "Whilst I was thawing, my assistant manager Leeroy Jenkins did not change the tactics for the team. He kept them the way I had set them. Furthermore, it was Cesar Delgado, who I signed for this club, that scored the goals that took us to the cup. So I can't see how I didn't do anything to help win the club. At least have some sympathy, people!"

Bradbury has since been making a larger mark on the club, signing 22-year old midfielder Denis Glushakov from Lokomotiv Moskva for just over £3,000,000, with other signings reportedly soon on the way in to the Ricoh Arena.

"Watch this space, kiddies", warned Bradbury.

Brought to you by Pie Sports News.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



This Months FourFourTwo see's England and Rochdale manager Elliot Sutcliffe answer your questions. The England boss failed to get his team into next seasons World cup and has come under heavy criticism from all angles but Sutcliffe is believed to have both the desire and the talent to overcome his critics and prove them wrong. Here are your questions answered....

What made you take the England job, especially when you knew that everybody would be watching your every move?

Dave Richmond, Swindon.

The fact that people would be watching my every move never crossed my mind. First and foremost, I'm an Englishman. I don't have one ounce of Irish/Scottish/Welsh or anything else inside of me. I don't know any Englishman that would turn down the opportunity to manage their country. I never took it for granted. It's nearly 44 years since England lifted the World Cup, who wouldn't want to be the one to break that and win it again. I had to take it, and I had to go for it. I'd like to say that despite everything, I've enjoyed it, but I can't, because I don't enjoy losing. This year will always haunt me, and it really does hurt. However, I have no regrets about taking the job. None at all.

The England fans blame you for the National teams failure to make it to next years World Cup, how do you feel about that, and do you blame yourself or the players?

Helen Braithwaite, Stoke.

It's been hard to take. I have to take the blame and I do. Full responsibility. At times I have felt that things haven't quite gone our way. I had to adapt to dealing with World Class players very quickly. From the first game I was hoisted into the spotlight and I found it very hard to deal with, I'll admit. I had limited time to spend with the players, so I brought in those who were performing at their best in their own league. I had to try and fit them into a system, without friendlies, warm-up games or even that many training sessions. I found it very difficult. I don't feel let down by the players, but I don't think they helped me or themselves at times. I just feel as if I want to go back and do it all again. I never brought in my own management team, my own backroom staff. I was just thrown to the wolves and had to defend myself with only what I know. In the end, that wasn't enough. I'm not experienced enough to deal with that pressure. I can't apologise enough to the fans and everyone. I have let the country down, and that will haunt me forever. All I can do now is get on with it. I have a decision to make as to whether or not to stay. The country wants me out. Even I want me out, as a supporter. But I hate losing and it would be horrible for me to bow out this way. I just don't know right now...

You have had public spats with some of the leagues more colourful managers like Mr Izod, Mr Holt and more recently Mr Belkevitz which has certainly not won you many fans, but do you enjoy carving out rivalrys?

Paul Gordon, Richmond.

I can't say I enjoy it. I speak my mind and I suppose when I come up against those that do the same, when our opinions clash there is likely to be an uproar. In the end it's all mind games. I spoke out about David at Oxford and they lost 5 on the bounce. Despite my age I have took on guys with the combined age of 2000 this season, but I really feel I've held my own. I like to be competitive. I like to pit my wits against others, whether it be on the pitch or off it. I'm up for the battle, and against these guys, it really is a battle.

Which managers do you respect both past and present?

Tan Mohammed, Stockport.

In 106 you can't look past the guys that have built football clubs. Michael Flounders at Darlington. Andrew Foster at Cheltenham. James Burrow, Dave Izod. These are the guys you look up to, the one's you try to emulate when you step into your first day at the football club. Away from here I love Martin O'Neill for the way he goes about his business, his policies, his style. Sir Alex Ferguson will always be admired as one of the greatest. He has done it all at United and his hunger never diminishes, but people forget he did it at Aberdeen. Who the heck wins European Silverware with Aberdeen? I'll tell you who, Alex Ferguson. He's the greatest in my opinion. To be 1/100th of what he is would be spectacular. I strive for that. He's worshipped, and I'm one of his followers, for sure.

You come across as a loyal kinda guy, but if a bigger club wanted you as their manager, would you consider joining them?

Harry Bridge, Burnley.

I have a lot of time for Rochdale. They were my first professional football club and I have supported them through thick and thin. I owe them a lot and I can't even contemplate leaving them. Only a couple of jobs would even tempt me. Temptation can be easily resisted though. We'll have to see. I'm here for the long-run.

Your the playboy of 106 and have been seen with many beautiful ladies on your arm, but is it true you have a thing for Taylor Swift, and tried to chat her up on a recent visit to the States?

Barry Brock, York.

Hahaha. Playboy? Only because I'm one of the youngest. I'm ***** all the time. Give me a break, I'm still in my teens!!! Seriously, I must be giving away more than I even know though. It's true I did sit at a table with Taylor and have a very deep discussion. So much so, that I got free tickets to her concert in Manchester this November, and met up with her again backstage. With regards to chatting her up, well I don't know, I had a girlfriend at the time. She wouldn't have been happy

If Rochdale get promoted, what will your next aim be?

Kerry Smith, Bolton.

Promotion to Division 2. It seems those who go up don't believe in themselves or their team. They say their main aim is to avoid relegation. If I go up this year I want to go up again. Simple as.

You were regularly seen talking to Alex Ferguson in you pre-Rochdale days, did he ever give you any advice?

Lee Spencer, Bury.

Yeah. "2 sugars 1 milk kid" Is that advice?? I made the great man his tea every bloody weekend. I never properly spoke to the man, but he uttered words here and there and everything sticks. He's just a genius, in everything he does. He's a hero of mine and to have the chance to work in and around him and his football club was an honour and a dream come true, and the things that I saw inside Manchester United have helped me, and I have carried it through to what we have now at Rochdale. Experiences like that are invaluable. You have to learn from it.

My dad says you were a promising footballer once, what happened, what club(s) and what position did you play?

Patrick Flannery, Belfast.

Wow. Your Dad must be getting on a bit now then? I played junior football until the age of 9, when I was spotted as a Centre Half. I went to Rochdale, and signed my first contract on my 10th birthday. I spent 4 years there, moving from RB to CB, to CM, to a Striker. We played Bolton, a game in which I scored but we lost. A week later I was a Bolton player, and spent 3 great years of my life at the club. In that time I won an England Schoolboys Cap, perhaps the proudest moment of my life so far. In and around that time I played 3 warm up games, scoring 2 goals, alongside players who will go on to be top, top professionals. Unfortunately for me, it never worked out. I was released, and I've become increasingly injury prone. At 6"3, and exactly 11 stone, I'm quite slight. I just can't get things right. I'm contemplating starting right at the bottom again, or going abroad. I've got options, and time, but for now, I'm fully focused on Rochdale. This is where I spend my time now. I miss the changing room banter, but this for me is the next best thing. I've made good friends, and I'm enjoying football again. Winning is a drug. Maybe one day, I'll be on that database and I can sign myself. Until then, I'll live with Paul Holt's cast off's

Who was the best footballer you played with/against?

Gary Bell, Huddersfield.

The best player I have ever played with is Jose Baxter. He's got everything, skill, pace, the ability to hold up the ball, challenge in the air. He has made a name for himself quite young, but he's being nurtured at Everton. He will be a top player in the future.

Against? Josh Thompson would be one. He marked me when he was at County and I never got a sniff. He's just signed for Celtic this year, and as far as I'm aware, he's done very well behind the scenes. But in terms of all time, it would have to be a player called Will Keane. I was playing at the back on my own for a junior club called Apollo. We used to play me as a Sweeper, and at that age, I was tall and quick and able to deal with most players. But when we came up against South Manchester, I was torn to pieces. This striker had everything, he beat me in all departments. I couldn't hack it. I walked off that pitch, mud hanging off my face, my head in a spin, and I shook his hand and got his name. Will Keane. Next thing I know, he signs for United. 2 weeks ago he scores a hat-trick in the Reserves against Manchester United. Since that day I have faced him, and he's been flawless. He has represented England at all levels, and he will play at the World Cup, I'm prepared to put my house on it. He's the business. Will Keane.

Is it true that your a Villa fan?

Andy Rodgers, Wolverhampton.

Indeed it is, and I was in the Away End on Saturday. I'm a Manc, and my Dad has had a season ticket at Old Trafford for over 40 years. The first game he took me to was United - Villa when I was 6. Since then, I have followed the team in Claret and Blue through thick and thin, and the 1-0 win at Old Trafford was one of the greatest days of my life. It was great to go back to the ground, and shove it in their cockney faces. I love the passion of our fans, I love the manager, the players, everything. It's one of the only jobs I'd ever leave Rochdale for.

Which manager(s) do you partiularly enjoy spending time with after games or outside of football?Herman Njorviik, Tromso.

My fitness manager, Mia Hamm. She's a very nice..... oops sorry. I misunderstood the question. Well in terms of EC106, there are plenty of good guys. . Inside of 106, I get on well with people like James, David and Jake. They are good guys, and credits to this league and football itself. Outside of it, I regularly chat with the likes of Dave Izod, Sean Fitzpatrick and Paul Holt. This season I have formed a good camaraderie with Jon Crawford and Daniel Dragovic. Both are fully committed professionals and I really want Drago to succeed. He's tremendous. What a first season, he doesn't deserve anything less. But I think my best mate within football is Ryan Monteith, or Monty as he likes to be called. We click, the guys a legend. The amount of time we have shared experiences in and out of football is unreal. Although I can't wish him the luck I wish to the rest of them. He needs to stay in that division so Rochdale can hunt him down next year. I'd love to beat him. He needs a kick up the backside.

Whats next for Elliot Sutcliffe and England?

Chris Coleman, Portsmouth.

For me? Promotion, hopefully. I'm fully focused on Rochdale at the time being. All England duties have been shifted to one side. At the end of the season, I will decide my fate. I have lined up the man I want to replace me. This might come as a shock, but I know who will take over the reigns when I quit. I just don't know whether it will be this year or next. It's something I need to really think about and contemplate. In the very near future, I'm off to drink a Dr Pepper, watch Villa's win on MOTD2.... AGAIN, and most likely give Taylor Swift a bell for a quick session behind the bike sheds. What is it I am again? A playboy. HA! Love it Thankyou FourFourTwo readers. Great questions. I've enjoyed it. Now let me enjoy my night before getting Lambert and the lads back on the training ground tomorrow!



GK: Peter Schmeichel

RB Duncan Edwards CB: Paul McGrath CB: Martin Laursen LB: Paulo Maldini

RM David Beckham CM: Paul Scholes CM: Zinedine Zidane LM: George Best

CF: Ronaldo CF: Dimitar Berbatov

GK: Peter Schmeichel - Had it all for a keeper. In the modern game, the best around is Iker Cassilas, but Schmeichel had everything. The presence of Brian Jensen, the agility of Buffon, the leadership skills of Dino Zoff. He saved penalties.... and he did backflips. He's the best keeper that's ever played the game, no doubt. If Kaspar is half as good, he'll prove to be a top keeper. Mind you, I did slot a penalty past him in my mates back garden

RB: Duncan Edwards - It's hard to include a player that I have seen play, but I just have to for the way my dad talks about him. He is defiant that this guy would have gone on to be the greatest of all time. Played anywhere, and for that he goes in at RB. It's a tragedy he lost his life in Munich at just 21. But the fact that he was so highly regarded at that age has to tell a story. Wish he could of seen him, I keep telling my Dad he's lucky. R.I.P Duncan.

CB: Paul McGrath - A Villa legend. A football legend. He is worshipped at Villa. The mans a God. One of the greatest defenders to ever play the game. So quick, so strong. Able to read the game. Had he not been Irish, he would have played at more World Cups. He shades it ahead of Rio Ferdinand, another I have learnt so much off watching, but Paul McGrath, was just that 1 bar above him for me. Had he not had so many injuries, he would have won so much more. The guy is loved at Villa. Paul McGrath My Lord is the anthem we sing in the Holte End. He has to go in it.

CB: Martin Laursen: One guy I am happy to have been able to see play... at his peak. When he played, Villa looked like they could win the league. When he didn't, they looked as if they could go down. His appearance/win ratio record at Villa is incredible. A generous and kind man who gave his all on a football pitch. Through his head at the feet of opposition. One of my heroes. It's a shame he retired at 32. My back 4 is immense, but they have all left the game far too early. It's a shame.

LB: Paulo Maldini - He gets in ahead of Roberto Carlos for me, simply for his contribution to the game. How can I player make his debut at 16 for one of the Worlds Greatest Clubs, and retire at 41 at the same club, still one of the worlds greatest. He's unbelievable. What a reader of the game, what a tackler, a fine footballer. My Captain.

RM: David Beckham - Anyone that willing to dedicate himself to football deserves a place in my team. Beckham was never naturally gifted. He wasn't born able to take a free-kick. He never had raw pace. The reason he made it is through hard work. He worked on his passing, shooting, heading, stamina, tackling until he was good enough, and even then he worked some more. In a team of superstars, he would still be first on the training pitch and last off it. I grew up watching him, and that free kick against Greece lives long in the memory. A model professional, who despite constantly living in the public eye, has never put a foot wrong. Never does he cause controversy, and he conducts himself in a manner Paul Holt can only dream of. Top class.

CM: Paul Scholes - I would have him as he is now. Able to sit in front of a back 4, pick up the ball and ping it to feet, whether he be 5 or 50 yards away, it will arrive at the same speed, in the same area. Perfect. Another model professional. Scored the winner with a stunner against Barca in a Champions League Semi, and walked off the pitch, got changed and drove home.... before the rest had even got down the tunnel. Hates being famous. Loves playing football. He's my all time hero. I worship Paul Scholes, always have. I want to have 1% of his technique. Tremendous.

CM: Zinedine Zidane: I once switched on to BBC3, and saw a film, in which Zidane was on player cam. I was completely drawn in. I couldn't help but watch. I found myself unable to look away. It was simply 90 minutes of camera's following Zidane around the football pitch for Madrid. You couldn't watch the game, you only knew a goal had been scored by Zidane's reaction. Yet, it was a piece of art. 90 minutes of Zinedine Zidane was considered a piece of art. I agreed. It was the best piece of art I had ever seen. He was 34, reaching the end of his career, yet I was able to actually see his brain ticking. Much like Scholes, he's a genius on the football pitch.

LM: George Best: Perhaps the best ever? I have watched every DVD there is of him. Had he been playing today, he would be unstoppable. Just has everything. The skill, he was great in the air, beats men, unbelievable tackler, scores goals. Another great shame he never continued. He was a world beater, my Dad tells me every time I go with him to Old Trafford. Has to be in my team.

CF: Ronaldo: No, not the diver with the ear-rings. Ok, well he does have ear-rings, and I'm sure he has dived. The Brazilian. The finisher. That Ronaldo. And here's why:

Years Team Apps† (Gls)†

1993–1994 Cruzeiro 14 (12)

1994–1996 PSV 46 (42)

1996–1997 Barcelona 37 (34)

1997–2002 Internazionale 68 (49)

2002–2007 Real Madrid 127 (83)

2007–2008 Milan 20 (9)

2009– Corinthians 20 (12)

National team

1994–2006 Brazil 97 (62)

Incredible goalscoring record. Incredible quality of club football he has played. Shame he never graced the Premier League.

CF: Dimitar Berbatov: Gets in ahead of Wayne Rooney, not because he's a better player, because Rooney has more than Berbatov. However, I just love the way Berbatov plays the game. The Roger Federer of football. I believe that Berbatov ruined me as a player. Once Peter Crouch, I tried to model myself on Berbatov. Impossible. No one has his incredible touch, skill, ability to hold the ball up. He can beat players, and you can't get the ball off him. Some may argue, but I have gone to Old Trafford and studied this man. I've paid £40 just to watch 90 minutes of Berbatov. He's quite simply remarkable, and I hope he plays forever. It's a sad day when he retires. A credit to football, and another piece of art.


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Walsall signs Nolan,WARD,MORGAN and GRANDISON while Tommy SMITH is set to arrive.


Eddie NOLAN has arrivd to Walsall.

Cun seemed to look into strengtening his team as Walsall Sold Robert SNODGRASS and Felix BASTIANS away.a lost which puts walsall back on the 17th spot has made the team morale dropped as More news came to make things worse For Walsall as midfielder Cattlemole was injuered and would be out for weeks.Walsall faces crisis as they have lost 3 games including 2 friendly lost against Millwall (lost 5:1) and Preston North End (Lost 1:0 :D).However,Manager Cun Jue peh doesn't seemed to have give up yet as the singaporean announces that the club is going back into the market again.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Gerardo Torrado Completes Move to Middlesbrough


Gerardo Torrado has completed his move to Middlesbrough from Cruz Azul in a part exchange deal that seem the disappointing Christian Benitez move in the opposite direction Torrado who has played in Brazil,Spain and most recently his home county of Mexico for Cruz Azul where he made 151 appearances for them over a 4 year period as well as being a regular in the Mexican national side Torrado signs a 2 Years deal worth £22,000 per Turn

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


61_1202841277.gif v millwall.gif

Preston Northend 2 Millwall 1


It was a another miserable night for the Lions at the weekend, as the fading South Londoners threw away yet another chance to top the table with a 2-1 defeat to Preston Northend. With title rivals Liverpool going down at Birmingham and Fulham's victory at Charlton the game could not have came with higher stakes for the visitors after last weeks shock defeat against relegated Sheffield Wednesday.

Things could not have started better for Millwall , when after a good opening spell by Northend, the ever clinical ED Grafite stunned the deepdale faithful with a fine headed finish from a McGeady corner. With the Lions starting to dominate proceedings, the Millwall bench lead the chorus of appeals as the onrushing Preston keeper Brad Kuzman, flew from his line before clattering the on rushing Lemoine on the edge of the box. Despite the screams of derision ref Gomes was having none of it and as often happens, the Lions roars of anger gave way to a stunned meowing as Preston drew level with a rare goal from England defender Mathew Upson. Skipping inside Ahumda Upson let loose from a full 25 yards, the pace of the shot giving suspect keeper Gordon little or no chance to make a save.

The second half was a much more protracted affair, with both teams nervous both in front of goal and in defence. After exchanging chances for 15 minutes, the breakthrough came just after the hour mark, as David N'GOG lost the detracted Da Silva to make space and time to rise to meet a dangerous corner from the impressive Marko Marin. With the life from Lions visibly drained, the game degenerated in a disappointing flurry of pot-shots and half chances, with Preston showing little danger of loosing their hard fought lead. With 10 minutes left on the clock, Anton Ferdindand went close for the Lions as his well placed chip inexorably crept over Kuzmans bar, whilst at the other end Marin's super effort brought a good save from Gordon. The win sees Northend rise 12th spot and mathematically still within reach of a play-off spot, the Lions on the other hand fall to 3rd and courtesy of a inferior goal difference are replaced by this weeks visitors to the Den, Fulham:cool:

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Sutcliffe Moves To End Oxford Row


Rochdale Boss Aims To Put Differences Aside

During an interview today' date=' Sutcliffe has attempted to end his war of words with Oxford Manager David Belkevitz. The young outspoken manager, recentley criticised the sale of Oxfords two most experienced players, Darel Russell and Sam Ricketts. Since the players were sold, and Sutcliffe commented on the matter, Oxford have lost every single game. Since then, Belkevitz has defended his decision, aswell as claiming he is happy with the state of the squad. Sutcliffe has argued that he is "never wrong" and backed up his first views, using Oxford's current fun of form as evidence. However, it seems that pupil is ready to apologise to master, and put their differences aside. Though Sutcliffe still won't admit he was wrong...[/b']

Sutcliffe was heavily beaten and slated himself, for his performances in charge of the National Team. It is believed that he will quit his post come the end of the season. This pressure, says Sutcliffe, was deserved and expected. However, the spotlight remains on the 17 year old, who is now rumoured to be "having relations" with his clubs fitness coach, American Mia Hamm. Sutcliffe recentley split from his long time girlfriend, and the news was broke via the SM Times, around a month ago. So this news will come as a shock. Sutcliffe immediately stated in The Times that there was no truth in this, but Hamm has yet to comment. She is married with children, and this, Sutcliffe says, is the reason the story is preposterous.


Hamm is Rochdale's fitness coach. Sutcliffe denies he has been working on his "fitness" privately.

Finally, Sutcliffe has urged his Left Back Kieran Gibbs to continue dating girlfriend Amie Buck, following rumours of a split. Amie recentley appeared on XFactor, but didn't get any further than bootcamp following a stressful audition. She is however, not as shy as she first seems, judging by her facebook profile. Sutcliffe, despite claiming he hasn't seen such pictures, has urged Gibbs to hang on to the geordie lass.


Sources report that Gibbs is ready to split from "fling" Amie.


Amie Buck needed Cheryl to help her through her first audition...


But judging by facebook and alike, she has no such nerves off stage, and Sutcliffe wants her to hang around.


As the EC106 season winds down, Oxford Utd manager David Belkevitz decided it was time to accept the hand of Rochdale manager Elliot Sutcliffe and have some closure on their long running feud over remarks made by the young Rochdale manager concerning internal dealings with Oxford Utd football club. As he prepared for Wednesday's match against Hull City, the craggy Scot seemed in festive mood as he spoke to the local press this morning,

"I like Elliot, he shoots from the hip and calls it as he sees it, he reminds me a lot of myself in my younger days. He has a passion about his football and I like that in a guy. I didn't agree with his comments and I am not one to contradict another managers decisions but that aside, he gave an opinion but I have to look at the bigger picture. My aim, like all lower club managers is to take them to the First Division, and to achieve this goal, I have to bring in better players as I go along and as money allows as we are not a rich club. Elliot was right to say that both Russell and Ricketts were good servants to the club but as a manager, I can't allow sentiment to cloud my judgement, both players, albeit still performing well, were on the slide and I felt that selling them now would maximize the profit of both players and indeed, I brought in 10 million pounds from the sales and immediately strengthened the squad with younger and better players. I don't see where Elliot can disagree with this but if loyalty is his only answer, well, my loyalty is to Oxford Utd football club.

He is doing a fine job at Rochdale and looks certain to get automatic promotion barring any major slip ups in the last three matches and I look forward to pitting my wits against the young stud :P.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jonathan at Shorpe Utd for winning the 4th Division with such panache. Well done to all the managers on a very exciting season in EC 106 and I look forward with relish to the new season."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Match Preview

Division 2

000D1A71-0B68-116D-806280BFB6FA0000.jpg v 16289_badge.jpg

Middlesbrough face the difficult and awkward trip to merseyside to face Liverpool in this weeks midweek game with both sides not playing well.

Middlesbrough will be without Manuel Pasqual who is still suspended and will not be available until the final game of the season Luis Filipe should once again fill in at LB however he will need to pass a late fitness test if he fails there could be a suprise call up for Aaron Cresswell new signing Gerardo Torrado starts in holding midfield alongside Florent Balmont with Baris Ozbek dropped from the team both Jose Maria Guti and Ronaldinho return to the starting eleven while Gonzalo Bergessio who scored a brace against Leeds is relegated to the bench

Michael Essien,Samuel Eto'o,Jesús Navas and Hernández Xavi,Per Mertesacker,Franck Ribery,John Terry,Daniele Di Rossi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will need to pass late fitness test ahead of Wednesday's game

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

EC106 Times

With just 3 games left of the season thats just a week and a half the tension is really starting to build in the English Football League could there be a major shock in Division 1 will Liverpool hold their nerve in Division 2 can Doncaster beat off Notts County and can Leicester reel them in and not forgetting Division 4 which was wrapt up by Shorpe last week there is still a good battle going on for 2nd place with the outspoken Eliot Suttclife's Rochdale currently in pole position to take the 2nd automatic promotion place.

Division 1

Who would have thought West Brom would have gone from being Division 2 champions to be on the verge of winning the division 1 title however nerves do look to be setting in at the club with just 1 win in their last 6 games and just 6pts picked up in those 6 games while 2nd placed Sheffield Utd a resurgent Sheffield Utd under new manager Lucas Crnjac who are on a run of 4 straight wins with United looking the main danger to West Brom who need just 1 win to make history.

At the other end of the table it looks likely that West Ham and Man Utd will be playing their football in the second division next season (cant say if feel sorry for the latter of those two) with a 6 and 7pt deficit to overturn and a huge goal difference over the teams out of the relegation zone while Bolton while inconsistent they have been playing better than both Man Utd and West Ham a look the best bet for a fight in their last 3 games especally with a vital game against Portsmouth to come a win there could save them while a defeat will surely seal there fate.

Title Odds--------------Relegation Odds

West Brom 8/15---------West Ham 1/4

Sheff Utd 3/1----------Man Utd 8/15

Darlington 12/1---------Bolton 6/4

Blackburn 14/1---------Portsmouth 9/4

------------------------ Everton 5/1

Division 2

Once again an incredibly close battle for promotion with just 15pts seperating 1st placed Liverpool and 17th placed Plymouth however realisticly down to 10th placed Cheltenham are the main promotion hopes with just 3 games to go once again it looks like Millwall are showing their fatigue again a couple of weeks ago they looked set to pull away after hitting the top of the division however 3 defeats in their last 4 games has dragged them back into the grasp of main pack another side that seems to fall apart at this time of the season is Middlesbrough who once again look set to make there fans sweat with 2 straight defeats and a trip to Liverpool to come Stoke and Leeds Utd look real title contenders now after a resurgent couple of weeks from Stoke has seen them jump back up the table after a torrid few weeks which saw them slip from pushing Liverpool for the title to a mid table position while Leeds have been there steady self slowly creeping into contention while other teams fade.

At the other end there is very little to discuss Sheff Wed,Derby and Carlisle will all be playing Division 3 football next season huge disappointment with Derby who last season were in the playoffs a sad decline for the team while Sheff Wed finally end there life in Division 2 after two poor season of just surviving this season finally proved too much even after a turn around under new manager Son of Pluto they however do look good to take 17th placed and a bit of extra prize money after recent efforts

Title Odds

Liverpool 6/5

Stoke 7/4

Leeds 9/4

Fulham 3/1

Millwall 5/1

Middlesbrough 8/1

Charlton 8/1

Norwich 14/1

Aston Villa 18/1

Cheltenham 20/1

Division 3

Early pace setters Notts County and Bradford have found things not going all there way in recent weeks with Doncaster now heading the table County are still well in touch with just a 1pt gap between the two however Bradford have found themselves in 5th with an 8pt gap between them and first placed Doncaster a team to keep your eye on is Leicester who's six game unbeaten run has given them a great chance of an automatic promotion place if either Doncaster of Notts County slip up likewise while unlikely to win the division Brighton in 4th are just 6pts adrift and not out of sneaking an automatic promotion place Tranmere look the most likely to secure the final playoff place with the team by far the most consistent of the teams who are within reach of the playoffs.

Both Yeovil and Nottingham Forest have been relegated for some time however the battle for survival seem to have been dented for Qpr who lost there most recent game and now have a 5pt gap to overturn with Bristol Rovers now slipping into 17th place while badly out of form they have managed to scrape 4pts from there last 4 games which could be enough to save them while Hull's recent win could have been just enough to hold off Qpr.

Title Odds------------Relegation Odds

Doncaster 4/7------------Qpr 5/6

Notts County 6/4--------Bristol Rovers 11/4

Leicester 5/1-------------Hull 5/1

Tranmere 7/1-----------Gillingham 12/1

Brighton 9/1--------------------

Bradford 12/1-------------------

Barnsley 150/1-----------------

Division 4

A team that should have been promoted last season was Shorpe and this season they have deservedly dominated the 4th division in the last month after a good battle with Rochdale however exspiriance and a better quality squad proved too much Rochdale have kept battling away though and after a minor scare with Rotherham and Colchester pushing Rochdale for 2nd place they seem to have found their feet once again and a run of 6 games undeafeted has pushed them back into 2nd after both Rotherham and Colchester dropped vital points in recent weeks tough last few games though will certainly test their young manager who attempts to end a 35 year promotion drought while Rotherham,Colchester and Bristol City will pounce on any mistakes by Rochdale

The Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon looks set to be heading to Bournemouth this season who have an 8pt deficit to overturn with Chesterfield which looks a huge doubt

Promotion Odds

Rochdale 5/4

Colchester 6/4

Rotherham 2/1

Bristol City 11/4

Brentford 4/1

Luton 6/1

Grimsby 10/1

Wycombe 10/1

Odds that Rochdale will Stay in Division 4


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Clifford Arrives and announces that Landu-Landu and Kaya will sign for County





Both the new signings will provide much needer cover in defence

After Nick Justices suprise resignation at Meadow Lane yesterday morning,The Notts County board then quickly swopped to approach and appoint a new manager,after a quick board meeting they realised they wanted to appointed a man with former experience in EC106 and they quickly drew up a shortlist of managers, they then decide to ask former Swansea and Leicester manager Andrew Clifford to take up the vacant post and he accepted the offer without a moments hesitation.

Andrew Clifford was unveiled at a press confrence this evening and said the following statement: First off i would like am delighted to be back in such a presitigious setup like EC 106,there are several great managers such as Dave,James,Sean and Michael Flounders and this is a seriously hard setup to get into so i am delighted to be here,Notts County are a great side and on the verge of promotion to division 2,they have a great side with players such as Kenywe Jones,De Camargo and Juhasz,due to the recession it has hit clubs hard throughout the setup and there is not much money available for me to work with,however i am delighted to be able to announce that Semih Kaya and Christian Landu-Landu have signed apart from passing a medical.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Plymouth Argyle v Preston NE

Match Preview

Preston face the longest trip of the season tomorrow night to face a Plymouth side who after a good run of form have started to fade recently, but secured their Division Two status last week.

The Preston squad have flown out tonight, with the club putting on free transport to ferry their fans down to the South Coast.

Plymouth have a huge squad to choose from, but have two injury concerns before the match. Defender Luke Young and ex-Arsenal midfielder Edu are feeling the effects of a long season, and may not play seeing as they have ensured survival. John Carew looks set to be overlooked again, with the tall Norwegian trying to engineer a way out of Plymouth, with Preston an interested party.

Preston make three changes from the team that beat high-flying Millwall. Glen Johnson, Fabio Aurelio and Ashley Young are recalled in place of Ferreira, Insua and Marin. Manager James Burrow has rubbished speculation that Marin is wanting to leave, after he made only his tenth appearance of the season against Millwall. Peter Crouch has recovered from his injury earlier than expected, and takes a place on the bench replacing Hugo Rodallega, but will only be used in an emergency.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

The Mighty EC 106


GD Pts

Division 1

1 West Bromwich Albion 36 71

2 Sheffield United 34 65

3 Darlington 26 64

4 Blackburn Rovers 29 63

5 Chelsea 24 58

6 Manchester City 5 53

7 Arsenal -1 52

8 Wolverhampton Wanderers 4 51

9 Coventry City 1 51

10 Tottenham Hotspur 5 50

11 Newcastle United -16 48

12 Wigan Athletic -8 46

13 Sunderland -10 46

14 Burnley -6 44

15 Southampton -10 44

16 Everton -1 40

17 Portsmouth -5 32


18 Bolton Wanderers -34 35

19 Manchester United -25 33

20 West Ham United -48 32

Burnley - Southampton

Everton - Wigan Athletic

Newcastle United - West Bromwich Albion

Portsmouth - West Ham United

Chelsea - Bolton Wanderers

Sunderland - Wolverhampton Wanderers

Tottenham Hotspur - Coventry City

Manchester City - Manchester United

Arsenal - Blackburn Rovers

Sheffield United - Darlington

Division 2

1 Liverpool 21 59

2 Fulham 19 59


3 Millwall 7 59

4 Stoke City 10 58

5 Leeds United 13 56

6 Middlesbrough 8 55


7 Charlton Athletic 9 54

8 Norwich City 6 52

9 Aston Villa 9 51

10 Cheltenham Town 5 50

11 Crystal Palace 10 49

12 Preston North End -3 48

13 Huddersfield Town -6 48

14 Cardiff City 14 46

15 Watford -16 45

16 Birmingham City -7 44

17 Plymouth Argyle -14 44


18 Carlisle United -28 31 :(

19 Derby County -28 30 :(

20 Sheffield Wednesday -29 28 :(

Carlisle United - Sheffield Wednesday

Plymouth Argyle - Preston North End

Millwall - Fulham

Charlton Athletic - Aston Villa

Stoke City - Cheltenham Town

Watford - Derby County

Norwich City - Birmingham City

Liverpool - Middlesbrough

Leeds United - Cardiff City

Crystal Palace - Huddersfield Town

Division 3

1 Doncaster Rovers 24 66

2 Notts County 21 65


3 Leicester City 10 62

4 Brighton and Hove Albion 20 60

5 Bradford City 27 58

6 Tranmere Rovers 14 58


7 Barnsley 15 57

8 Leyton Orient 19 54

9 Port Vale 17 54

10 Crewe Alexandra 5 54

11 Ipswich Town 13 50

12 Oxford United 10 46

13 Swansea City 4 46

14 Reading 6 45

15 Gillingham -18 43

16 Hull City -5 42

17 Bristol Rovers -22 41


18 Queens Park Rangers -41 36

19 Nottingham Forest -50 25 :(

20 Yeovil Town -69 15 :(

Hull City - Oxford United

Leyton Orient - Swansea City

Bristol Rovers - Queens Park Rangers

Leicester City - Gillingham

Nottingham Forest - Reading

Tranmere Rovers - Barnsley

Crewe Alexandra - Doncaster Rovers

Yeovil Town - Brighton and Hove Albion

Port Vale - Ipswich Town

Bradford City - Notts County

Division 4

1 Shorpe United 45 77 :):)

2 Rochdale 22 66 :)


3 Rotherham United 23 64

4 Colchester United 35 62

5 Bristol City 12 61

6 Brentford 15 58


7 Luton Town 4 55

8 Grimsby Town 9 54

9 Wycombe Wanderers -1 52

10 Peterborough United 16 50

11 Southend United 2 49

12 Boston United 2 48

13 Rushden & Diamonds -7 44

14 Hartlepool United -18 44

15 Swindon Town -12 43

16 Blackpool -17 43

17 Walsall -17 42

18 Northampton Town -28 31

19 Chesterfield -47 26

20 AFC Bournemouth -38 18

Northampton Town - Colchester United

Wycombe Wanderers - AFC Bournemouth

Swindon Town - Southend United

Bristol City - Luton Town

Walsall - Rushden & Diamonds

Shorpe United - Brentford

Chesterfield - Rochdale

Hartlepool United - Rotherham United

Grimsby Town - Peterborough United

Blackpool - Boston United

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Tabanou set to leave Gresty Road


Young French midfielder Franck Tabanou has today been told he can leave Crewe if the club receive an acceptable deal.

The 20 year old former Toulouse player is tipped to have a big future in the French game, and has been linked with several big clubs.



It is believed that the club will listen to any reasonable cash offers, but are not in a huge rush to sell as they are quite happy to keep the player to see how he develops, but as they are currently searching for a forward and defender the cash would be of use to the club.


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Bryant targets new striker for next season

Charlton Athletic coach Dean Bryant is seeking to reinforce his squad with a striker at the end of the season. With Radamel Falcao and Danko Lazovic could leave the club at the end of the season, Bryant's only demand is for Charlton to acquire a forward.

"Considering two of our strikers could leave the club, I would like a striker at the end of the season," said Bryant in a press conference. Sheffield United striker Jermaine Defoe and Real Madrid forward Gonzalez Raul, both out of favour with their respective clubs, have been linked with a move to Charlton.

"It's impossible that in a given player you have all the qualities that we need," said Bryant. "Defoe is not Raul in the area but Raul is not Defoe in terms of speed. But Raul is a Madrid player and Defoe is a Sheffield United player and none of these player are free agents or are easy to sign. Hence, I leave the decision to the club. If thay are able to sign one that would be good, otherwise, we will stick with what we have."

Reports have revealed that Sheffield United have rejected an initial bid from Charlton for Defoe which believed to be around £17.5 million. However, it is still unclear whether Charlton will be prepared to improve their bid. It is understood that Defoe could leave for a fee close to £20 million.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


millwall.gif V32_1203570233.gif

Millwall V Fulham


Ahead of Millwall’s crunch clash with Fulham ,Lions boss Dave Izod tonight called upon his players to forget their recent failures ‘and rise to victory’ in what for all intents and purposes can only be described as a must win game. After a sudden rise to the top of the pile, the Lions immediately relinquished their paw grip on promotion with shocking displays in consecutive defeats against the relegated Sheffield Wednesday and mid table Preston Northend. Overtaken by, first title Liverpool and after their victory over Charlton, tonight’s visitors Fulham. Amazingly dspite only three games left, and with the sands of promotion ever shifting, the notoriously tight second division still shows little clue to its eventual champion.

Division 2

Goal difference and points

1 Liverpool 21 59

2 Fulham 19 59

3 Millwall 7 59

4 Stoke City 10 58

5 Leeds United 13 56

6 Middlesbrough 8 55

7 Charlton Athletic 9 54

With the top three separated by goal difference alone and each showing little of the consistency of title winners, the prize may yet go to anyone of the chasing pack. Defeat for Millwall and a victory against Boro for Liverpool could see the South Londoners three points adrift and with difficult games against Villa and Cheltenham left firmly in a desperate battle to secure a play-off finish. Of the many different permutations Lions boss Dave Izod was unequivocal in his teams role in the saga.

‘ We must win tonight its that simple, I like the players are desperately disappointed with the last two results. We failed to show up against Wednesday and were punished, and likewise against Preston nerves cost us the points with the game won. Still we have to remember all is not lost, we are joint top of the table and I believe perhaps 6 points away from an automatic promotion finish. Aside from Maartin Martins we have no injuries, our squad contains some of this seasons most effective performers and have we bolstered our strength further with the loan of young Leighton Baines. Its also worth noting that due to the shocking performance of the referee at Preston , who for some reason missed Guzan’s blatant foul on Fabien Lemoine, we were dinied a clear penalty and a one man advantage. That decision cost us at least a point and as it turns out a place at the top of the Table.


Lions Boss Izod

I remain confident of a victory tonight and believe we have a great opportunity for a top two finish, which incidently for a club tipped as a certainty to be relegated, shows you what the bookies know. We spoke about the task at the end of training today, and we collectively agreed tonight is Millwalls night : He that plays tonight, and brings the points home safe, Will stand a tip-toe when the night is spoken of, And rouse him at the name of Millwall. He that shall live this night, and see old age, Will yearly on the eve of Millwall night with his neighbours, And say 'To-morrow is Millwall night:' Then will he strip his shin and show his scars. And say 'These wounds I had on Millwall night.' Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot, But he'll remember with advantages What feats he did that night: then shall the names. Familiar in his mouth as household words, Izod the boss, Da Silva and Ferdindand, Ahumada, and Montenegro, Granero and Grafite, Be in their flowing cups freshly remembered. This story shall the good man teach his son; And Millwall night shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered; We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition: And gentlemen at Selhurst Park now a-bed, Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon Millwall Night.

Left hooker Maartin Martins is the only absence for both teams tonight and with the cottagers expected to go with the same 4-3-3 line-up that beat Charlton, tonight may see the debut for left back Baines, as Izod looks to counter the visitors with a 4-4-2 formation.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Eastern Europe Invades Peterborough


Two more players join the club

It has been confirmed that Ivan Klasnic and Mykola Ischenko have moved to The Posh, carrying on the remodelling of the side which has happened in the last few days. Along side Oleksandr Kucher, Nikola Drincic and Serhiy Kolesnichenko it means there are 5 Easter European's at the club, all joining over the last season. Mykola Ischenko follows his center back partner at Shakhtar, Kucher, to Peterborough after a day to make it a familiar back line to them both. They will both go straight into the side to face Grimsby and they bring down the average age of the squad as well as make the Peterborough back four one of the best in the division.


(Ukranian signing Mykola Ischenko)

The fourth new player to join is forward Ivan Klasnic. Following the long term injury to top scorer Juan Pablo Angel as well as the former Peterborough man's age it was decided a new goal scorer was needed, Klasnic fitted the bill perfectly. He has, however, never played a game in English football and that could mean it will be difficult for the Croatian to settle in, especially after coming from the Brazilian climate in Cruzeiro. He will be the lone frontman tonight against Grimsby as Barros Schelotto is suspended after 5 yellow cards and all eyes will be on him to deliver the goals that The Posh need.


(New Peterbroough frontman Klasnic)

Grimsby Town vs Peterborough United

Peterborough travel to a difficult league tie in Grimsby tonight as they look to gain places on the playoff spots, although their chance may have already gone. They boast four new signings making their debut tonight, three of those in the back five of the side. Grimsby are four points above the Posh however they have not won in four and will be looking to break this run. They have perhaps one of the best goalkeepers in the league in Edwin Van Der Sar and he will be needed to stop the Peterborough attacking trio of Klasnic, Bertolo and Korkmaz. Grimsby themselves are not without their own dangerman, Louis Saha being their main threat but he may not be as threatening as he seems on paper. In practice perhaps he has underachieved this season, only scoring 8 times so far this season. A great game should follow tonight but the overall superior quality in the Peterborough side should overcome the threat that Grimsby pose. They are balanced throughout the pitch and their goals can seem to come anywhere from the pitch, Grimsby on the other hand have only just over half the goals scored that Peterborough have and will only be looking to Louis Saha to provide.

Grimsby dangerman: Louis Saha; although he has severely underachieved it is without a doubt he has the quality to change a game at any moment. The Peterborough defenders will need to keep him under wraps and if they do so then a win should also follow

Peterbrough dangerman: Aguinaga Javi Martinez; the Spaniard showed his class in the previous game with a sublime winning goal. He is Peterborough's playmaker and if he can spray the ball around as consitently as he has done this season then the front three will do the rest. If they can't do it, as the saying goes, if you want something done right do it yourself. He can do that.

Grimsby starting 11: (4-4-2) Van Der Sar; Eduardo, Faccioli, Brandao, Ibertsberger; Ezquerro, Bowyer, Codrea, Kily Gonzalez; Saha, Amoroso

Peterborough starting 11: (4-2-3-1) Penneteau; Bocaly, Kucher, Ishchenko, Spycher; Drincic, Kaita; Korkmaz, Javi Martinez, Bertolo; Klasnic

Prediction: Grimsby Town 0 - 2 Peterborough United

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


After seeing his Palace team fall at the final hurdle, Paul Holt has publicly backed Philip Gibbons Middlesbrough to go up via the play-offs this season. Holt, whose team had lost only 3 games in the first 19 games of the season and was heavily backed to go up, had previously criticized Gibbon over his tactics and youth policies. But after speaking to his Father, who is a season ticket holder at The Riverside, he has decided to back Gibbon.


"I have seen Boro play a few times this season and they have been impressive in all honesty. My Father has been raving about how Gibbon has built an excellent spine within the squad. From their star goalkeeper Victor Valdes, defenders Freidrich and Bordon who have both been outstanding this season to their attacking players Guti, Semshov, Ronaldinho and my personal favourite and long term target Gonzalo Bergessio. With a spine of players like that no wonder Boro have been in fine form this season. The North East of England is primarily a working class area and the thing they care about more than anything is Football, more so than anywhere else in the country. I know how much the fans want to be in the top league with fellow neighbours Sunderland, Newcastle and Darlington and I think Gibbon will achieve that objective this season. I also think that Liverpool and Fulham will go up in the automatic spots although I feel Boro will beat Liverpool tonight as to be honest I dont rate their manager much."

Asked if Millwall will get promoted Holt replied;" No I dont. It seems lady luck has arrived at The New Den yet again. Last season it was at the beginning of the season while this season it has been the opposite. But I have seen a few of his players (most noticeably Paulo Da Silva) starting to become worse, probably due to poor coaching by Izod, and so I cant see Millwall getting promotion anytime soon. Its a shame though as South London deserves a club in the top division of English football.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Leicester City 1-1 Gillingham


It was a daunting task as Gillingham manager Jake wen't back to his old club Leicester City hoping to get that needed point to keep them in Division 3 for a season more. Ivan Marcano again took the place of Van Der Wiel after Marcano joined after having a loan spell from Preston North End for £10 million pounds. Gillingham went ahead on the 27th minute after a clinical Vukcevic strike stunned the home crowd as the away fans wen't wild in the far left. Gillingham's lead lasted just 9 minutes though, a ball swung in from the right was met on the head of rising Llorente who came back to haunt Jake with a important goal for Leicester in their big promotion push. The draw for Gillingham more or less seals life in Division 3 after there GD would more or less keep them up if they lose both remaining games and QPR and Bristol Rovers both win.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Crewe Alexandra 4-1 Doncaster Rovers






Attendance - 7,009


54% 46%

Total Shots

30 24

Shots On Target

17 11


7 3

Yellow Cards

2 0

Red Cards

0 0

5: GOAL!! - A cross from the right is headed home by Iván RIKI!

27: GOAL!! - Niko KRANJCAR shoots from an acute angle and the ball is deflected into the goal!

43: GOAL!! - Luka MODRIC caresses in a curling shot! What technique!

58: GOAL!! - A cross from the left is headed home by Steven PIENAAR!

59: GOAL!! - Feeling sorry for the Doncaster lads, Crewe allow David BARRAL a shot at an open goal, but he somehow hits the woodwork. Fortunately for the away side he finishes at the second attempt with a toe-poke!

New Crewe signing Niko Kranjcar shone on his home debut, showing Doncaster why the Crewe fans have taken him to heart so quickly.

The 25 year old, nicknamed "Super K" by the fans, scored a superb goal during his man of the match performance, putting in one of the finest displays ever to grace a Crewe shirt.


The result leaves Crewe just 1 point outside the play offs, with 6 points to play for.

Crewe fans preparing their voices prior to the game.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Report - Round 36

3184.gifNorthampton Town 1 - 4 Colchester UnitedColchester%20United.gif

(Half Time 0 - 3)

F. Nimani 5

K. Pezzoni 24

M. Volta 29

B. Sahar 49

J. Buxton 68


What a result for Dragovic's Colchester, giving themselves a better chance to enter Division 3. It was a great start from the visiting team after scoring 5 minutes in from French striker Nimani. It was the 21 year olds 20th goal of the season and it really got the away fans going which lead to better things. At the 24th minute mark, Kevin Pezzoni who has been on loan from Huddersfield all season scored his 8th goal in 26 matches to make it 2 - 0. He has turned out to be a great signing for Dragovic's team and who knows, maybe he will try to secure him next season. As time went on Colchesters defence were solid as always, but there new addition, Massimo Volta got up from a corner and proved his worth, scoring on his debut for Dragovics side. 3 - 0 at half time and things were looking great. Not only were they winning but Rochdale were down 2 - 1 at half time which also got the crowd going. Colchester lookd the dominant side early in the second after finding a fourth through there other main striker Ben Sahar. He found his 3rd in 7 games for the club and has been playing extremely well. This sealed the deal for Colchester altough they conceded in the 68th minute, after 24 year old Jake Buxton scored his first goal for the club after only make 3 apperances. It was a match which Colchester deserved to win after dominating possesion 56% to 44%. Although the scoreline shows Colchester were the better team, Northampton managed 10 shots to Colchester 9, both with 4 on target but all 4 of Colchesters went in. Colchester are still in 4th spot but now only 2 points from second (Rotherham) and 1 point from third (Rochdale). Dragovic will be hoping his side get all six points from there next 2 games against Blackpool (13th) and which should be an easy match but you never know, AFC Bournemouth.

Northampton Town Starting XI: C. Abbiati, J. Vidal, D, Fox, A. Hughes, J. Buxton, V. Odjdija-Ofoe, P. Caddis, B. Matudi, M. Pedersen, K. Southeren and G. Borrowdale.

Colchester United Starting XI: G. Jourdren, D. Marcq, M. Volta, N. N'koulou, S. Manolev, M. Schmelzer, D. Gibson, K. Pezzoni, F. Nimani (MOM), B. Sahar and D. Parejo.

Northampton vs Colchester in pictures.


Nimani heading his goal home.


Pezzoni breaking down the oppositions attacks before scoring his goal.


Volta celebrating his debut goal (right).


Ben Sahar causing problems in the oppositon defence after scoring his goal.


Buxton working hard which lead to his goal to get his team back in the game.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Nottingham Forest v Reading

Division 3 - Wednesday 16 Dec 2009

City Ground (30,602) - 14,412


south_africa.png Jerome Damon

reading.gifV nffc.gif

A match that ment life or death for Jarni, as his side needed to win, if they had any chance to be a thret for next season. Reading FC were taking on Nottingham Forest who are currentl sitting last on the table. Jarni came into the game looking a for a straight 3 points. We canought up with Jarni before he went into the dressing rooms. " Robert how are you feeling for tonights game ? "
This is a vitul game and if i dont win, i will consider leaving my club, we havent played like we played on our first game for a while. We played as a team in the first game, and then in the other game we went all for ourselves, but not as a team, and i will not let that happen today.

Robert Jarni was said to play a 3-5-2 for a good game of possestion. Nottingham are looking to get there old form back , and looking for a point or a win, to help them prepare for next season in division 4. Jarni is said he wishes Rochdale and Colchester there best for the rest of this season. Both are fighting for second place

Match Commentary

A very tight game in the first 10 minutes led for Jarni to do some yelling on the sidelines. It wasent long after untill Juan Rodriguez smashed a great ball from a half volley into the top coner. 10 minutes later snapshot by Vincenzo Iaquinta on the edge of the D flies just over. in the half hour mark Muhammad Ghaduir is aloud way to much space and slots the ball into the back of the net with ease. Five minutes later a fine ball is laid into the path of Aritz Aduriz who hammers home emphatically.


Aritz Aduriz and Juan Rodriguez celebrating the first half goals

Half Time

A great first half from both sides was going to mean 110 % now, even though Reading are killing Not forest in possestions wasent going to stop Nottingham.

But a terrible mistake from the Nott forest defence left Aritz Aduriz in front of goal, 1 V 1 with the keeper. He finshed with ease.

A terrible second half by not Forrest let Reading FC controll that game and getting 60% of the possestion. 3-1 was the final score.


Aritz Aduriz 1 V 1 with the keeper

This display of football from Reading showed real determination to win a game, but not by one goal, by two goals which is going to help them at the end of the season for a higher possistion on the table. Jarni is set to spash out one more defensive midfielder, to controll the game. Jarnis great performance sends them back up to 12th.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


20_1198938111.gifCharlton Athletic 1-1 Aston Villa2_1202957170.gif

Addicks frustrate Villa

Charlton Athletic keep their promotion hope alive after holding Aston Villa to a 1-1 draw at The Valley. Geraldo Wendel levelled the score eighteen minutes from time as Charlton frustrated Aston Villa in a compelling Division 2 encounter. David Bentley struck the opener in the 70th minute as Aston Villa dominate the game since the first whistle but Wendel cancelled the three points after picking out a clever pass from Samir Nasri. Charlton suffered a blow when defender Sebastien Puygrenier was forced off two minutes from time with all substitutes were used in the 75th minute.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Middlesbrough's hopes for Automatic promotion end

000D1A71-0B68-116D-806280BFB6FA0000.jpg 2 v 016289_badge.jpg

Middlesbrough's hopes for an automatic promotion place were ended last night by Liverpool after a 6 minute collapse by Boro with goals from Eto'o and Navas in the 50th and 56th minute.

The defeat sees Boro drop to 7th and out of the playoffs although still level on points with the now 6th placed Charlton while Liverpool remain top level on 62pts with Millwall

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


EC 106

Turn 36 - at a glance

Div 1

West Broms jitters continue with last nights bore draw with Newcastle leaving the baggies still one point away from the title. The ever amazing Darlington over take a disintegrating Sheffield United in second place as they beat their hosts one nil at Bramel lane.

At the other end its all over for West Ham as they become the top tiers first relegation casualty. Portsmouth and Everton still requiring a win to confirm safety, with the weekends big game - Pompey’s visit to 19th placed Bolton.

Div 2

Still nothing certain as Liverpool remain top on GD with the Lions by passing Fulham into 2cnd place after a 3-0 stroll of a win, over their ineffectual West London cousins. Elsewhere the routine shift of the top six sees Norwich and Boro drop out of the play-off spots ( and out of the Automatics) being replaced by Charlton and the ever popular Leeds United.


Sheffield Wednesday


Derby County

Div 3

Doncaster fall to second ,replaced by Notts County at the top of the pile, with County just 1 point from an automatic promotion spot. Postions 2 to 6 still wide open with teams as far down as 9th placed Crewe still in with a very realistic play-off chance.

QPR continue to wage a successful last ditch defence against joining Forest and Yeovil in the 4th, with an excellent 2 nil win over 17th placed Bristol Rovers. With Rovers facing the threatened Gillingham at the weekend, a result for Rangers at Orient could well see them pull free of the dreaded drop zone at the expense of the West country outfit.

Div 4

With Shorpe clinching the title the battle goes on for second spot, and remains anyone’s race with Rotherham just nosing it by a point over Rochdale and 2 points over Colchester. A victory for 6th placed Brentford over Walsall at the weekend, as well as anything less than 3 points for both Luton and Wycombe Wanderers, would see the West Londoners complete a fine late season surge by clinching the final play-off slot.

Its all over at the bottom as Bournemouth finish last place in the league after yet another defeat, this time at the hands of Wycombe Wanderers.

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Blown It!!!


Rochdale Fans Fear Failure......As Per Usual.

Some say a week is a long time in football. For Sutcliffe and Rochdale, 90 minutes of football, felt like a lifetime, as an away defeat at Chesterfield sent the visiting fans home, in a manner they are certainly used to. Rochdale have spent 37 years in the 4th tier of English football. It has been 45 years since their last promotion. Judging by the faces leaving Saltergate last night, plenty are sorry that they got their hopes up, as once again, in the final few games, Rochdale have blown it.

The journey is certainly not over, but Dale have that sinking feeling. They lie only 1 point behind Rotherham, who moved up to 2nd, following Rochdale's first loss in 7 games. Colchester are just a point behind Dale in 4th. Based on the League Table, Rochdale sit pretty, considering their team in comparison to many others in the division, and taking their good form and record so far this season into account, some would expect them to take 6 points and challenge Rotherham for that final automatic place. However, Sutcliffe has been dealt a horrible hand, and faces a mammoth task, going up against the destructible Shorpe, who have been near impossible to beat all year, followed by an Away game against the in form Walsall, who have won 6 of their last 7 competitive games. Although Rochdale have not yet been in this position with Sutcliffe at the helm, there is that sinking feeling at the club, and with all Sutcliffe's association with Rochdale, he's seen it all his life supporting the club.


Dale can see automatic promotion slipping from their grasp...

Sutcliffe Says:

Obviously, I'm disappointed with the result last night, and now suddenly everything has turned on it's head. The real excitement and anticipation we felt from the fans has gone, and there is a negative feel to the place. I can notice that in a day. It's crazy, but what do you expect? I've been following Rochdale for 7 years, and I've seen us lose once at Wembley and twice in playoff semi's. It's my job to break the curse, and finally get us out of the division, but it's hard to avoid following suit in terms of thinking. Last night really made me stand up. For the first time in the run-in, it's out of our hands. Rotherham have to drop points and we have to face the 2 most in form teams in the whole of EC106, not just Division 4. It's a hard task, and many are already settling for playoffs. That attitude does not bode well with me. We win on Saturday. Simple as.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Peterborough Make It Two In A Row


Grimsby Town 0 - 2 Peterborough United

The new signings have definitely done the job for Peterborough as they make it two wins and two clean sheets on the bounce. They faced an out of form Grimsby and heaped more misery onto them with this victory. Their slim hopes for the playoffs, however, came to an end as Brentford recorded their own victory and thus stay 8 points clear of them, with 2 games left to play

Peterborough started the game well, plenty of purpose as they strode forward to attack. A dangerous cross from débutante Ivan Klasnic flew across the box but no one could get a touch, which was all that was needed. An acrobatic overhead kick by Kaita whistled just above the crossbar before playmaker Javi Martinez played a perfect ball threw the middle, sending Klasnic through on goal however the Croatian could only hit the outside of the post with his finish. The Grimsby defenders fell asleep again as Van Der Sar pulled off a great save to deny The Posh and then Eduardo headed it out of play inside his own box, under pressure from Peterboroughs attackers. It took 17 minutes for Grimsby to register a shot on goal, it hardly troubling the French keeper between the sticks. This was one short respite from consistent Peterborough attacks, Korkmaz the next to try his luck. As what happens in most football matches, Grimsby had their own spell next. Brandao dragged a shot wide and Bocaly tackled Kily Gonzalez wonderfully as the Argentinian prepared to cross in a dangerous position. Another shot from Grimsby flashed wide and then the commanding Penneteau punched clear to forestall the danger. Klasnic tried a shot from way out, an effort which almost caught Van Der Sar off guard but, it to, went wide. A corner was fizzed in which was cleared only as far as Peterborough center back Kucher, the Ukranian tried to chip Van Der Sar and he was unlucky as it landed on top of the net, over the goal. The two teams then cancelled each other out in the middle of the park, ensuring that the only notable thing to happen in the last few minutes being a booking to Ischenko.

Half time score: Grimsby Town 0 - 0 Peterborough Town


(Klasnic controlling the ball to create an early chance)

Peterborough were the opposite at the start of the second half as they were when they started the first half. A last ditch tackle from the back tracking Korkmaz denied Grimsby the chance and he smashed it upfield, pleading with his team-mates not to become complacent as Grimsby looked to go on top. Then ,out of nothing, Peterborough took the lead they were threatening to take for the whole of the first half. Nicolas Bertolo picked up the ball on the left wing before cutting in onto his right foot, taking on the shot and curling the ball into the net at the far post. It was the sixth goal of the season for the Argentinian, carrying on the form which has been so impressive whilst he has been on loan at The Posh. It has been reported that Peterborough are looking to secure him permanently in the close season and after his performances including this one, it is not surprising why.


(Bertolo celebrates his sixth goal of the season.)

Peterborough pressed as soon as Grimsby restarted, Kaita winning the ball back and playing a short pass which was collected by the Croatian. The midfield attempted to play a ball over the top and into the path of Klasnic but his accuracy was off and so the chance just evaded them. Grimsby countered, Bowyer at the heart of it but Brandao could not find an opening in the defence and so could not get his shot off. Another shot from Bertolo forced a good save from Van Der Sar before perhaps one of the misses of the season happened. Yet another shot came in on the Grimsby goal which Van Der Sar parried out and Korkmaz then ran in for the rebound, beating everyone to the ball and having an open goal to aim at. However, his shot when it did come was rushed and was blasted over the bar. A ball was lashed across the box a minute later which, to add insult to injury, Korkmaz miss controlled when in a brilliant position. His miss was not to haunt Peterborough as a through ball from Drincic was collected by Klasnic and he, lightning quick, took it past a defender and lashed the ball home from just inside the box, scoring his first goal on his début. This was almost the last action of the game, Faccioli being booked after a high challenge . The last chance for either team came after Klasnic won a header from a cross but couldn't direct it towards school. A scramble ensued, Peterborough desperate to hit the back of the net for a third time but Kily Gonzalez was able to wrap his foot around it and clear it to safety. Lee Bowyer was booked after a stupid challenge on a Peterborough midfielder and the final whistle blew, securing another win for The Posh.

Final score: Grimsby Town 0 - 2 Peterborough United


(Peterborough away fans celebrating their victory after the final whistle)



Total shots-------10-----------18--------------

Shots on target---5------------14--------------


Yellow cards-------2-----------1----------------

Red cards---------0------------0---------------

Grimsby Town starting 11: (4-4-2) Van Der Sar; Eduardo, Faccioli, Brandao, Ibertsberger; Ezquerro, Bowyer, Codrea (Comley, 60), Kily Gonzalez; Saha, Amoroso (Dlamini, 45)

Peterborough United starting 11: (4-2-3-1) Penneteau; Bocaly, Kucher, Ischenko, Spycher; Drincic, Kaita; Korkmaz, Javi Martinez, Bertolo; Klasnic

Man of the match: Ivan Klasnic (Peterborough United); The Croatian striker was terrific throughout the game, creating many chances for the the away side as well as finishing off a terrific one himself. He played the lone frontman role well, bringing in the two wingers of Bertolo and Korkmaz well and laying the foundation for many attacks.


(Man of the Match, Ivan Klasnic, celebrating his goal)

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