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Which forward should I trade?

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I have an oppportunity to purchase a 93 rated forward but need to trade in one of my 91 rated forwards. Which of the following do people think are least likely to retain their 91 rating or rise to 92 in the future?

Fabio Quagliarella (Udinese)

Pavel Pogrenbnyak (Zenit)

Fernandez Luis Garcia (Espanyol)

I'm leaning towards keeping Luis Garcia purely because he's valued at £3.5m less than the others by the club i'm trading him to. But the other 2 are younger and I reckon are more likely to get international appearances, UEFA Cup games etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Which forward should I trade?

In order of most likely to rise/keep their rating:



Luis Garcia

Quagliarella is a regular for Udinese, and may rise if he gets some more Italy games, as well as playing in the UEFA Cup.

Pogrebnyak is playing for the UEFA Cup holders and a team in the CL, and is also a regular for Russia, but I reckon Quagliarella's more likely to rise than him, mostly because Quagliarella plays in a better league.

I can't see Luis Garcia rising to 92, ever, and if anything will drop.

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