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Italics Font for Unmanaged Clubs

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Re: Italics Font for Unmanaged Clubs

I'm gonna have to be a party-pooper here and say I disagree and I like this way better. The Italics only encourage cheating (multiple accounts or via friends), getting players on the cheap and club raiding, which in turn leads to 'unmanageable teams' in many setups, emptier setups and uncompetitive set-ups. I'm very much in favour of keeping it this way, although I suspect I'm going to be in the minority :o .

If you're still keen to look for the unmanaged clubs you can always find them on the 'rules and managers' page :)

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Guest joe black

Re: Italics Font for Unmanaged Clubs

noticed it 2 days ago with Borrusia M. in gold 3,but alotta managers didnt and i was able to buy a decent player,keep it out of SM,if you wanna know who is unmanaged go to the "Rules and Managers" tab and check it out, so start hunting lads;):)

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