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Momo Sissoko


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Re: Momo Sissoko

It depends what sort of setup you're in. If it's a gold setup I definitely wouldn't do it.

If it's in something else like a custom I still wouldn't take it. From what I gather he has been playing well and won't drop and there seems to be a possibility for a rise.

My advice for you is to PM Melbguy and ask him because he is basically the master of Italian football not to mention the biggest Juventus fan. He may give you a bias answer but he definitely has the most knowledge about Juventus and Serie A.

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Guest melbguy1

Re: Momo Sissoko

ok, here's my biased response :o

SM gave Sissoko a +1 pretty much straight after joining Juve.

As of today:

Sissoko has cemented his starting spot at Juve, also he has become a HUGE fan favourite, you will know when he has done something good while playing at home.

Starting from tomorrow:

Well Juve is somewhat agressivily scouring the market. There could be a possibility that a good M will come along that will fight with him for his spot as I think Zanetti is just above the peking order for starting 11.

And there's the CL qualifications to come.

Let's say Juve do qualify and Sissoko's spot isn't up for grabs he should be up for a rather decent raise midway through next season.

But I don't have much of a clue when it comes to SM ratings but that's my biased guess

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