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English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Crystal Palace v Stoke City Match To Go Ahead


The snow has now been cleared by ground staff and local volunteers.

The match between Palace and Stoke City at Selhurst Park will go ahead after a pitch inspection. The SMFA has been sending representitives up and down the country as snow threatens to mess with tonights football schedule. It has now been confirmed by the SMFA that tonights match with Stoke will go ahead after Palace staff and local residents who volunteered, were able to shovel most of the snow off the Selhurst Park pitch. The local authorities and Police also declared the surrounding area as "safe" although some parts of South London still need to be ploughed and gritted.


Local authorities and Police have deemed surrounding area as "safe".

Crystal Palace v Stoke City, 8pm live on 14_sky_sports_logo

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Charlton tie up deal for free agent Adam Clayton

Former Manchester City youth midfielder Adam Clayton has signed for Charlton Athletic on a four-season contract. Clayton was available on a free transfer after Manchester City Youth Academy terminated his contract last week, and several English clubs - including Crewe Alexandra - were rumoured to be interested. However, Clayton opted to join Charlton due to personal reasons, and Charlton confirmed the deal on Tuesday evening.

"I am really very happy," he told the club's official website. "My dream was always to join a big club like Charlton, but things have gone well nevertheless. There are a lot of things I need to learn to become a good player and in Charlton I believe I can get the real help in developing my talent."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Jake dissmisses reports linking him with the Derby job

Jake has today turned down any reports linking the Gillingham boss with a possible move away from Priestfield after rumours travelling fast around the snowy Great Britain linked the Englishmen with a move to Pride Park. The Englishmen has been at Gillingham now for 30 games after tonight's game with Sheffield Wednesday and Jake has said "I have no intention of leaving Gills, I still have alot of work to do with the club and I am enjoying my time here."

The Gillingham manager had this to say on the "misplaced rumours" linking him with the Derby County job role, "I don't have a clue where these rumours have come from but I can confirm that I will not be leaving Gillingham for Derby County now or ever. Joining another club now would see all my work with this team go to waste just to join another side which needs alot more work. I am hoping all our fans can makes tonight's game who have booked tickets due to the snow, we also can confirm for defenate that the game will go ahead and all the thanking is for the Hillsbrough groundsmen in working over-time to get the pitch in a fit state."

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Paris' Press Conference Promise


Elliot looked unhappy and Hilton was ready for an argument

Paris Blames Petty Press For "False" Story

What was supposed to be a civilised, one on one with a few members of the press to talk about Rochdale's home game against Swansea tonight, turned into a media frenzy as, once again, Paris joined her boyfriend on the managers side of the table, and spoke out about the scandalous article written about her "attempting to cheat" on him with Tranmere manager Callum Hewett. Whilst Elliot tried to restore order, and talk about tonight's game, Hilton pointed the finger at the press in front of her, generalising them, and telling them that they are the reason the rumours emerge. She denies ever stepping foot in Hewett's office, and also claims that the instigator of the story, is most probably Hewett's long term girlfriend, Sagia Castaneda.

Hilton On "Chewett"


Paris wasn't happy, speaking about the controversial article

I'm well annoyed at the story. It blates wasn't me and I think that girl SLAGia has something to do it. Totally. I called Callum a nice guy the other day and like, it seems she has got jealous. Maybe like, she's jealous of me and my looks or like, me and my man. Anyway, she's behind it. BUT I blame all of you! (Points at press) You should give me like totally good press when I ask for it, not bad press when I don't. Your like, well snide and I actually like totally hate you. Anyway, that's like what I came here to say. He (points next to boyfriend) didn't want me here but I had to like, totally take a stand. That girls a tramp, and she has like nothing on me. She's behind it.


Hilton has pointed the finger at Castaneda

Elliot On "Chewett"

Erm, thanks hunny (:rolleyes:) Sorry about that. I think what Paris was trying to say, is that the rumours are completely untrue. As has already been revealed, Paris was out with Alessandro Velaro's missus Mamta Mohandas last night, and was no where near Prenton Park or his office. I think the QPR boss can vouch for that on behalf of his girlfriend, and I also hope that Callum will come out and deny the allegations. We don't believe this is anything to do with him, as he is in a long term relationship with the beautiful (Paris elbows him) erm, the alright looking Miss Castenada. It would be nice if he could announce that to the press and deny the stories written about both me and Paris. Then if necessary, we can begin to sue the newspaper.

On Swansea

Well it's nice to get back to the football. I'm looking forward to the game tonight. Kieran Gibbs is back 100% fit. He wasn't quite ready for the last game as his fitness levels weren't great, due to him recovering slower from the playoffs. We believe he's back now and he is happy that James has taken notice and he wants to prove that he's capable and ready to make the England step up. There may be changes and we will be announcing our new signing at Half Time. We hope the fans take to him like they did at his old club. He could become a real legend here, a true goalscorer that keeps us in this division and pushes us forward. However, he is not here tonight, so we have a job to do ourselves. Nathan (Delfouneso) will get a chance to play at Spotland and if he does well he'll keep his place. We could always change formation and that is tempting. We will have to see how they line up and how they come at us. We want to be at our best and get a win at home against a good side. Swansea have a large average rating, and once again we are clear underdogs and likely to be put under a lot of pressure. It's our job to really defend well and this time, take our chances.


Gibbs is 100% and ready to impress

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sagia Castaneda Reveals All


Sagia REVEALS all to SMtimes reporter and Tranmere forward Darren Bent

Sagia Castaneda, the missus of Tranmere Rovers boss Chewett, reveals all to the SMtimes onboard Chewett's luxery yaught. Sagai confessed ''Alright, i'll admit it. All those stories involving that plonker Paris are lies, and completley unfou..9l (looks to her lawer, who nods..)..unfounded. Paris was nowhere near my baby, she was probably in some club posing for the papz. Me and my sweetheart were at home, relaxing, and watching the hustle. Followed by some jiggy time. Anyway, I just want to clear the air, it was all me, no-one else. Only reason I did it was to get my public profile up, I mean, come on..who wouldn't look at me and think ''Wow, I'd do her!'' Girlfriends up and down the country will be jelous of me, with their boyfriends googling my name. And you know what, my plan worked. Even this very interview is netting me 12big ones! Me and my baby are happy, He's all mine and I'm all his (Chewett grins) and that's that. Chewett then gives Sagia his GoldCard, she then pops off to the shops. Sagia cheekily gives a wave to her baby ''See YOU at home Baby!''


Sagia Waits For Chewett At Home

Chewett Unfazed By Colchester

Tranmere hope to follow up Saturday's win with another three points against newly promoted Colchester. The superwhites will be without Datolo, who despite being back from a longterm injury is still not match fit, plus Bassong and Kroos. Chewett spoke to SMSport - ''We'll be looking for three points tonight, despite the injuries, I think we can get a result. They're a good team, nothing special. We can match them on everything, and our quality will shine through. I've told the lads to play good, entertaining and fast-flowing football. I'm hoping to smash them, they've gone back on their word regarding a transfer. The player in question was the subject of an verbal agreement, then the same day I see he's off to Charlton. I never like to see it happen in the league, but unfortunatly it does. (Sagia phone's.... and hes OFFF!!)


Bent Will Want To Impress Burrow

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Middlesbrough sign former player


Middlesbrough have re signed Eider Gudjohnsen from AS Monaco in a part exchange deal which sees Aleksandr Pavlenko going in the opposite direction Gudjohnsen who played for Boro during season 6 and 7 making 13 appearances scoring 5 goals and making 5 assists he also had a brief spell at Stoke where he made 19 appearances despite being 31 he has only made 98 league appearances in 10 seasons but has returned 32 goals 29 assists and 19 man of the match awards in that time he signs a 5 year contract worth £22,000 per Turn

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Five Questions For Mister Velarone

The QPR boss speaks his mind on a variety of topics, including his vision for the club and matters of the heart, in a quick chat with THE TATTLETALE.

  • On his plans for the club...

    Well, I've been mandated to help the team secure their Division 3 status this season. The owners certainly do not have any delusions of grandeur at the moment, given the less-than-healthy financial state we're in. I am, however, actively involved in scouting various players in different leagues, and have drawn up a shortlist of targets. Hopefully, you will see them arrive at Loftus Road in the next few days.

  • On the competitiveness of the league...

    There's no denying that Division 3 is the toughest of the lot; there are some excellent managers in the league, and to use a cliche, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there. (smiles) Let's see how we fare against the creme de la creme.

  • On life in England...

    I've been here on many occasions for business deals, so I'm familiar with the culture, the people and the food. It's a nice country, although whether I would want to settle down here is a million-pound question in itself.

  • On financing and his links with mobster Subhash Nagre...

    Mumbai's most powerful don, Subhash Nagre
    Sarkar (Mr. Nagre) is a politician and a power-broker, not a mobster; but of course, that's not juicy enough for the media, is it? (snorts) Yes, I have had meetings with him in order to convince him to invest in the club, but it's premature to say whether he'd be willing to accept.

  • On his alleged relationship with Indian actress Mamta Mohandas, and her new-found friendship with notorious party-girl Paris Hilton...
    Alessandro Velarone & Mamta Mohandas snapped in Dubai two days ago

    I will not deny that she is someone very special in my life, and that I am lucky to be with her. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend on the sets of a movie she's in ('Musafir') while shooting in Nicosia; I'd been there trying to seal a deal. We struck up a friendship immediately, and things took off from then on.
    And as far as her friendship with Ms. Hilton goes, Mams is sensible enough to know better than to imitate her wild-child antics; in fact, who knows, Paris may sober down and gain a modicum of maturity through her influence! (grins)

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Crewe today confirmed they have agreed fees for 4 new players, whilst pulling out of discusions for Younes Kaboul.

Ross Forbes


Crewe boss Sean has long been a fan of the young Scot, and has regularly conversed with Palace boss Mr Holt in an attempt to prize the young gem away from the infamous Holt Youth Acadamy. A £3.5million fee has proved enough to secure the former Motherwell man.

Sergei Khizhnichenko


18 year old, Kazakhstani international Sergei Khizhnichenko is at Gresty Road to discuss a developmental contract. Despite scoring 3 goals in 4 World cup qualifiers, the young international is somehow still a free agent. and has impressed in a recent trial.

Sergei has expressed a wish to play for Manchester United at some point in his career, and now he has joined Crewe he has made that dream a step closer.

Luke Murphy


20 year old Luke Murphy is a former product of the Crewe Acadamy, and has recently had a spell at Woking. The skilfull midfielder fancies himself as a bit of a goalscorer, and is keen to learn from Modric and Kranjcar.

Mamady Sidibe


30 year old Sidibe has been picked up as a free agent, and is keen to prove himself. The Mali international, who was stabbed by a spectator in October 2007, comes in at 6ft4 and is should be able to perfom in the target man role when required

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Match Review

Division 2

LEEDS.gif 2 v 0 boro.png

Middlesbrough in second half collapse

Middlesbrough made it two defeats from there first two games of the season after a complete second half collapse which saw Leeds run out 2-0 winners and Boro reduced to 9 men.

The first half was a fairly even affair with both sides testing each others keepers it was something of a reckless first half with ref Douglas McDonald brandishing 4 yellow cards with both sides going into half time goalless.

The second half started disastrously for Middlesbrough with just 3 minutes passing and Leeds made their breakthrough after some truly awful defending from Middlesbrough something that was thought to be well behind them with defending bringing back memorys of last seasons abysmal start Boro at least did show some fight with a couple of decent chances however in the 64th minute there chances were all but wiped out when Gonzalo Bergessio was booked for the second time it was only a matter of time before the homeside scored again and 14 minutes later Paolo Cannavaro shot from a tight angle beat James to all but seal the win for Leeds things were made worse for Boro in the 84th minute when Tony Hibbert recived a second yellow card for shouting abusive language at the ref not an attitude that will impress the England manager.

To make matters worse for Middlesbrough Antonio Apono picked up a Strained wrist when falling awkwardly and is exspected to be out for at least a week.

After the game a small number of fans remained outside the ground a minor protest calling for the manager to ditch the 4-2-3-1 tactics that he has used for the past one and a half seasons.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Queens Park Rangers 2-3 Crewe Alexandra

Half Time: (2 - 0)



C.BELLAMY 52, 87




Total Shots


Shots On Target




Yellow Cards


Red Cards


Crewe came back from being 2-0 down at half time to earn all 3 points. Craig Bellamy made it 3 goals in 2 games. This was Crewe's first competative win in 4 games.

The win moves Crewe into a play off place, just 2 points of leaders Reading, but face another tough away tie at Oxford on Saturday.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Match Report

150px-Reading.pngReading FC 5-2 Oxford United736.gif

Reading FC easily slot in 5. While Menez scores his first goal for Reading FC .


Reading Versus Oxford, pretty much Strong Versus Stronger. Oxford had a disappointing 1-0 loss into his first game, while Jarni's Reading FC game into the game with a 4-1 victory up there selves. Today was different for Jarni, it was there first away game for his side, but nothing let's Jarni get into his way, and he was looking for a comfortable win.

The first action in the game was Oxford coming into three minutes with Bruno China slotting in easily, but within thirteen minutes of play Reading slot a goal through winger to replace the suspended Samedov, Jeremy Menez. In the space of five minutes Reading FC bagged in three goals, two of them coming from Aritz Aduriz, and the other one coming from Manu Del Moral. No real chances for Oxford after that, but many chances for Reading, on player in particular, Misimovic who could have grabbed two goals minimum. 4-1 was the end of the first half score.

The second half was underway as a incredible speech from the Oxford manager, gives them a chance to slot another goal in, but a great touch from Iriazoz rattles the cross bar. oxford were getting the better of the second half with chances coming from Eder and Weldon. Croatian youngster Milan Badelj had a chance to give some hope for Oxford if they had any chance for a draw. There dream second half came to a end with Manu Del Moral loses his marker and slots the ball into the bottom corner. A slight hope for Oxford to get a draw came into the last two minutes with Bruno China slotting easily. Final score 5-2 for Reading FC.

Team Stats

Venue: Kassam Stadium

Crowd: 8, 510

Referee: Peter Frojdfeldt Sweden_flag.gif

Man-Of-The-Match: Menez(Reading FC)

Oxford United Lauro; Miguel Victor, Carr, Alderweireld, Koutsianikoulis, Van Der Gun, Badelj, Bruno China, Guzman, Weldon, Loderio.

Goals: Bruno China (3') (38')


Sent Off: -

Reading FC: Iraizoz; Corluka, Vermalelen, Naldo, Vukojevic, Juan Rodriquez, Menez, Kazim Kazim, Misimovic, Aduriaz, Manu Del Moral

Goals: Menez (12'), Aduriz (14') (17'), Manu Del Moral (16') (80')

Booked: Naldo, Misimovic

Sent Off:

Team Confrence

David Belkevitz said...

" I am abit disapointed in my sides first half, we were terrible the first half, as we conceded 4 goals, but in the second half i believe we could have actully won the game with all of the chances we had. The next game will be a win for us Oxford guys. "

Robert Jarni said...

" A great win for us, but we still need more work, a terrible game for Naldo, picking up a rating of 5, and our other defenders were pretty poor actully, conseded 2 easy goals, it should have been 5-0 easy for us. But there second half they just easily out played us. "

Other News


Naldo Out. Hughes in.


Reading have annoyed that they have come to a agreement with Preston manager to sell Naldo, it has been believed that Naldo is going out for a part exchange, and 12 million pound coming to Reading FC. Jarni said that after Naldos final game today, he is not disappointed in his choice, and is getting another player in return. Preston's manager says he is glad to get a great Brazilian player, who has scored many times for his former club Weder Bremen. The transfer is believed it shall be completed in a few hours.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Cardiff started off the season with a 2-1 victory over Leicester City. Portuguese striker Liedson scored both goals, the first was breath-taking. A mesmerizing run was finished with a curling effort that crashed into the top corner. The second was a well placed header after good build up play from Maduro. Rost was named man of the match for a number of brilliant last minute saves.

Liedson: the hero from the first match

The second match of the season saw a 1-all draw with Cheltenham Town. Cardiff's goal was scored by captain Riquelme, who nodded home a Maduro cross. New signing Nene worked tirelessly upfront and was awarded man of the match. The Brazillian has adapted to live in Wales and shown glimpses of his talent as he occupies the last man in Cardiff's 3-4-2-1 formation.


Riquelme: the captain continues to impress in Cardiff colours

On the transfer front, KopStar is still looking to improve his squad with Perotti, Modric and Lennon all rumoured to be pursued. Wingers Lafita and Asamoah, who have failed to adapt to life in Cardiff are both to sale with Brazillian Jo set to follow when his transfer ban expires.

News is also circulating that manager KopStar has joined in with the recent female craze amongst managers such as 1CapWonder and Chewett. Israeli model Bar Rafaeli has been rumoured to have started dating KopStar. Some smaller reports suggest Miranda Kerr is also after KopStar.


Bar Rafaeli: rumoured to be with KopStar

However, when asked about Paris Hilton dating 1CapWonder,the Aussie described Paris Hilton as a, "vile creature, a fail of a person and one who does not deserve to date anything."

He continued with saying, "Paris and Lindsay Lohan should do the world a favour and venture to Pluto and never return."


Paris will no doubt cry when she hears KopStar's opinion of her

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Two-goal hero Craig Bellamy's strike 3 minutes from time enabled Crewe Alexandra to sucker-punch QPR as the Hoops surrendered a 2-0 lead to go down 2-3 in a thriller at Loftus Road; however, the secret talking point was the lack of sympathy from the referee towards the home side, following their failure to pay him a 'tribute' in time.

Mladen Petric's 9th-minute strike, combined with Lucas Barrios' first goal for the club, had pegged back Crewe 2-0 a mere 28 minutes into the game, but the resurgent Railwaymen turned on the style in the second half to draw level through Bellamy (52') & Legrottaglie (68'), before Bellamy's second settled the issue late in the match. Yet, the hosts will be privately complaining about not receiving favourable treatment from the match official, after the soldato designated to pay him the bribe failed to turn up in time following heavy snowfall, which had rendered driving hazardous.

Consequently, appeals for favourable decisions by the Rangers were repeatedly turned down, including the ones which in other matches would've been awarded without a moment's thought by Hoop-friendly referees, as is normal. For instance, Bellamy was adjudged to be on-side when he scored the winner, despite being level with his marker, and Legrottaglie's headed goal was allowed to stand in spite of two QPR defenders falling to the floor a couple of yards away from him as though pushed by the Italian. Scandalous officiating indeed, and all because the ref couldn't wait a bit longer for his pay-off. - Niccolo de Santi/THE TATTLETALE

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Yeovil Town 2-0 Luton Town

Yeovil Town are playing some fantastic football this season, with two wins out of two and a couple of wins in friendlies against better opposition, Yeovil Town have become the one to beat this season in Division 4 and are hoping to bounce straight back up into Division 3 where they can show teams what they can do. Luton Town on the other hand are not doing badly at all, and were un-beaten thereselves before this game.


Yeovil Town To Win League?

Match Report

The first half was dull for both teams, but it was Luton Town who had the most possesion for the first 45 minutes. Jean-Claude Darchheville was having a time of his life. With some beautifull play from the lad, he failed to score.

Half time passed, and although Luton had the ball again, it was Yeovil who scored first. Massimo Oddo got the ball and volleys the ball into the roof of the net.

The goal gave Yeovil confidence and started to play like a team again. Joe Anyinsa had a low shot saved from the keeper. The young lad is on top form with the team at the moment and nearly scored a goal to prove it.

With all this play from Yeovil Town, Milevskiy finally gave Yeovil a 2 goal cushion. He towerd over the defence and headed the ball into the top corner.

Yeovil where in a comfortable position them to go on win the game.

Tom Tamburro said after the game "First half we was poor. We couldnt get the ball and play our passing game. We were a shambles every where and if it wasnt for man of the match goalkeeper Luchetti for us then we could of lost this one. Second half, after some advice we got that lucky goal from Oddo. This gave us belief and desire to go and win the game".

Yeovil Town play Southend next game (top of the league). Tamburro's prediction, 2-1 to Yeovil (motto: Go to win, Only to win)

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Forumers World Cup

so far 6 groups in the first round proper are up and running

Group 1 Longnose(Dave), 1capwonder(Elliot), Barracuda, Didi

Group 2 David Belkevitz, drseanfitz, MsF, DerbyPower

Group 3 Radebe20, Pazzano, Kensational, Philippe Nguyen

Group 4 Dai, Bob Loblaw, Neller and Seftinho

Group 5 burs, andyowls, Chipolopolo, Spam

Group 6 JohnnyC, Roko7, abelzizi, x Burrow x

On the subject of the world cup, I have had a message from Radebe20, a big drinving force in the world cup, who would like to thank those in EC106 who have contributed so far to the tournemant.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


71_1205587003.gifSheffield W 4-2 Gillingham 33_1191751249.gif


Gillingham outclassed by "Division 2 material"

Gillingham last night against the extreme wether conditions travelled to snowy Sheffield to take on Wednesday as they hoped to get their first win of the season to the current table topping opponents. It was set to be a "one to watch" as the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez and co were all on show in Wednesday's hope to get promotion back to Division 2, where they are bound this season.

The game got under way as scheduled at 20:00pm and as all the late comers were still entering the stadium some missed the first goal just after 3 minutes, Uruguayan Luis Suarez got Wednesday off to a good start at Hillsbrough, a floated ball over the Gillingham defence by Kuzmanovic was me by the 22 year old who had the pleasure of chipping the ball over Moya in the Gillingham goal. Things then got from bad to worse for Gillingham as holding defensive medfielder was dissmissed with just 5 minutes gone after a clumbsy 2 footed challenge left referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez with no other option other than send the Frenchmen off, things were going from bad to worse for Gillingham. Gillingham though just a minute later hit back against the run of play, new signing Gameiro getting he's first goal for Gillingham after a well worked move from the 10 men produced a ball that Gameiro couldn't miss, Kone's replacement showing what he has to offer for the Division 3 side. Gillingham's lead didn't last more than 5 minutes, the 300 at most Gillingham supporters were silenced again as a clinical partnership from a German and an Argentine again left the Gillingham defence scrambling as Higuain, ex Madrid forward slotted home showing he's class against the despair Gillingham side, at this moment you must be wondering how Wednesday got relegated, simply sensational. Wednesday then added their 3rd goal, man of the match Kuzmanovic breaking clear of the Gillingham defence to slot home his first of the season in extreme circumstances after being very flexible squandering past Moya, 3-1 Wednesday looking comfortable. Gillingham were left dead and buried when Wednesday hit their 4th after the half hour mark, Brazilian Henrique Hugo showing what he's still got to offer for Wednesday after showing he's pace and determination down the left flank then cutting in on his left foot and finishing quite remarkably past the bemused Moya. A response did come from Gillingham on the stroke of half time with Sercan Yildrim netting he's first goal of the season after a rare mix up at the back for Wednesday allowed the Turk the run on a finish nicely. There was no action second half really as fans desrcibed as a "stalemate" but there was minimal drama on the 71st minute after goal scorer Suarez was the second player to be sent off in the game after another 2 footed challenge saw the Spanish referee dismiss the Uruguayan.

So the game finished Sheffield Wednesday 4-2 Gillingham at Hillsbrough in a typical mouth watering performance and after the game Gillingham manager Jake described Wednesday as "Division 2 even 1 class". Next up for Gillingham is another tricky away tie, this time it's Bradford City that welcome Gillingham to Valley Parade as Gillingham are still on search for their first points of the season. In other news it is thought that Marvin Morgan is set to join Gillingham after a fee thought to be around £225,000 pounds was agreed between Gillingham and Morgan's current club Aldershot Town, Morgan is thought to be a back up for Zavon Hines and Sanchez Watt if they were to get injured in cup games.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Preston cruise to victory as Eltringham axed

Preston North End notched up their first points of the season, winning 2-0 at home to Bolton, it what later turned out to be Trotters manager Ian Eltringham's last game as coach.

New signing Fernando Llorente scored both goals, staking his claim for a regular place in the side. Goalkeeper Brad Guzan who had come under criticism against Huddersfield kept a clean sheet, and Mark Noble took to the field for the 148th and last time.

Botlon came into the game as favourites, boasting better players and were relegated from Division One last season. However their performance against Charlton was criticised by the supporters, who's belief in Eltringham had started to wane in recent times. Bolton had the best of the early chances, Eze Lavezzi hitting the crossbar from 25 yards out on just 5 minutes. In the tenth minute, Bolton claimed for a penalty, after Sami Hyypia appeared to push Bojan off the ball, but referee Darko Ceferin waved play-on. Ezequil Garay was booked for a tough challenge, and from the 20th minute onwards, it was all Preston. Chances fell to Tom Huddlestone, Llorente and Stevan Jovetic, in a more accustomed role of striker. The last chance of the half fell to Lavezzi, who sliced wide after Guzan had tipped a corner towards the back post.

Half time came, and the score was 0-0. No manager made any changes at the break, and the match resumed, in near sub-zero temperatures. Lavezzi had another chance for Bolton, but missed the target again. Jovetic went close with a headed chance, before Sami Hyypia nearly scored his first for the club from a trademark header. After 68 minutes, Preston took the lead. Llorente jumped higher than Garay to head past the stranded Asenjo. The Spaniard was delighted at his debut goal.

Jovetic then had a trio of chances, the third a beautiful overhead kick which had Asenjo back-pedalling. Preston made the game safe in the 80th minute when Llorente helped himself to his second of the night, after Christian Chivu's backpass fell way short of the keeper, and Llorente rounded the keeper before rolling the ball in. In the dying embers of the game, Preston had a clear shout for a penalty, after Bolton keeper Asenjo bundled Jovetic over when one-on-one, but the referee deemed that the ball was going out of play.

The full-time whistle blew, and a dejected Eltringham shook hands with Burrow before walking onto the pitch to speak to his players. Here's what Preston manager James Burrow had to say after the match, before news of Eltringham's sacking:

"That was a good performance from the lads, just what we needed after the Huddersfield loss. Llorente exceeded all expectations! For a continental player to play 90 minutes on his debut and score two goals in bitterly cold temperatures astonished me. I was about to take him off before the goal, but obviously left him on, and it paid off.

Brad Guzan played well after recent criticism, he showed his critics when to shut their mouths! Jovetic had a new lease of life tonight. Moving him forward has all of a sudden ignited his goal-scoring senses once again, and could have had five!

(On rumours of Mark Noble leaving) I have regretably accepted an offer from Man City for Mark Noble. He has been a grateful servant to the club, racking up nearly 150 appearances to date. However, I could not promise him first team football, and with his skill, he could be in my future England squads."

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

English Championship 106 News

07 January 2009

Yeovil Town Buy Lee Martin


Lee Martin With 3rd Kit

Yeovil Town have succesfully signed Lee Martin for around 1.5m it was told today. Lee Martin, who played for Stoke City for 8 season's before moving to Panathinaikos last season has said to be delighted to be moving back into 106 and with a team who are playing well at the moment. He said "Yeovil are a great team with alot of ambition. When i was with stoke, i didnt feel the ambition nor the dream but when moving to Yeovil Town, i feel amazing and cant wait for the next training tomorrow." He sighed a contract worth £12,000 per turn for 3 years.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

City Come From Behind To Beat Darlington

Thursday, 7th January 2010


Manchetser City Players Happy With First Win Of The Season

Darlington 2-3 Manchester City

Yesterday evening Manchester City faced a tough fixture with hotshots Darlington. Gaudin went into the game expecting a win to get the new season up and running following a loss at Everton on Saturday. Manchester City tried new and more attacking tactics for this fixture and they paid off.

Darlington had a bright start scoring two goals on the 13th and 15th minute from Luis Fabiano and De Zeeuw but their lead was cut short on the 37th minute when Manchester City's leading goalscorer Pavlyuchenko netted a spectacular long range shot into the top corner of the net. City looked bright at the start of the second half and it wasn't long before the two teams were on level terms with a goal from Bangoura. The game finally came to a close when Babel rolled the ball into the net.

Manchester City are now up to 9th place in the table and face Southampton in their next fixture. In other news Mark Noble has agreed a move to City for a fee believed to be around 11m the transfer will be completed shortly which will then allow unsettled Babel to leave the club.

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Player Focus:

Divison 4 player of the Week


Valeri Bojinov (Southend United)

The talented 23 year old has one this week's division 4 player of the week award. Valeri bagged a hat-trick in just over half an hour in Southend's 5-0 thumping of AFC Bournemouth last night.He was played as a lone striker in a 3-4-1-2 formation which is a favourite of Stewart Lauder.On 50 minutes he scored a low drive which creeped inside the post.11 minutes later he scored again after a terrible fumble by AFC Bournemouth 'keeper Chris Kirkland and on the 82nd minute he completed the rout by slotting home after some neat passing.Southend are now top of the table and next they face Yeovil Town.Will they win 5-0 again?

Who knows...

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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Two in, two out as club record broken once again

Preston North End announced the signing of two new players, one for yet another club record fee.

Brazilian international defender Naldo joined from Reading for £12m + fellow defender Aaron Hughes, adding up to a fee of £16.5m, £1.5m more than Fernando Llorente and £2.5m more than compatriot Nilmar.

Joining Naldo is England U21 keeper Scott Loach, signed from Crystal Palace for £5m. Here's what manager James Burrow had to say about the new players:

"I have been watching Naldo for some time. His work ethic is tremendous, always giving his all for the team. He is an attacking defender, a rare talent, who has scored many goals in Germany, and scored ten goals in six seasons for Reading, what I would call a good return. I am sorry to see Aaron go. The original deal included Phil Jagielka, but he failed his medical, and when the Reading manager offered to buy Hughes to resurrect the deal, I couldnt turn it down. Hughes had finally got into the first team squad after a season of waiting, then he gets sold. I hope he enjoys his time at Reading.

Scott has been on the radar for a while now, especially since my appointment as England coach. He's a regular for the U21s, and when Crystal Palace made him available, I had to snap him up. Scott was very enthusiastic to sign, given my England ties, and hoepfully he can make the step up the the first team and England senior side in the next few seasons. People have criticised me for the influx of keepers, but I choose to ignore them, you can never have enough of a good thing."

These transfers follow the selling of Mark Noble to Manchester City for £11m. The England U21 international was let go by Preston to find regular first team football.

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Guest 1CapWonder

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Rickie's Replacement


Novo was paraded to the Rochdale faithful, their faces as long as his...

Sutcliffe And Rochdale Tempt Novo Away From Rangers...Finally

Rochdale today, finally managed to find use of the 4m recruited from the sale of top goalscorer Rickie Lambert, by managing to prise away Rangers legend Nacho Novo from Ibrox. Incredibly, this will be the 30 year old's first EC106 club, following a remarkably successful 6 years at the Scottish giants. Despite Novo getting game time at his old club (25 appearances for 09/10) he reveled at the chance to join "Team Rochdale" and signed on the dotted line before last night's game. Unfortunately, a fee was not agreed in time, and Novo was unavailable to play against Swanswa. Instead, Novo was unveiled to the Spotland crowd at half time. His welcome was marred by Swansea's 1-0 half time lead. However, it is clear that Sutcliffe believes Novo can replace the legend that is Rickie Lambert, and Novo is to be that man in the young boss' eyes. For 4.85m, the Spotland crowd certainly hope so.


Novo has scored 108 goals in an illustrious career thus far...


Sutcliffe Speaks To Press


The unhappy boss could barely hide his frustration last night

It's been a busy few days for our young manager. His private life has once again been under scrutiny, from fellow manager's and opposition WAGS, his team have lost their first 2 games in Division 3, and the great man has boldly tried to replace fans favourite Rickie Lambert. The Rochdale Times gets his opinion on all these matters, plus reaction from last night's horrific 4-1 defeat, the biggest since Sutcliffe took the reigns.

On Last Night's Game

It was a bad result, but once again, we didn't deserve to lose the game. It was bloody frustrating. Admittedly, we struggled to get the ball of Swansea all night, even more than Tranmere. Conceding in the 1st minute didn't help, but we defended so well from Midfield, that they were unable to create too many chances going forward. Remarkably, we still managed to concede 3 more goals 2nd half. I put it down to 2 minutes where we complete switched off and conceded twice. The first of those was a silly defensive error, the 2nd a wicked deflection we didn't deserve. They had 17 shots on goal, we had 33. That's a remarkable number. We missed chances, but despite this, our forwards were our 2 best players on the pitch. We probably have to address this at home to Barnsley next week, whether it's with a change of formation or personnel yet, I don't know.

On Nacho Novo

Nacho is a tremendous footballer, and a tremendous character. I know for a fact that he will be a hit with these fans. He works extremely hard and he also scores goals with that. More importantly, he scores important goals and he can be a true legend at this football club. The moment we sold Rickie, someone was said to me, you'll never replace the big man, never. Well I disagree. Novo can score those goals, and long term, so can Nathan Delfouneso. We have options at this football club, and Nacho Novo is now another great one. We are proud to be the team that finally pries him away from Rangers, and we are proud he has picked us among others. He has a point to prove in England and he can do it here. I honestly believe that.

On His Girlfriend

Well I am currently outraged at the criticism received from a fellow professional, Cardiff manager Rafel Benitez. He recentley said of her, and I quote "vile creature, a fail of a person and one who does not deserve to date anything." This is incredibly unfair and actually reduced her to tears. I demand a public apology from him. Paris has never said anything wrong about this so called professional manager and she doesn't deserve to be treated this way. I have enough stress to deal with at work and I don't need to deal with it at home. As to his claims about being in a relationship with Bar Rafaeli, we all know these claims are completely false and outrageous. Leonardo Di Caprio and her have been dating for some time and his claims also do her a disservice. I wait to see what his reply is to what I have had to say tonight. I sure hope the lad gives me, my club and my girl more respect.

On The Future

Well things aren't too bright at the moment. I am out of International work, my team is not scoring goals, my private life is being scrutinised and I am being pipped and priced out of transfer deals. This is a frustrating time but I am sure it is just a patch that is sure to end soon in all departments. I sure hope that is the case anyway. It's been a struggle, for sure.
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Guest drseanfitz

Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

Sean refuses to do a Coyle

Crewe today revealed that they allowed Bolton Wanderers permission to speak to manager Sean about their vacant managerial position.

An amazing compensation fee of just over £5million was agreed between the clubs for the attractive young manager.

Thankfully for the Railwaymen Sean turned down the job and decided to stick with Crewe, despite an offer to double his wages, and experienced manager John Friel(distant cousin twice removed of legendary actress Anna Friel) got the job instead.

Crewe boss Sean said:

I am flattered to be offered the job. Bolton have an amazing young squad(1 player 30, the rest younger), with players like Bojan, Asenjo etc. and I was very tempted. However my heart belongs to Crewe and I know I can still do a job here.
I would like to thank Dermot, Dave and Jonny for the advice they gave me in helping me reach this decision. And apologise to Callum, I know you wanted me to leave so you had a little less competition in division 3, but hey, if I moved up a division I'd never get the chance to beat you, because your team aren't going anywhere for many a year.

In other news, Crewe have reported that a couple of criminals broke into Gresty Road yesterday and messed around with the press release for new signing Sergei Khiznichenko, substituting the original picture(below) with an image of the most infamous Kazakhstani, Borat.


This is the second break in reported by a division 3 club since Rochdale's promotion, with a report being filed earlier in the week by Oxford. And once again the criminals have been described as a dodgy looking ginger and a dumb blonde, with the police releasing the following photo's of the suspects:


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Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread



Addison on his way to Palace in £5.5m deal?

News coming out of Selhurst Park today is stating that Palace manager Paul Holt is preparing a £13m bid for Rochdale's highly rated England U21 Internationals, Miles Addison and Fabian Delph. Its a known fact Holt has been chasing the pair for sometime and Palace are said to be preparing huge bids for both players. Holt is prepared to pay £5.5m for defender Addison and £7.5m for midfielder Delph. It is thought that both players would jump at the chance of swapping Wales for the bright lights of London as well as the chance to work with Paul Holt himself at his highly rated "Paul Holt Youth Academy - Nattionally Focussed, Nationally Admired".


Holt turns down "substantial" bid from Liverpool for Feghouli.

Other news claims Palace have turned down a "substantial" bid from Liverpool for French "wonderkid" Sofiane Feghouli. "Feghouli is available" claimed Holt, "but only at the right price. He had a highly successful season on loan at Bristol City last year, walking away with the leagues Young Player of the Year award, voted by fellow 106 managers. I rate him extremely highly, and dont want to sell, but we ARE a "selling" club at the end of the day, and I need my £4m-a-year salary to be paid no matter what. I have to get my priorities right."

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