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Mini Feeds

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As people may or may not be aware SM are introducing 'Mini Feeds' in the coming weeks. This is mentioned in the SM Blog:

It is always easier to know what is happening around you if you have all of the information under one roof. If this is the case then why can this not apply to SM in relation to the setup you are involved in?

Well you will be pleased to hear that we are currently working on ‘Mini Feeds’ which will be unique to each individual setup within the game. The feed will report on what is happening within your setup, and any changes will be displayed immediately. It will be an immediate way to keep track of what is happening within your setup in realtion to managers resigning, new managers entering, jobs offers, completed transfers, transfer rumours, and managers clinching league titles to name but a few examples.

The ‘Mini Feeds’ feature is currently under development, and it should be added to the site in the coming weeks.

So they say there will info on:

Managers resigning

New managers

Job Offers

Completed transfers

transfer rumors

League titles

What others would people like to see, or would people not like to see this implements. Personally i think it is a great idea, and would also like to see.

Cup and Shield winners

Top scorers

MOM awards

Most clean sheets

Best average performances (players)

Best wins/ surprising results

Top rating changes (clubs that have got players that have had a good rating change)

Can anyone else think of others?

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Re: Mini Feeds

They have put a snazzy word to cover up "newspaper" as that is basically what it is. :)

I like it, though. It would bring a little life into setups as so many setups become like deserts after a month or so.

UI would also like to see H2H's, derbies, top of the table/relegation battle matches and manager anniversaries so say manager x will take charge of his billionth game at Linfield or somthing like that. If they already don'r have thses ones in mind I think they would be good, too.

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