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The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread

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Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. A Clayts Wonder Will He Be Back.. Happy B-Day Widdy & Nath

Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread.

Ther have been a lot of threads made by wellwishers wishing SM players happy birthday ans how long they have been on SM. So, i have made a thread for people to do this called the birthday/Sm annivers

Re: The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread

Happy birthday Adonis + Lola + Moleo + sweeeeeet + Joel McCluskey + joel-mccluskey. Sorry If I've missed any of your other accounts :P

And happy b'day WATLW. Haven't seen you here for a while. Hope you've both had good days.

That was actually hilarious! :D

very witty!

cheers all who commented :D

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Quit the forum :(

Not well known so I will post here. :) Not sure if Ive posted in the right section :confused:

I am about to start a new Phase in my life. Just turned 17 yesterday and will be starting University (Medicine) very shortly. Whilst I should be celebrating, I have decided to announce that I'll be leaving the forums unfortunately.

Would like to apologize dearly to all the people who I was starting to get to know better. I know this was unexpected, but when you combine work, Uni, Guitar, studying 3rd language :o , friends, SM, 2 x forums and the timezone differences ... somethings gotta give :(

Have fun fellas, I just hope that more Aussies join in the future as this place is epic boredom around 2am - 8am GT. Until then, I may post the odd match report when I win the SMFA cup which could be another 5 years yet :P

Best of Luck to everyone and their teams and I hope that some of you will still be around in a couple of years time.

Adios, Sayonara, Au revoir, Zài jiàn, Tschüss and Good Bye. :)

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