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think my accounts been hacked...

jimmy carr

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ive just been on holiday and came back and one of my teams has been taken over by someone else (ive managed them for about a year and a half now and to lose them now is dissapointing).

Fair enough if this is because of the not logging in often enough rule but.... its also saying im running multiple accounts when i try taking over another team in the same division which is confusing to say the least

the other thing is, is my user name has been changed to joe blogs.... :confused:

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Re: think my accounts been hacked...

Go to the SM home/club overview bit. There will be a box with "Support Tickets" in it under the display pic. Press that and it allows you to send a ticket to the ppl at SM, give as much information as you can.

If your lucky they'll prob giv u your club back and block the guy who hacked u. Fortunately this has neva happened to me so i cant guarrantee it though.

Good luck :)

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Re: think my accounts been hacked...

Have asked SM to re look but with no promises ,at the end of the day its up to you to make sure its secure.

Password protection

One of the biggest contributions you can make to keep your account secure is by creating a strong password and keeping it safe.

A very common way a password may be compromised is simply to guess at what it might be. People often choose passwords that are easy to remember, keeping them short and uncomplicated. Unfortunately, in making the password easy to remember, you are also making it easy for someone who knows just a little bit about you to guess it.

Passwords may also be guessed if they are words that can be found in the dictionary. Thieves use programs to try every word in a dictionary as your password, hoping that one of the words will eventually match.

You can protect your password from these dangers by following a few easy principles:

* Always choose a strong password to protect your account.

* Mix upper and lowercase letters as well as using symbol characters.

* Create unique passwords for each one of your accounts.

e.g. You may want to set your password to be 'Soccer', you could change this by adding in a number and a mix of capital and lowercase letters - like 'S@cc3r' - and you increase your security considerably.

Account Logging In and Out

To play Soccer Manager you need to 'Login' with you email address and password. Whenever you leave your computer you should 'Logout' from the log out link which can be found on the top right of the page ,This will stop people from changing any of your settings on your account.

If you are using a public computer make sure you click the 'Never For This Site' button when logging in:

Spoof Private Messages

If you ever receive a Private Message asking for your account password please report them via a support ticket.:)


Got back to me.

They cant do nothing if like you say had account hacked besides changing your name which they offered to do ,closed your ticket after your abusive reply ,personally if this was the case i would have said bye bye to you altogether ,it was your own fault at the end of the day.

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