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More Clubs For Higher Levels!

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Well i dont have big rep 92 to be exact and i can manage 3 clubs (if not GM) then there are people of SM's Deity level with more than 200 Rep and 3 Years on the Game but they can only manage 3 Clubs, they are loyal members to SM, Also SM Elites and Legends should get to manage more clubs i'm non of those but it would be nice to look foward to, now your on Level 75 you wont get anymore clubs this maybe a way for SM to get you to buy GM, As you hit 75 you dont get anymore perks from then on only able to enter Custom Setups taht have massive entry level but Custom Setups are losing there Intrest.

I Thought That This Should Happen

Rep 100 - 4

Rep 125 - 4

Rep 150 - 5

Rep 200 - 5

This would mean that Members would have something to look foward too if your not a GM, you may agree as Forumers i have seen have High Rep. Its a Improvement that is for the Members who are loyal and stick with the game, when i look for my mates on the game i have seen many accounts at 75 + that now have no teams. It would greatas you would be building rep for more clubs instead of pointless rep to make people say wow he must be a great manager.

Any Comments appreciated :)

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Guest Phill

Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels!

yeh that would be a great idea, my rep is only 68 (should be 69) but then after ill get 75 ill have more and more too look forward to so yeh great idea! :)

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Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels!

Yup it's great idea. Totally agree with you mate. I personally hope it will be implemented.

Players like me, who are loyal to the game, have no financial abilities to get a GM. (I need at least 2 more years to get a credit card!) So, members could perhaps look forward to managing more clubs as their reputation increases.

cheers :D

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Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels!

Been suggested before I'm sure' date=' and it won't be done simply because one of the main advantages of gold membership is having an increased amount of teams on one account;)[/quote']

i think it is a gr8 suggestion...ppl who have spent so much time deserve more slot:)

& also it will help GMs too:D

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Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels!

6 accounts with each allowing me to have 3 clubs:D :eek:

lol, youre not half as much as me ----

8 accounts all allowing me to have 3 clubs - 8*3=24

one more account I started a few wees before - 43 rep -1 team = 25

my gold account - 14 teams - 25 + 14 = 39 teams.

Lets say I dont have a gm - 25 + 3 = 28

still lenty teams:cool:

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Re: More Clubs For Higher Levels!

39 teams? o.o

I have 6 and I wouldnt want anymore' date=' how can you have 39 and not get bored?[/quote']

thats how I dont get bored!

Okay lets subtract the gc teams - 13 - 1 is a custom setup in my gold account.

that leaves 26 teams.

Then I have won something(s), or am in the top 4 top 2 depending on the size in about 20 of them, the other 6 are highly rated squads like 96 that I cant leave if I wanted to.

so thats how I dont get bored.

Also, sometimes I set apart a few teams for experiments, using never before seen tactics like defeneive own area counter atacking men behind ball you get it.

Then theres the forum and fifa 08 when Its a weekend to keep me busy

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