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Profile Pics Requests

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Me and Liverpool99 Have decided to make this thread because there is none other like it, people often ask for sigs and skins but never profile pics. Me and Liverpool99 will be designing profile pics

Re: Profile Pics Requests How about we have a go at the Rooney and Ronaldo one now and WHEN berbatov signs we will make you another one okay mate! Thanks Kyle Turner

Re: Profile Pics Requests

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Re: Profile Pics Requests

Hi Mate, could i be a bit cheeky and ask for a profile pic and a sig?

if you can do them that would be awesome :D

Right so,

for the profile pic could i have:

the stretford end quadrent corner of old trafford with the championsleague trophy with a gold outline and have Berbatov on the left side of the trophy and Nani on the right side of it? :) and then have the man utd crest in the top left hand corner with a gold outline :D with Dan Griffin MUFC just below the champs league trophy :)

for the sig could i have a name creater, could i have D.Berbatov and his stats etc. at the top, then D.Griffin Age 12 Position F/W Right footed, with a rating of 99 :D then below me have tevez and rooney and there stats :) but obv for me dont have the age, position wrting, have it in the same format as tevez rooney n berbs will be ;)

And also could u make sure its the right size for a sig on the sm forum because the ones that have been made for me have not been the right size and i dont know how to size them thanks :D

if this is too hard or you are confused which i would be please pm me and i will decide something else for you to do :) please take your time because i know this sounds cheeky but ya know :D


Dan Griffin C.R.L

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Re: Profile Pics Requests


Great wording... You have a good pension from it? :P

lool. Pensions great thanks.:)


Here's that Quaresma one' date=' not that good though mate.



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