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The Division 4 Challenge!

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!


I had around 15 matches tonight. Around 10 of them were against unmanaged teams. Unbelievably, I dominated the match in all 10, but only scraped wins in 2, lost 1 and drew 7. The Huddersfield result was one of the draws. 3-3 againts Orient. 59% possession, 17 shots to their 9, 12 on target to their 6. 2-0 up, then they drew level, with 9 minutes left they went 3-2 up but Manco equalised in the 85th minute. We dropped to 4th.

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Darlington finally complete The Division 4 Challenge! After successive 1st place finishes to get into Division 1 we finished 2nd for two successive seasons. Fortunately

Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Finally done this.

Re: The Division 4 Challenge!


Crewe Alexandra 2-4 Grimsby Town

Grimsby Town fans burst into celebration today after a whopping 4 goals from the meager away side stomps 2nd position club Crewe Alexandra.

Smrekar scores his second

Just nine minutes in, the Grimsby Town midfield found the oppurtunity to launch a sharp pass, tearing through the defense and finding the feet of Croatian striker Matija Smrekar. The Crewe Alexandra keeper stood no chance against the speeding shot that gave Grimsby the lead and Smrekar his second goal of the season.

Pizarro equalizes

Claudio Pizarro, on loan from Premier League side Chelsea, equalized the match 15 minutes in. The Peruvian, after weaving through the defense and then the keeper, scored his 3rd goal of the season from a difficult angle.

Grimsby lead again

It only took 4 minutes after Pizarro's goal for Czech center-midfielder Lukas Marecek to net a goal from distance that would put Grimsby Town back in the driving seat. This has been his first goal in his four league games.

Miura's efforts make it double

Japanese striker Miura refused to allow the match to stay at a risky one-goal lead. In the 52nd minute, he made sure that the margin was doubled, scoring from an accurate assist. 3-1 for the visitors.

Crewe try to recover

Crewe Alexandra continue their hard efforts. They had made three times as many shots and shots on target than Grimsby, but still, the iron-clad Onstad in goal for the visitors repelled all their attempts. In the 67th, however, a corner for the home team was headed out of the area, but Claudio Pizarro pounded the rebound into the goal from an unpredictable half-volley. A draw, if not a win, for Crewe was still in sight.

Serginho scores debut goal

As the home fans were still cheering over the goal, Brazilian Claudio Serginho, the ex-Milan free agent that Grimsby had picked up, makes use of his size by heading in the team's 4th goal. The home fans, who've just been screaming with joy, are left speechless as the away fans are the ones doing the celebrating.

Despite literally calling all the shots during the match, Crewe Alexandra conceded 3 points on the table today simply due to tactical disadvantages, an aspect that Grimsby Town manager Philippe Nguyen's squad built and capitalized on beautifully.:D


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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Cafu signs for Rochdale!!!


Believe the headline folks, as Rochdale sign former world-class right back Cafu from the free agency, on a fee of around 300k. Paul was shocked that he managed to pull off this signing.

"You bet I'm shocked! I never thought I'd pull this deal off, as others were looking at his availability. I only went for him as an audacious bid, and my bid was accepted! The fans are estactic, and why wouldn't they be!"

A full squad list has been issued by Paul, all of his signings bar one make the seniors:


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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!


Grimsby Town score to slide past Shrewsbury

Grimsby Town today faced Shrewsbury and won by
again. The three points was all they needed to continue their rise on the league table to 6th position.

The home team played with offensive tactics and in a 3-4-1-2 formation. Philippe Nguyen chose the usual starting line-up, giving Serginho his second appearance for the club.

After 25 minutes of gameplay, the away side's defenses were suddenly in a scramble, letting Czech center-mid
Lukas Marecek
, whose rating had recently risen from 75 to 78, slot the ball into the back of the net. That made two goals in five matches for the 18-year-old.

Play continued with both sides taking turns in intimidating the other with chances, but none of the chances were converted into goals. Tackles ensued as well, but the away side was more often the victim, as Grimsby Town recieved three yellow cards from the official.

After 90 minutes, Marecek was the only scorer and
the man of the match. Possession favored the host team, who had the ball 55% of the time. Grimsby also maintained a 50% shot accuracy in 16 shots, with Shrewsbury having 7 on target shots out of 11 shots overall.

Grimsby Town will be hoping to repeat this performance over Leicester City on Monday in the first round of the
English Shield


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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Philippe Nguyen holds press conference

Grimsby Town manager Philippe Nguyen today addressed the latest six youth signings that have arrived for the club as well as the challenge of the English Shield in a press conference.

The manager expects the youngsters to gradually 'unveil their potential' throughout the season. All of the prospects have been proven to be likely candidates for significant rises in the forum of this non-existent, imaginary world.

Philippe Nguyen commented in the imaginary
The players were all bought inexpensively, but will soon prove to be worth much more.

He also spoke about the upcoming match against Leicester City in the first match of the English Shield.
The opposition, like Birmingham City was in the English Cup a while back, is of a higher league, and as before, we will have to keep our chins up and eyes open throughout the match. Our players may not be as skilled as theirs, but we can win with strategy and a positive attitude.

Below are all six of the youth signings made by Nguyen.

Player name


DE LEON,Jonathan




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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Im in a bit of trouble.

Getting -300k every away game and only about 100k every home game :mad:

If you win more games do you get more money in sponsers etc?

Number of Players 135

Average Rating 73

Average Age 19

Average Value £642k

Total Value £86.7M

Average Wage £4' date='883

Total Wages [b']£659,325[/b]

U think u hv problems??? ;)

And yeah u do get more money from merchandising and sponsorship, before stadium additions u cld easily end up getting more from merchandising than ticket sales! :rolleyes:

Btw, dont underestimated the cup... a good run can win u about a million a game if ur lucky :)

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Re: The Division 4 Challenge!

Lol I get £20k every home game, lose £500k every away game. :P Gonna have to survive on risers and cup games methinks.

Lol tonight we play Arsenal in the shield. I'm actually quite hopeful, they have just 16 player over 78 (all 87+) including Buffon, Puyol and Messi, but they have only 6 players that are fully fit. The rest are all in the 70's and 60's, and Gallas and Puyol are injured.

Will let you know how we fare. :D

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