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The Division 4 Challenge!

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I've noticed that a lot of people on the forums (me included), have been taking teams in Div 4, in the hope of getting them into Div 1. I expect most of the managers have done the same as me, and sold off nearly the entire team and replaced them with youngsters.

Well for those forumers that have decided to take this challenge, or want to, then here is a thread where they can post about it! Match Reports, Transfer News, even show off your teams or league table! Do it all here.

For anyone interested in taking this challenge, I have made a Division 4 Team Guide, where you can see the stats on each team, and find out in advance which team you want to take over. The thread includes each team in Div 4, what league they are IRL, THe size of their stadium, the chairman's value of their entire team, their starting balance and promising youungsters. Each stadium is ranked, and each team is ranked based on overall value of team.

Of course you don't have to use this, it is only there if you want some help in choosing your team.

For the record, I am Huddersfield, and I'll post my team later if I get some interest. :)


Edit: I have since got rid of that Huddersfield, as I made the mistake of spending all my cash, and spending it on just youngsters, promising, but not players that will rise and they just take up the wage budget. Ended up running into debt.

So I have since started again, with two teams this time. My one in an EC is going strong, 2nd in the league and I have the likes of Isla, Okaka Chuka, Mario Martinez, Stocker, Carioca, etc. My 2nd one is in GC24 and is more down to risers from the Swiss, Belgian, and other external leagues.

Note: This is for anybody who has a taken a team of Div 4 or Div 5 of an EC or GC. Be it from the start of the setup, or from a team relegated to Div 4 when you took them over. Also, if you took over a Div 4 team ages ago, and are now soaring ahead in Div 3, 2, or even Div 1, feel free to post here as well. :)

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Darlington finally complete The Division 4 Challenge! After successive 1st place finishes to get into Division 1 we finished 2nd for two successive seasons. Fortunately

Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Finally done this.

Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

We won 1-0 as well, against Bournemouth. My team's pretty quality actually, but sadly wages terms we're losing £500k on away game, and gaining £100k at home. Hopefully we'll get a good cup run to keep me afloat, and some of my players in my youth squad will rise soon.

Team to come, I've got one player left to sell (Beckett), and I'm bringing in Hugo. I'm debating whether to get Narubin as well, but I'll have to offer Smithies as Narubin's the last keeper, and it'll take me down to around £500k with more wages, and Narubin doesn't rise for months yet, so I think I'll probably wait.

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!


New Huddersfield manager Ross Philp has signed a total of 23 players for the English side, in the hope that youth will get them promoted this season. He then hopes that the players who will be key this year will improve in years to come and make Huddersfield Town a dominant force in the English leagues. With 23 in, he had to show a lot of players the door and with 11 already out, he has said that there is still more to come. He has let go the English international keeper Alex Smithies, and has said that talents such as Skarz and James Berrett aren't safe at the club just yet. He has taken advantage of the budget that was available to him and has spent all of his £7m and still has £5m left over with player departures and freeing up wages. The board are pleased with Philp and has said that the club indefinitely has a bright future under the Scotsman. They reacted to shouts that he was wasting the club by saying that they should wait and see how the club is looking at the end of the year.

Youth has been Philp's policy when indulging into the transfer market, and he has signed future stars such as Marenich, Aleksic, Galvan, Dzagoev, Blicher, Felipe and Wass - those being the pick of the bunch. Philp has picked up these players for peanuts with a view to selling them in the future for multiple times their current value at Huddersfield Town. He has said that it may look like he is running the club like a business, but reacted saying that it will help it in the future. Philp said that he wants to make Huddersfield a club that players want to come to, and the chairman believes that such ambitions are great. It seems as if Philp has the immense backing of everyone at the club so far, and less than a week in.


Marc CROSAS - joined from Barcelona - £2.3m - "Captain for the season"


Barnola IGNACIO CAMACHO - signed from Atletico - £1.7m - "Vital role in the midfield"


Josip TADIC - sealed a deal from Dinamo Zagreb - £4.65m - "Inspirational forward"



Both managers felt that their sides were not ready for the opening encounter of the season, with little prepration on the training ground and many ins and outs on the transfer front - but the game had to be played. It ended with a 1-1 draw which seemed fair in the end with Barnola IGNACIO CAMACHO sealing a debut goal and Paul TERRY striking for the visitors just before the half-time break. Philp took plenty of positives from the match with captain Marc CROSAS playing well and young keeper dos Santos RENAN making some superb saves. Despite not having control on the possession front, his side hit 20 shots at goal with only one goal, Philp feels that with Josip TADIC now at the club that the goals will come - and he is expected to partner Eric BEKOE up top in the next match which is an away tie at managerless Northampton Town on Wednesday night. Philp believes at this point his team will be complete enough to take three points back home to the Galpharm Stadium.

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

First Team:


Beckett going out, Hugo coming in. Dani Aquino will be playing on the wing, so I have cover for every position. :)

Youth Team:




As you can see, absolutely massive, filled with either risers or very promising youngsters. Think I may have gone slightly over the top here. :o

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Some people have said that he could replace Farfan, although I don't think that's true. But my main reasoning for buying him, is I wanted 4 80+ players in my team, a CB, CM, AM, and CF (As I often play with an AM). I couldn't afford all 4, but I've got 3 78/79 DM/CM's instead. Also Manco is only 17, and one superb talent. He was also player of the U17 South American tournament. He scored in a friendly against Newcastle, and apparently could be in for small/big role at the club, although I'm not sure which. Either way he should get some sort of rise this season.

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Just taken over HUDDERSFIELD TOWN. I've already Placed bids on 40 youth players :o. That's my style with small clubs though. I'll look to bring in some Older lads now with higher ratings (just worrying about the Wage bill).

Hey Ben' date=' I just took over Leicester in the same setup. I only noticed when Hudderfield had bid for every player I searched, so I checked their team and found out you were manager. Now I [i']could[/i] wait until later tonight until you're offline and outbid you for them, and I seriously debated this, but I thought it would be harsh on you so instead I'll let you get your players and I'll focus on the ones you haven't bid on/interested in.

Hope you're grateful lol. :o

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Here is my Huddersfield squad.I have over spent and sadly am 200k in debt but I am going to be selling a player soon.It is not going to be half as good as some of the teams others have.How much did people get with Huddersfield?Is there also any other players worth buying in around the 300k area?


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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Hey guys' date=' I've also took over as Huddersfield, drew my first game :P needs some advice though, need a new CM, anyone got one who will rise to 80+ soon?[/quote']

Alan DZAGOEV, rated 75. He's sure to rise way beyond 80 imo.

45 players in for Hudders last night. 3 players sold for cash. And the value of the 3 players sold were more than the 45 bought in... as i now have 9 mil and before i had 6 mil.

Looking to buy 2 big young talents and then save the rest of the dosh for more recent risers who may pop up early into the season.

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Adriano Henrique 81 -> 85+ (Week 5)

Mathias Zanka Jorgensen 77 -> 81/82 (Week 5)

Abraham 84 -> 86/87 (Week 7)

Anderson Azevado (Search Anderson) -> 80 ->85 (Week 1)

Negretti 80 -> 85 (Week 1)

All CB's, and options. Henrique is by far the best choice if you haven't already got him, should rise soon, should rise high, and could get as high as 87/88 if he becomes a regular for Leverkusen.

For Full Backs:

LB Ulmer 78 -> 82 (Week 5)

RB Gansterer 80 -> 84 (Week 5)

LB Elange 80 -> 84 (Week 5)

LB Daprela 79 -> 83/84 (17yo) (Week 7)

RB Mutsch 80 -> 84 (Week 7)

LB Helder 80 -> 85/86 (Week 1)

RB Apodi 80 -> 86/87 (Week 1)

LB Marcio Azevado 82 -> 85/86 (Week 1)

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