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Re: good for rooney?

30million + aguero is that a respectible fee for rooney or should i be expecting more?

don't do the deal, m8.

I mean I know Aguero is young and has loads of potential. But don't forget, Rooney is already 96 and he is still young :)

Also, I bet 30 mil won't buy you a lot in any setup :)

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Re: good for rooney?

WELL, I'd do the deal IF the 30 mil was worth something in your setup. :confused:

I think Rooney is over-rated at 96 and unless he has a good season he could drop to 95.

Aguero is a class act and WILL move to a bigger club sooner or later. I read reports that he was the 'BEST' player in La Liga last season and I'm expecting him to increase to 94 when Spain is reviewed next. He single handedly won Athletico Madrid a couple of games, you can't say that about Rooney and Man U last season (Ronaldo yes, Rooney no).

I guess 2 top class players would be better than 1 top class player/prospect and cash. For example Bojan and Aguero for Rooney would be SWEET! :D

I'd even take Nani and Aguero .... I think SM is biased towards english players or players in the EPL but hopefully one day that will seize to be the case. :rolleyes:


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