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"What nationality are you?" thread


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Well, the mission of SM is to "Make the world's best soccer manager game then let the world play it for free!"

So, I am certain that they are many people out there from different countries all over the world. I am just wondering, just how many different nationalities of members are there playing SM?

So, to kick off, I will start the ball rolling.

I am from SINGAPORE!

Nationality of members playing SM:

1) Singapore :)

2) Wales!

3) England!

4) India!

5) Sri Lanka!

6) Albania!

7) Finland!

8) Australia!

9) Northen Ireland!

10) Italy!

11) Scotland!

12) Brazil!

13) Malta!

14) Mauritius!

15) Germany!

16) Romania!

17) Jamaica!

18) Vietnam!

19) Lebanon!

20) Ireland!

21) Turkey!

22) Canada!

23) Nigeria!

24) Portugal!

25) Spain!

26) Switzerland!

27) Malta!

28) Estonia!

29) Macedonia!

30) Iraq!

31) America!

32) Serbia!

33) Nigeria!

34) Mongolia!

35) Bangladesh!

36) New Zealand!

37) Croatia!

38) Hungary!

39) Norway!

Just state your nationality and I will add the list up. Cheers :D

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Re: "What nationality are you?" thread

NO Please dont mate!!!!! i dont class wales as in same caterogy as england it should not be done !!


British is Welsh mate...

Bristish is England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Im English :)

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