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Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread


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Guest King Kolo

Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

Couldn't tell ya' date=' us big boys are in the cup, not the shield. :P[/quote']

Just wait till Next Year....Just wait till Next Year! B)

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread


Romaric brace books place into second round!

Sevilla 3-0 Vélez Sársfield

Tonight Sevilla welcomed Argentine side Vélez Sársfield to the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán for the first round of the SMFA Shield tonight. Sevilla manager Louis Mattis knew it was important that his team done well in Europe to show teams around the world what they could do, he also stated that he wanted to get to at least the Quarter-Final stages of the Shield. Sevilla dominated 51% possession, with 18 out of 28 shots on goal.

Both teams battled it out in the first half, but both of the sides couldn't break the deadlock in the first 40 minutes, the opening goal of the night came in the 41st minute, Ndri Romaric casually rolling the ball into the back of the net. The score was 1-0 at half time.


(A single Romaric goal gave Sevilla a 1-0 lead at half time)

Two goals were scored in the second half, both coming Sevilla's way, the first of the two in the 55th minute, Brazilian Corrreia Adriano thundering a overhead kick into the back of the net. A fantastic goal. Sevilla scored the third and final goal of the night in the 66th minute, Romaric bagging his second of the night smashing the ball into the roof with venom.

Sevilla have booked there place into the second round, they play Turkish side Fenerbahce next Friday.


(Goals from Romaric and Adriano in the second half, gave Sevilla a 3-0 victory)

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

Mackey couples County job with South African post !


Danny Mackey has been recently appointed as the new South African national team manager.

They said after the amazing job that the Englishman has done at Notts County that there was only ever 1 man they wanted for the job.

Mackey has said that he already is pretty sure what his line-up and tactics will be for his first game in charge, a friendly away in Algeria.

He also stated that with the current World Cup qualifying group stages, with you having to finish in the top 2 of 5 teams to qualify, that it would be amazing if his side could qualify for the inaugral World Cup Finals, but to be more realistic he said he is aiming for a top-3 finish and if they do qualify then that would just be the greatest achievement ever for this national team considering the current situation, with the national team currently in turmoil and ranked by FIFA as only the 70th best national team in the world.

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Guest King Kolo

Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

Lost 2-0 to Mallorca.

Still 8th Though.

Most Annyoing News is that Numancia beat Barca 2-0 and are Out of Relegation B)

Anyway I better Beat Barca on Wednesday.

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

Disappointing results today, only won 7-0. :(

Jokes, w00t! :D :D

Leeds 7-0 Carlisle


Marko PEROVIC (16)

Mbo MPENZA (57)

Marko PEROVIC (68)


Mbo MPENZA (73)

Josip COLINA (75)

1. K STEPPE 10



4. Á DAVID ABRAHAM (75) 1 10

5. J COLINA 1 10

6. C LEIVA 8


8. O IASHCHUK (75) 8

9. S MAIERHOFER (60) 1 10

10. M MPENZA 2 10

11. M PEROVIC 2 10

12. M MADL (75) 8

13. S TANGHE -

14. I OUALI (75) 9


16. J TADIC (60) 10

Not bad. :)

Also, Tranmere lost 3-1, and Leicester lost as well, so we are now 1 points behind Tranmere (3rd) and 6 behind Leicester (2nd). Coventry in 1st are out of sight, 14 points out of sight. 4 points ahead of Peterborough (5th), and 8 ahead of Millwall, the important one, who are 7th. Aiming for play-offs.

As well as my 9-2 thrashing of Swindon, I now have a goal difference of 27. :D

Just 4 points of the top managers listing as well. Unlikely to break back into it though, what with other teams in the SMFA cup and shield, and a lot of other cups finishing already.

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

County News


Here is the Notts County Football Club's squad after 19 league games, exactly half-way through the 1st season :

Player Pos Age Rt SM Val Chair Val Ctr Sal

HRDINA , Miroslav Gk 32 75 £274k £230k - 5 yrs £3,650

RODIC, Silvio Gk 21 78 £1.3M £1.4M - 5 yrs £3,500

KRBECEK, Lukas Gk 22 78 £1.3M £1.4M - 5 yrs £3,450

STENILD NIELSEN, Kenneth Gk 21 78 £1.3M £1.7M - 4 yrs £3,450

HUYGEBAERT, Jeremy LB 19 73 £203k £210k - 4 yrs £3,400

JAMES, Lloyd RB/RM 20 72 £88k £90k - 4 yrs £3,450

KOKALOVIC, Elvis RB 20 80 £2.1M £3.1M - 3 yrs £3,500

DZOGAN, Lukas CB/DM 21 78 £1.3M £1.7M - 4 yrs £3,450

MATIC, Marijan CB 21 74 £341k £300k - 3 yrs 3,600

PRSKALO, Marko CB/DM 22 72 £83k £60k - 5 yrs £3,500

MACHA, Michal CB 22 70 £10k £10k - 3 yrs £3,500

NIELSEN, Christian CB/DM 23 76 £722k £850k - 2 yrs £7,400

MALOCA, Mario CB/DM 19 80 £2.2M £3.2M - 3 yrs £3,500

BARBARIC, Tomislav CB 19 74 £361k £390k - 5 yrs £3,600

TITI, Cristian CB 20 71 £22k £20k - 2 yrs £3,450

HIRD, Sam CB 19 72 £91k £90k - 4 yrs £3,600

GOMES, Mike Def 20 71 £22k £20k - 5 yrs £3,500

GASHI, Shkelzen LM/AM 20 80 £2.1M £2.7M - 2 yrs £3,500

KOLÁR, Lubos LM/LB 19 75 £563k £570k - 2 yrs £1,280

TORRES, Mariano Néstor LM/LB 21 74 £341k £260k - 5 yrs £3,550

MAJOROS, Árpád LM 24 77 £951k £770k - 2 yrs £3,700

MUSAT, Nicolae LM/LB 21 76 £765k £660k - 3 yrs £3,650

VYSKOC, Lubomír RM/RB 29 76 £525k £400k - 3 yrs £3,550

LARSEN , Peter Orry RM 19 72 £91k £80k - 5 yrs £3,500

TOSIK , Jakub RM/CM 21 75 £532k £430k - 5 yrs £7,100

ZATARA, Imad RM 23 70 £10k £10k - 2 yrs £3,500

MUSIL, Petr RM 27 80 £1.6M £2.1M - 5 yrs £3,600

LACNY, Milos RM 20 74 £351k £340k - 2 yrs £3,550

CRISTESCU, Alexandru Daniel DM 21 71 £22k £10k - 2 yrs £3,350

GUERRIERO, Ludovic DM/CM 23 80 £1.9M £2.5M - 4 yrs £3,600

GORELOV, Sergei DM/CB 23 71 £21k £10k - 2 yrs £3,450

ELSIK, Pavel Mid 22 76 £743k £640k - 3 yrs £3,400

SULEK, Peter CM/AM 20 75 £547k £550k - 5 yrs £3,500

BATATA, Leandro CM 29 75 £365k £260k - 2 yrs £7,100

ORSULIC, Marin CM 21 77 £1.0M £950k - 4 yrs £3,650

VENDELBO, Mikkel CM/AM 21 78 £1.3M £1.3M - 2 yrs £7,400

DERLEY, Jesus Sousa CM 22 72 £83k £50k - 5 yrs £3,450

FLORESCU, Gheorghe AM/LM 24 83 £3.2M £4.9M - 4 yrs £7,300

THIAGO, Pinto AM 19 76 £809k £860k - 3 yrs £3,600

NIELSEN, Matti AM/Wing 20 70 £10k £10k - 3 yrs £3,400

HØEGH, Dennis Wing/Fwd 19 75 £563k £570k - 5 yrs £1,360

AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick Fwd 19 78 £1.4M £1.7M - 2 yrs £3,400

YAKUBU, Shaibu Fwd 21 73 £192k £140k - 5 yrs £3,600

RISE, Lasse Fwd 22 74 £331k £260k - 2 yrs £3,300

SEPUYA, Eugene Fwd 25 78 £1.2M £1.0M - 3 yrs £1,340

BARABAN, Ivan Fwd/AM 20 75 £547k £570k - 4 yrs £3,500

HRNCEVIC, Antonio Fwd/AM 24 80 £1.9M £2.5M - 5 yrs £7,700

FUJERIK, Lukás Fwd 24 77 £951k £810k - 3 yrs £3,600

SHALA, Fisnik Fwd 19 70 £10k £10k - 5 yrs £3,300

LEANDRO BARRIOS, Rita Fwd 22 77 £1.0M £960k - 2 yrs £7,500

JACOBSEN, Anders Fwd 18 70 £10k £10k - 3 yrs £3,450

SMETANA, Ondrej Fwd 26 78 £1.1M £1.0M - 2 yrs £3,450

BEUKERT, Nino Fwd 20 71 £22k £20k - 2 yrs £3,550

BALDOCK, Sam Fwd 19 65 £36k £20k - 3 yrs £1,260

SZEKELY, Szabolcs CF 23 71 £21k £10k - 2 yrs £3,500

SIMR, Pavel CF 25 75 £471k £350k - 4 yrs £3,550

SMREKAR, Matija CF 19 80 £2.2M £2.9M - 5 yrs £3,400

Senior Squad Summary

Number of Players Average Rating Average Age Average Value Total Value Average Wage Total Wages

57 74 21 £742k £42.3M £3,823 £217,940

As you would be able to see from earlier posts there has been massive improvements in the squad from the first game of the season, and unbelievable improvements from the first day of pre-season.

Mackey has also said that he will carry on striving to improve the squad all the time, and in the upcoming days there shall be major wholesale changes at the club. The club are currently £135k in debt but many of the current squad will be able to leave the club in the upcoming days as many of their transfer bans shall be running out.

Notts County currently sit top of the English 5th Division at the exact half-way stage, and are top by 5 points and 23 goals to 2nd placed Burton Albion.

Mackey stated that he now expects the club to carry on the 2nd half of the season in the same fashion they did in the 1st half of the season, and to earn promotion from the English 5th Division to the English 4th Division in his first season in charge, and to also do it as English 5th Division Title Winners.

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread


406_1195780441.gif Karlsruher SC 2 - 3 Bayern Munchen 391_1195739653.gif

Breathing space for Bayern!

Bayern took fulll advantage after VFB Stuttgart dropped 2 points to Borussia Monchengladbach.

Bayern took the lead after just 5 minutes when Quinonez nodded a corner into the net. on 13 minutes Barbosa Alecsandro had a shot saved by Costa but made no mistake with his follow up. Just after the half hour mark Barbosa Alecsandro gave the home side an unlikely lead. Quinonez leveled the scores before half time after the ball was pulled back from the by-line to him.


Quinonez joined in the deal that saw Breno leave at the start of the season, proving he was a good signing?? Time will tell

In the second half it was all Bayern, they took a much deserved lead when Klose headed powerfully past the Keeper. 3-2 is how it ended, a little close but Bayern will be happy with a win.

Bayern extend their lead at the top to 4 points.

Next up for Bayern is Kickers Offenbach in the German Sheild Quarter Final.

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

Reserves Batter Twente!

Ajax 11 - 0 FC Twente

Ajax piled more pressure on PSV at the top of the table after another straight win, now six in a row. The reserves which were forced to play after Ajax's 3-2 SMFA Shield win over Racing Santander did themselves justice and pushed for a regular first team place with this win, Savo Milosevic especially proved that age is no barrier and he would carry on scoring, making it 7 goals in 4 games after this win.

2: GOAL!! - The short corner is picked up by Savo MILOSEVIC who curls it round the unsighted keeper!

6: GOAL!! - Alberto LUIS SUAREZ converts a fantastic cross with a well placed header!

17: GOAL!! - Poor communication at the back allows Dennis ROMMEDAHL to score!

30: GOAL!! - Savo MILOSEVIC hits a powerful right foot shot into the onion bag! He'll be proud of that one!

48: GOAL!! - A cross from the left is headed home by Savo MILOSEVIC!

49: GOAL!! - Kenneth PEREZ caresses in a curling shot! What technique!

54: GOAL!! - Dennis ROMMEDAHL ran onto a through ball and thumped it into the top corner!

55: GOAL!! - Aleksey IGONIN finishes from a yard

62: GOAL!! - Savo MILOSEVIC slots it home after some neat footwork!

71: GOAL!! - A long ball down the middle is collected by Aleksey IVANOV who drills home a right foot shot!

75: GOAL!! - An amazing goal by García GABRI! The keeper had no chance! Were running out of superlatives to describe this guy! He's on fire!

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

418_1201573379.gifVFL Bochum 0 - 2 VFL Wolfsburg419_1202282867.gif

Wolfsburg win there 4th game in a row 2-0 against Bochum thanx to goals from Ledesma in the very first minute 1: GOAL!! - Receiving the ball on the left Pablo LEDESMA skips inside his marker and curls in a shot from 25 yards! and Marcelinho 58: GOAL!! - A mix up in midfield enables Santos MARCELINHO to run through and confidently slams a low shot past the advancing keeper!

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Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread

Bayern win 12-2 to progress to the German Sheild Semi Final...

The Semi Final Draw..

German Shield Fixtures » Semi Final (13th Oct)German Shield

FC Schalke 04 - Eintracht Frankfurt


Hmmmmm... :confused:

Now.. send a ticket or not.. :rolleyes:

Seems odd to me. But there again when there are only 3 Semi Final Games one team has to play themselves in the next round :confused::P

I'd leave it mate. You're guaranteed to be in the final no matter what team you put out. Let us know what the score is B)

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