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Holiday mode improvement?

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Well, I've just used my first holiday mode period. Although, it did exactly what it says on the tin so to speak i.e stick to my formation and style, I must say I was left a tad disappointed. No fault of SM's I might add, because as I said it followed exactly what has been stipulated in its remit. My problem is that I have come back to find all first teamers fitnesses down to 40 or 50 in most of my teams. Might not be an issue for some, but as someone who likes to keep his player's fitnesses at 85+ in the main, I now find myself having to play depleted teams for the next few games in many of my teams.

I've also learnt much about many of my teams however. For those who believe that fitness plays no role in results, I can confirm that it certainly did in mine. Good results in the first few games were followed by defeats (in some cases heavy defeats) in the subsequent games for most of my 20 odd teams. Surely can't be coincidence and perhaps fitness plays more of a role than we think :confused:

Another tip, I have for those of you considering using holiday mode is to ensure that you set your team with the best possible players in your selected set-up, even if they are suspended/injured for one game. I didn't do this and found players with SM ratings of 93 (who were suspended for one game) out of the side whilst 88 rated players strutted their stuff on the field. I'm assuming if I had put the 93 rated player in the first team before I left, he would have been substituted by the AI for the first game but would have played the remaining games. Again no fault of SM as they clearly state no player will be substituted unless a player gets suspended/injured.

It would be good to hear the experiences of others who have used holiday mode :)

Suggested improvement

I wonder if the Holiday mode could become more advanced so that we can select a level at which we would like players to be replaced by other players from the squad. For example, I could set my holiday mode for my teams to replace players when they reach a fitness of 80. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement but it would certainly help managers who have no access to the internet. Without it, whole seasons may be ruined, especially in GCs.

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