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A challenge - Alphabet teams

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Re: A challenge - Alphabet teams


G - XAVIER OLIVA' date=' González Castellón32 82

LB/CB - XENIDIS, GeorgiosIonikos 33 79

CB -XIAOTING, Feng Dalian Haichang 22 76

CB - XIAO, Wang Tianjin Teda 29 77

CB - XI, Cai Wuhan Guanggu 22 72

W/F – XISCO, Muñoz Real Betis 27 87

RM/CM - XURI, Zhao Dalian Haichang 22 82

AM - XINGCAN, Li Free Agent 20 72

CM - XUEPENG, Li Dalian Haichang 19 71

CF - XISCO, Jiménez Deportivo La Coruña 22 88

F - XIMENEZ, Miguel Danubio 30 85

---XAVIER OLIVA, González---

---XI, Cai Wuhan---XIAO, Wang Tianjin---XIAOTING, Feng---XENIDIS, Georgios---

---XURI, Zhao Dalian---XINGCAN, Li---XUEPENG, Li---XISCO, Muñoz---

---XISCO, Jiménez---XIMENEZ, Miguel---

you forgot Xabi Alonso :D

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Re: A challenge - Alphabet teams

I choose the letter C


Carragher--Cannavaro---Carvalho----Cole' date='Ashley


Christiano Ronaldo--Cesc Fabregas--Cole,Joe--

Crouch, Carlos Tevez


Good choice of C team. Getting ideas for the A-Z Setup, but im sure Fabregas, and Tevez. Are T and F, not C. :)

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Re: A challenge - Alphabet teams

I choose Z

GK: Zitka (Anderlecht)

RB: Zuiverloon (WBA)

CB: Zapata (Udinese)

CB: Zewlakow (Olympiakos)

LB: Zauri (Lazio)

RM: Zabaleta (Man City)

CM: Zokora (Tottenham)

CM: Zanetti (Juventus)

LM: Zhirkov (CSKA Moskva)

ST: Zigic (Valencia)

ST: Zalayeta (Napoli)

Could of had Zanetti from Inter aswell:p

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