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"A particular Club Wanted" Thread

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Re: "A particular club wanted" thread

Carl ill get you an untouched Real in World C or Euro C if you want. Should be able to get em tonight but if not Tomorrow 99% sure.:)

They will be brand new aswell.;)

Ask me who you want in what setup and i shall try my very best to get them. (This excludes Gold Championships):)

Please dont tempt my customers :(

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Re: "A particular club wanted" thread

I really want a good team in a gc if anyone has someone' date=' I'm willing to spend ;)

Most want Bayern Munich and has mostly untouched team!

P.S PM Me or write on here :)[/quote']

Hunty i Could do.. A Custom for My Bayern GC-50... if you want








Cristiano Ronaldo

Luke Young

Darren Bent


Aaron Lennon

and £53.1Million

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Re: "A particular club wanted" thread

I can get.

Anyone in English Championship Setup.

Anyone in World Championship Setup.

Anyone in European Championship Setup.

Anyone in Spanish Championship Setup (It is harder to get Barcelona and Real Madrid)

Anyone in Italian Championship Setup.

Anyone in German Championship Setup. (Bayern are very hard and there rarely created)

Anyone in French Championship Setup. (Lyon are basically impossible to get)

All theese are Brand New teams.

Pm me or post on here if you want anyone.:)

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