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Tranmere Rovers - Setup 809 - What direction should we go?

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I have been in charge of Tranmere in this Setup since the setup began. I am in Division 3 and in the first season I lost in the second round of both cups and finished 4th in the league therefore missing out on promotion by a point.

I am 15 games into the second season and I am 6th in the league so in a play off position and I got beat in the 3rd round of the English Cup to 2nd Division Sheffield United, I beat Chelsea (Division1) in the Shield and tonight I play Yeovil in the 3rd round of the shield.

The club has been as you can see quite successful since I took over but my squad is very old. I signed players who are 35+ with 80+ ratings. I have a squad of 32 which has an average age of 34!

Should I start slowly getting rid of my old players and signing low rated upcoming youngsters? or stay with my current tactic of old players who have good ratings already?

Suggestions welcome.

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Re: Tranmere Rovers - Setup 809 - What direction should we go?

Yes , eventually these players will retire and you will struggle to be succesful

A good idea is to p/e your higher rated players for some young talent who will only rise

EG, Hart , Rajkovic , Nasri , Bojan etc etc

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