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Okay these players all played 90 minutes at the weekend for their respective club, and going by my excellent Scottish football knowledge, they will continue to play week in week out for their teams. All of them at the moment are seriously under-rated to be starters for an SPL side, but this is understandable as it is their first full season in the league as established club players. I will continue to update their stats over the next few weeks and as to abide by Seft's five-game ruling, will be surprised should all not have got 450 minutes under their belts at that time.

CM/RM - MCDONALD, Gary : 77


LB/CB - MULGREW, Charlie : 78


RB THOMSON, Jason : 75


F/W MOLE, Jamie : 76


LM HANLON, Paul : 75


I will also keep an eye on Hamilton's next few results after a 3-1 home win against a full strength Dundee United tonight.

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Re: SPL quintet

Sandaza look's a player he scored against Celtic and scored a pen today it's just a pity he's at Dundee United or he would be banging them in. I don't think he'll be there long if things continue as they have been but the win today might just be what they needed. Anyway I certainly wouldn't mind him at Celtic or the mighty Hamilton as he wouldn't look out of place that's for sure i've been very impressed by him.

he's rated 72 not 73 so even better :D

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