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Nikon Jevtic- Serbian Wonderkid!!!


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Clips -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuDyk7GHeEE&search=fudbal

Age - 13

Name - Nikon Jevtic

Nationality - Serbian

Club - Valencia

Prefered Foot - Both

Height - 1m 53

Weight - 34 kilos

Info -

so far he has played with the Stuttgart U15's and managed to put in 6 goals even though they were 5 years older than he is.

The U18 training was even shorter, he amazed everyone and got compared to a young Maradona or Ronaldo. Even one of Stuttgart's biggest U18 talents said, this is madness.

He's from Serbia, fled to England during the war, has an older brother named Nestor who's his coach as well as a good footballer. At the age of 7 Nikon did magic at the Arsenal youth academy,

Then his father moved to Austria because of work, Nikon entered the Austria Wien youthacademy. He has 2 training sessions a day, in the morning with his bro, in the afternoon with his team. His mum says, as long as he's happy I am. Nikon himself cant wait to go train, his example, Ronaldo.

He's already showing some star signs, with his number 10 shaved on his head. As well as the Austria Wien initials. His shirt has the name 'EL Maestro' on it. He even has an agent, the same one as Stuttgart star player Kevin Kuranyi.

Nikon then got contacted by Valencia and offerd a good deal for him and his family and has been playing in spain with valencia for the under 15's and under 16's.

Nikon is sure to have a big future with valencia .

He isnt on the database for obvious reasons but looks a future star.It all depends on how he developes physically

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Guest Atkin

Re: Nikon Jevtic

FC Schalke 04 signed one of the most desired talents of world-soccer: Nikon Jevtic. The 13-year old, who was previously at FC Valencia and Austria Vienna, signed a contract for the Bundesliga giant until 2009 with the option on further years. :)

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Nikon Jevtic- Serbian Wonderkid!!!


Nikon Jevtic Life -His parents left war-torn Yugoslavia at an early time where they moved to England. There Nikon was born, and his footballing talent got spotted quickly. Even Arsene Wenger was impressed when he had seen him juggle with a ball at the Arsenal Stadium and wenger is believed to be 1st person to spot him!!:eek: :eek: . Niko's dad works allot around the world, so they didn't live for that long in England before they moved to Spain, Austria and now Germany. Nikon has played for Valencia, Austria Vienna, and plays now for Schalke. he is 14 yo

He is rated highly all over the world ! And is know in serbia as ” The Miracle Child”, :P

his nickname is :'El Maestro'

He once scored 6 goals when he was 10 against VFB Stuttgart under 15's which is just madness :eek: and just shows his talent

Definaltly one for the future

Not on DB!!

Me Bening half serb ive seen and heard alot about him so watch out for him!!!

some videos of his talent!!! (3 years old) imagine what he is like now!!


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Nikon Jevtic...

Nikon Jevtic - Scouted by _Ibrahimovic




Current Club: Austrien Wien

Age: 15 years old

Nationality: English/Serbian

International Caps: 0 caps

International Goals: 0 goals

Rating: 80-84

Nikon Jevtic is a 15-year-old English/Serbian who plays for Austrien Wien. He first played soccer at the age of 11. He then moved to Valencia but stayed for 1 year before moving on to Schalke 04. He again stayed for 1 year then moving on to Austrien Wien's youth academy.

I think his rating should go up to around 80-84.


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Re: Nikon Jevtic- Serbian Wonderkid!!!

Just got called up to the Serbian U-19's. Apparantly he would have recieved a call up long before but our former coach wanted something like 20,000 to call him up.

Had an impressive debut for Serbian youth in 2010.

Also, Austria Wien fans are shocked that they are still able to keep him at their club as they see him as a huge talent even now as he's improved greatly.

I advise every to take a look at his skill at 13 seconds into the video. Zidan much? :eek::eek:

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