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Re: Seydou Keita

Hey, just popping this thread up since I have a question regarding Keita. I manage Sevilla and have Keita in my squad. Would it be a wise decision to use Keita (28 yo; rated 92) + 10-15 M to buy Luka Modric (22, but soon to be 23 yo; rated 91)? I'd really appreciate a response, and all helpers will be rewarded with rep. ;)

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Re: Seydou Keita

its all down to taking a risk and if its a long or short term plan you have in mind.

Modirc has the capabilities imo to be a 94 in the future, and Spurs will be a platform for him up to 93 ovr the next few years, he will undoubtedly be a starter for spurs, who should have a more succesful epl season and are playing in the UEFA cup.

I can see him hitting 92 next season.

Keita on the other hand is playing for barcelona, who will be challenging for the la liga and CL.

But he wont be a start every week, although it depends on what the new boss wants to do, he will play a role. so he should keep his rating but if injruies or good form comes his way, he could hit 93.

Id do the deal, or sell keita for a couple of promising 89's :)

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