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world greates derby's

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Ok, here you can post what you think what are the best world rivalries.

You can write what you heard, read, or seen.

One of the biggest derbies in the world for sure is Hajduk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb.

One guy from another forum wrote a good text about it.

'' dinamo-from zagreb, biggest city and croatia's capital, northern croatia

hajduk-from city of split in historical and biggest croatian region dalmatia (southern croatia)

two different mentalities, two different lifestiles. when there is a derby between those two it ain't only a club thing, it has much deeper roots. days before the derby you can get your head smashed if someone notice you speak with dalmatian accent in zagreb just for being dalmatian, no matter you're a football fan or not. try to walk in dinamo shirt in split, you'd last for about 15minutes. in city derbies people can walk in the same city with shirts of two clubs, but unless you have big police cordon don't dream coming to split in blue shirt. my northern friends can confirm you that it's really hard to remember when the last game on poljud wasn't stopped for at least 4-5 minutes because of some riots or flares being thrown at the pitch. last derby when modric was taking corner he had knives being thrown at him and when torcida was visiting zapresic(small town near zagreb) for a game, dinamo fans attacked them, no matter we didn't play against dinamo. if you're in the wrong part of the country wearing wrong colour of shirt-than you can have derby anyday. torcida had transparent "prvaci ili mrtvaci" (champions or dead-for players) and they even digged up 11 graves on our stadium during night because hajduk was playing bad as a warning for our players. football is very serious thing between those two clubs...after all we (torcida) are the oldest ultra group in europe so you can call us "daddy". ''

when torcida was visiting zapresic(small town near zagreb) for a game, dinamo fans attacked them

That was massive fight, over 100 arrested, bbb against torcida. Dinamo was playing in Zadar (Dalmatia) and Hajduk in Zapresic (near Zagreb). BBB waited them on the highway and attacked them.

Few years before, torcida burned one car near Split with Zagreb license plates.

PS: i think that the best derbies are on the Balkans, and Boca - River plate

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Re: Best derbies in the world

Boca Juniors vs River Plate (Superclásico)

From Wikipedia -

"Boca Juniors is traditionally regarded as the club of Argentina's working class, in contrast with the supposedly more upper-class support base of cross-town Atlético River Plate. The rivalry between Boca Juniors and River Plate is most intense, and the team's fans usually take to distribute posters to tease the other after a defeat between them or even a loss in any major competition, or to show off after winning the local league or an international championship.

This derby is considered to be the most exciting in the world. In 2004, British newspaper The Observer made a list of 50 sporting things you must do before you die, with Watch Boca Juniors Play River Plate in Buenos Aires at the top of the list. Due to their huge fan bases (Boca has 40% of the Argentine population and River 33%, contrary to the popular claim that Boca is club of the half plus one (la mitad más uno), and remarkable success, the enmity broadspans an important part of the country's populace.

Known worldwide for the passion of the fans, the stands of both teams are loaded with passionate songs (often based on popular Argentine rock band tunes) against their rivals, fireworks, flags and rolls of paper. Sometimes ending in riots between the hardest supporters of both sides or against the police. Tourists from around the globe come to Argentina to watch the match, sometimes even with packages that include a ticket to the Superclásico."

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Re: Best derbies in the world




The San Siro stadium in Milan is the home of this weekend’s featured rivalry game between two teams who both call the stadium home. AC Milan and Inter Milan are set to square off for the 265th time to determine supremacy in the city. AC Milan has the bragging rights with 104 wins compared to Inter’s 88 victories. The two sides have walked away equals 72 times.

AC Milan has had the better run of things for the past 15 years, but there are many who believe that the balance of power is starting to shift back in Inter Milan’s favor. Sitting atop the Serie A standings this season and with its biggest rivals docked points, this might just be the year that Inter captures the Scudetto.

On the other side of the rivalry is AC Milan, one of the most successful clubs in the world. Despite starting the season 17 points in the hole because of their role in the match fixing scandal, AC Milan has risen to the middle of the table with just one loss in their first eight matches.

Full of passion, history, tough play and illuminated by flares, the Milan Derby is never quite predictable on the field or in the stands.

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Re: Best derbies in the world

The biggest rivalries are AFC AJAX (Amsterdam) VS (Rotterdam) Feyenoord.

It is a match between the two largest cities of the Netherlands, which are both quite distinct from each other. Amsterdam is a historic, touristic as well as a business city (the 6th most important in Europe) and it is the (financial) capital of the country. Furthermore the city identifies itself with artists, creativity and sophistication. Whilst Rotterdam hosts the biggest port of Europe and thus identifies itself with hard, no-nonsense, industrial labour. There have been many violent clashes between the supporters of both clubs, of which the Beverwijk fight in 1997 was the most infamous, resulting in the murder of Ajax supporter Carlo Picornie.

and even more Ajax are rivals whit Inter Milan in the UCL.


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Re: Best derbies in the world

DINAMO & SPLIT, Not Even A Derby :P

Celtic Rangers Isent What it Once Was, But Its Still Up There,

Boca River In Terms Of Football Its Probily The Biggest These Days Any Other Derby Usually Means Theres Some Sort Of Divide Wether It Be Political or Whatever Both Boca & River Come From Argentina Both From The Boca Distrect of B.A.

Dont Mention Any English Derbies None Of Them Come Close To Games In Scotland/Norn Ire & Your Biggest Game Isent Even a Derby :rolleyes:

But Millwall/West Ham Is Probily The Bigest Local Derbie There. Even If Milwall Are Slowly Dying :o

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Re: Best derbies in the world

well its Galatasary v Fernabache

not to mention HEARTS V the hobos (Hibs) which in the in the last 6/7 years have produced better entertainment and more goals than the old squirm game. Although this season we have been poor, but with the Hobos playing better football, and us over the last 4/5 years consistantly threatening the old squirm (untill this season lol) we have both had better games than that other "pair" ;):D

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Re: Best derbies in the world

My pick is...

Nottingham Forest - Notts County

The oldest league football club in the world (Notts County) is part of the oldest derby in the world. Although it's a match with a lot of tradition it has lost a bit of it's glory due to the sportive distance between the two clubs nowadays.

Plenty more examples on this site


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Re: Best derbies in the world

Some texts from another forum, interesting

By hajduk fan

-In former yougoslavien league there were 4 rivals (hajduk,zvezda,partizan & dinamo), hajduk & dinamo represented croatia side and zvezda & partizan serbian. in those days fan groups od hajduk and dinamo didnt have that much hate as today cuz in that time nacional ideas rised up againced the serbian-chetnik side, so it even happened that croatian groups travel together on maches againced serbian clubs. it was the end for yugoslavia...

-after the war new generations started to firm with new ideas nad styls (many of "old-school" members lost their lives during the war and slowly it was the end of one legendary generation)

-hajduk and dinamo as the 2 legendary croatian clubs left to battle between each other. the situation between the fans startet to be itense (fights in bouth citys wich left some peaple scarved for life) the thing startet to get worse since the first croatian president tuđman decided say in public that he is a dinamo fan (few years later changed the name in croatia zagreb cuz dinamo is communist name), since he changed the name he started to order that croatia z. has to be the champion every year (so the refereing in croatia was ridiculos) many of torcida members were so mad that many of the members went to prison cuz they offended tuđman in stadiums. even thou bbb didnt want anything to do with "croatia" the situation between th fans got worse and worse...so we had our own mach in the dinamo-hajduk cup mach where massive fights between torcida and bbb hapenet...the biggest fight in croatia and it was latter called "bloddy derby"...

today after few fights more, burned car and 1 changed name we apsolutly have no contact....2 completly opposite stands and stlys. the other goups are trying to cache on but most of them arent even close. i will menchon armada cuz there is a big hate between us and them (mostly cuz they and serbs decided to fight againced torcida in former yu, and many serbs along with other still live in rijeka)

-split and zagreb are the 2 biggest citys in the country. in split most of opinions are that its not fair that 90% of money go to zagreb and it is not spred to the whole croatia. its ugly to see on tv how many things they invest and most of places in croatia have almost nothing.

-torcida dosent want anything to do with politics, simply cuz politics is a BICH , our only politics is hajduk split...

-peaple from south have medditerian spirit, its a thin line between calm and agresive and on the derby day the whole city is crazy, everybody is talking about the result and all other subjects are on second place...favorites days in my life

Reply by dinamo fan

agree mostly, but the truth is that we didn`t like each other even in ex-yugoslavia times (except in 1990-91). i know that u don`t like to talk about politics background, but there is some defenitely. hajduk had much more supporters all over yugoslavia no matterr of their etnicity, and that`s not the case with dinamo. we had supporters only among croats and some of slovenians. i can agree on the fact that dalmatians didn`t support hajduk for its political background, but others surely did. i won`t say that u weren`t croatian club, but u hadn`t been that marked as croatian nationalists as dinamo had. dinamo supporters would like to said before that when u say u are dinamo`s it shows who u are(croat) and when u say u are hajduk`s it shows only where do u come from (dalmatia). when u were talking about 90`s and refeeres u should said that dinamo had by far the best team in croatia in those times so we didn`t need any help. let`s be honest, i remember only one big steal in that time and it was in the cup final between dianmo and zagreb, when goran marić was catastrophic (even dinamo fans started to cheer for zagreb). i know that u are going to mention rijeka 99, but its there fault they couldn`t beat osijek on kantrida. i don`t know how old are u and do u remeber that game, but osijek sholud lead at least 2-0 on the halftime. on every other your statement i agree. except, of course, about economy statement

all of that about hajduk and split is truth, and i don`t think that hajduk was the biggest commie club in yugoslavia. of course, it wasn`t (just take a look on titles that won zvezda and partizan and than compare it with hajduk and dinamo). it`s just that dinamo shouldn`t won title under any circumstances. that was matter of national security. it`s almost the same with hajduk during 80`s when u also stopped being part of regim. but u were previleged in compare with dinamo, not serbian clubs. don`t think i have something against dalmatians, of course that didn`t have anything with people. hajduk was and is a symbol of split and dalmatia even more and that`s gonna stay.

my dad always say to me that only world class team in ex-yu was hajduk in mid 70`s. they were maybe the best in europe, but that mentality(lako ćemo) destroy them. that was very suprisingly for me coz i thought he would said zvezda in 1991, but he stick to the hajduk.

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