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Football Manager 2009

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Might as well start an FM09 thread :D

Should be a cracking game, although I'm pretty disappointed at the skin if it's the one being used in the videos.

Sports Interactive and SEGA have released information about Football Manager 2009 in the form of two documentary style videos looking at the history and success of Football Manager and information on the new features we're going to be seeing in FM2009.

Football Manager 2009 Feature List

The game will be released on the 14th of November. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

The Match Engine has had a big upgrade and is now in 3D. However the 2D match engine will still be there for people who want to use the 2D match engine. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

There are a couple more enhancements to the match screen including an updated time bar, which lets you rewind the action whenever you want and watch a reply of what's going on. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

There is now a full screen option for viewing the match, which includes the ability to select which boxes you see, such as player ratings, stats etc. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Improved Assistant Manager. Your assistant manager will now give feedback during the matches in two specific areas, which are motivation, as in how motivated your player is and tactics, how well your tactics are working, how the opposition are exploiting your tactics and what you could be doing to exploit your oppositions tactics. As well as other information such as how well your team is blending. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Football Manager 2009 now has a transfer rumours section. It works in a similar way to the news section but giving you brief snippets of what the media think is going on in the transfer market rather than what has actually happened. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Press conferences are now in Football Manager 2009. These happen before and after matches as well as when you first get the job. Press conferences are more than just answering questions, you also get to build up relationships with individual journalists over time. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Training had been updated with improved "player preferred moves". You can now ask a player to learn a specific move and it is then upto him to put in the extra effort and determination to achieve this. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Female managers are now available in the game. So you can now start the game as a Female. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Board Confidence has been improved. As well as adding club stature and squad harmony to the board confidence screen, bug fixes have also been added to the previous areas of the Board Confidence feature. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

There are going to be over 350,000 players and staff in the game this year. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

The user interface has had alot of work done on it, with wide screen support added for the first time. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

The transfer system within Football Manager 2009 has been completely remodelled. Shortlists are now alot more efficient and alot more accurate. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Feature List - Football Manager Handheld for the PSP

The game will be released on the 14th of November. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

The PSP version of Football Manager 2009, FM2009 Handheld, now has the same 2D match engine as is in the PC version of the game. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

You can now select multiple leagues in Football Manager Handheld for the PSP. You start off with one countries leagues and you can then add upto 3 top tier European Divisions ontop of that. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

Football Manager 2009 Handheld has two new skins. - http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk

http://footballmanagerportal.co.uk/ - Videos on here too.

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Re: Football Manager 2009 Lol "The money was just resting in my account..."

Re: Football Manager 2009 I dont think so all the files should be there. Could always start a game and see but i doubt it. Did you buy the game via steam by any chance ?

Re: Football Manager 2009 Sorry for the big screenshot As You can see Euro Cup Final one week and then the following match is the Champions League Final.

Re: Football Manager 2009

Awesome :P

Havent Bought The Game Since Like 2005 r Sumtin, As I Didn't Like It When It Changed From Championship Manager & It Was Ridiculosly Faulty

But After Almost Getting It Last Year i Think I'm Ready..

Not Goin To Go Live Cause Its A Bit Pricy For My Liking, But This 2009 PC Version Looks Good..

NOW 3D Matches Hopefully Ya Players Do What Ya Tell Them & Now Ya Can Really See How They Play...

Just 1 Question Are There Any Real Life Staduims In It When Viewing The Match? Would Be Awesome if It Had All Stadiums Like That But Thats Next To Impossible

Ray Houghton Asa Advider :eek: Funniest Thing Ever Heard That Chap Doesent Know How To Commentate

Will Prob Get New Comp Just For This Game :D:rolleyes:

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Re: Football Manager 2009

3D match engine looks bloody brilliant. I loved Premier Manager and I think it was LMA cause you could actually watch the game' date=' so this in FM will make it the best management game ever IMO[/quote']

100% agree mate. I wont be getting to witness the 3d version unless it comes out on PS3 because I dont have an xbox or a laptop capable of handling it. :o

I'll get it for PSP definitely, I've started playing the old one again. Started as good ol' Accrington. :D

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Re: Football Manager 2009

I downloaded the smaller patch ( Vanilla I think ) on Windows Vista and its frooze 3 out of 5 times when i click on a player or staffs name - usually on favoured personell

Isnt this ment to basically be the finished article

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