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The Ugliest Players Ever !!!!

Guest Mr. Razzcocks

The Ugliest Players Ever !!!!  

  1. 1.

    • Ronaldinho
    • Anatoliy Tymoschuk
    • Benoit Pedretti
    • Carlos Tevez
    • Hamad Al Montashari
    • Rio Ferdinand
    • Wayne Rooney
    • Philip Cocu

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Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!!

Wow now that's a sexy Scot (sorry Fraser) :D

Ronaldinho's teeth and incredibly hideous' date=' he really needs braces that's for sure :o[/quote']

yes he has said he always wanted a pair of nice braces, but that they are all to dull and not laced with gold and non of them is less than a 100000 euros:(

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Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!!

Anyway , give an example of where I've spammed .

I'll be happy to oblige mate.

Gnrals Barkley - Crazy ! :D :D :D

You have loads of err.... strange stuff about your intimate parts :D .

I bet the girls love going around your house ona Friday night :P

It's a hoe .

Blue tit a nicholas cage ?

Sheesh !:eek: Chill.

21 views but no replies ?:mad: Come on guys !

21 views but no replies ?:mad: Come on guys !

And thats just a speck of your nearly 1300 posts on the SM forum.I've only had 400 and Ive never spammed in me life!!

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Guest Chris_16

Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!!

OMG this is the best thread ever! :D

But where the hell is Alan Dzagoev?!

Sorry I cannot post a pic of him as I don't know how :mad: But you can search for a pic of him even on SM :D

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