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Division 4 - English Championship Challenge?

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Okay, today 'English Championship 1700' was made, and i was browsing the teams on the english championship i had an idea and that was if it would be possible to get forumers and people off the chatroom to pick a team in Division 4 in 'English Championship 1700', and see which manager could lead their team to promotion glory in the league.

In this task it will be a tough manegerial challenge as you would have to have skills in the tactics side of the game and the transfer and negotiation side of the game, in order to create a team which could possibly go far in the english championship.

Finally, it will also require a clever and experienced manager to achieve success in division 4.

So if you join, post a reply on this topic and tell me what team you are.

Similar to the division 4 challenge thread, people can post match reports, transfer news, match previews etc. I shall be doing so later with my club 'Stockport County'.

Thanks, Adam Selby (Chatroom)

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Re: Division 4 - English Championship Challenge?

Why not :) I have took over Yeovil in division three but do look forward to friendlies and Cup matches with you lot.

Shame ill be in prem before ya :)

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Re: Division 4 - English Championship Challenge?

Say no Arsenal4ever :confused: ... Too late now...

Yeovil signings

Christian Titi

Kyasrios Papadopulos

Savio Nserenko

Vladmir Koman

Silvano Raggio Garbeldi

Alberto Bueno

Nacer Barazite

Another 7-8 in for tommorow hopefully.

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Re: Division 4 - English Championship Challenge?

Latest News - Stockport County English Championship 1700


Over the last 24 hours, Manager Adam Selby has brought in a numerous amount of players. Many of them being between the rating of 70-80. The age of his signings very from players in their 30's to players who are still in their teens. His aim was to basically buy a whole new squad of higher rating players in order to push for a promotion place in division 4. So with a total of 14 players being brought in for Stockport County it is thought that manager Adam Selby has big plans of where and when he wants Stockport County to be in Division 4.

Back to transfers, the two most noticeable and well-known signings have been:


1) Raul Asprilla - 16 Years Old - Value = 10k - Forward

Raul Asprilla has been tipped by many football icons around the world to be the next best thing. He is definitely a great bargain for Stockport County, and manager Adam Selby hopes his season gets off to a flying start, however their well be tough competition to get into the starting line-up with many other higher rating strikers pushing to play upfront.


2) Martin Galvan - 15 Years Old - Value = 25k - Forward

Martin Galvan along with Raul Asprilla has been also tipped to be one of the worlds best strikers in years to come. Already with the rating of 71 at an age of 15, he is definetly also going to be pushing for a first team place. Also with him being slighty dearer than Asprilla, manager Adam Selby hopes to include Martin Galvan in some type of role within the Stockport County starting XI.

All Players Transferred In:

Raul Asprilla

Martin Galvan

Orest Dorosh

Giorgos Koltsidas

Marcel Macha

Juan Balzar

Ivica Vastic

Jaime Bran Gomez

Craig Brewster

Gerardo Solana

Salvatore Russo

Claudio Suarez

Alan Dzagoev

Ideye Brown

Finally, it is also thought that Adam Selby with bolster his squad with more new signings and he hopes to bring in another 6-8 players. Rumours suggest that he is after Manchester City youngester Ched Evans, and he has placed him as his number 1 transfer target.

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Re: Division 4 - English Championship Challenge?

Northampton Town !!! :D

Manager: Sasha Loureiro

Brief summary of goings on in the Northampton camp.

Players in

TIAGO, Alexandre - Goalkeeper

RANDALL, Mark - Centre/Attack Midfield

OWUSU, Daniel - Defensive Midfield

HAZARD, Eden - Attack Midfield

NIKCI, Adrian - Wing

RAVASI, Jacopo - Centre Forward

ZATARA, Imad - Right Midfield

VYSKOC, Lubomir - Right Midfield/Right back

FILIPPINI, Marco - Right/Left back

CASTIGLIA, Luca - Centre Midfield

MAKITOLO, Mika - Right/Centre Midfield

Certain to leave the Northampton camp

HUBERTZ, Poul - Perugia (1.2million)

AKINFENWA, Adebayo - Lanciano (625k)

Certain to arrive

SHELVEY, Jonjo - from Charton Athletic (15k)

SIMPSON, Jay - from Arsenal (400k) : i seem to have some competition for this player despite having an offer accepted


Northampton Town seem to keen on raiding the Arsenal camp with Nordtveit and others of keen interest.

Northampton are also looking for experience and think they can get it in the figure of Teddy Sheringham who would be a cheap but valuable acquisition.

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