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Brazilian Risers.


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My Brazilian Risers

Willian Magrão- Gremio


Willian Magrao looks to be a great talent , he has played 11 out of Gremios 17 that they have played this season , as gremio are top of the brazilian league Willian has scored 2 goals playing a total of 979 Minutes. He is 19 rated 80, could see a rise of +3/4.

Rafael Carioca



Rafeal has played 15 out of Gremio 17 but has not scored , he sometimes plays along side willian in CM . Like willian he is 19 rated 80 . He could rise to 84/85 if he carries on

MAURICIO , dos Santos


Muarico has played 4 games for palmeiras , he has played 425 minutes and scored 1 goal. He is a fantastic bagain and could get a rise of 76. Only 130k


Willians Santana has played 12 out 17 games totaling in 956 minutes , he has scored once since the start of the season and is onlyrated 76 on the DB. Only 700k and in a few months could be worth double that .

FELIPE , Trevizan

Could see a big rise in this guy , he has played 9 games and one sub totaling in 832 minutes of play , Felipe is only rated 71 on the DB, and only 10k , he is capable of a + 7/8 rise if he continues.

MARLOS , Romero

Rated 78 on the DB Romero has had 5 starts and for Coritbia , he has also had 7 sub ins. Scoring 2 goals , if he also carries on this guy could easily hit the 80 mark. Great Bargain.

RENAN , dos Santos

One of the biggest prostpects in brazil . Only rated 78 , renan has made 6 tarts between the sticks for Botafogo . Coulde easily hit 81/2 if he carries on , snap him up for just over a Million.

DANNY MORAIS, Bittencourt

Another super riser that has been mentioned a lot , played 8 games and 1 ssub in for intercontinal . Could see a rise to 80 is he makes a few more appeirances. Currently 23 rated 74.

that concluded today's more tommorow.:)

Criticism welcome

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Re: Brazilian Risers.

Yes they will ! SM reasearchers are carrying out maintanence ' date=' then they start with brazil. so proberly a few weeks[/quote']

Are you sure about that, the Brazilian rating changes were the previous ones so its unlikely SM would go back to them. :confused:

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Re: Brazilian Risers.

think they will ' date=' there are alot of ratings around the forum for brazil. so they should do .

anyway , is my first post and good to you?[/quote']

I've noticed alot of the Brazilian ratings have been put up around the forum and been confused as members have said the next changes will be section 3.

Only time will tell I suppose. :)

Anyway from what I've seen so far, the thread looks good mate, I'll be buying a few thats for sure. ;)

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