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Well, with that last change of selecting Setup overview as a default page when selecting a club(bad one IMO), i have more personal thing to suggest regarding this. Tried to search, and didn't find something like this, so correct me if this has been suggested already...

I think that it would be great if players could select which page would open when they select a club. I am sure that different people want different home pages, so here's the thing.

I think that it would be great if we could select our own home page that would be first one to show when selecting a club. It could be done in player profile page for all the clubs at once. This way it would be more personal, and would please more people. I believe that it could be done, and that its not to hard to implement.

Any comments are welcome.

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Re: Home page choice

I like this idea. I personal preferred have the Setup Overview to a mixture of both, doesn't look right, although my preferred choice would a simple Club Overview as home page (but with the manager rankings on the side somewhere, I love those), with Setup overview available via a link. With the 2 merged together it doesn't look that good.

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