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English Championship 45 (All Divisions)

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I thought I would start a thread to see who's involved in this league and setup etc..

I am Gillingham and I am hoping for a good season and main priority is to survive in this league. Anything better than that will be a bonus.

Second priority is to try and keep my finances in the red if I can.

Any other managers? Priorities etc? Or any manager that wants some friendly banter? The choice is yours. You decide. (omg, I am starting to sound like that guy from Big brother lol)

PS I had a post saying " Why only Div 3 on EC45? " so this thread will start over but will carry on with the posting of scores,banter etc from all divisions as normal. One more thing,have fun! ;)

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Tranmere Rovers 2 Gillingham 4

A 4-2 win for the gills away to Tranmere today moved them up into 8th position in division 3.Manager Dave Hampton was 'delighted'.However,an injury to gills top striker Darius Henderson was the days only disappointment."Darius has a strained neck and we are not sure exactly when he is going to return but we are not going to rush him" said the manager.

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does anyone know how bradford city are doing' date=' because i used to manage them. has anyone took over then and where are they in the league. so could any of you keep me updated thank you


Hi liam,Bradford City is a bot team and they are currently 13th in Div3.Hope this helps.

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Doncaster 0 Gillingham 0

A huge game against a very good manager earned a respectable point for the gills away from home.The gills stay in 6th place. Manager Dave Hampton said " We are still without our top striker Darius Henderson and to get a point against a top team like Doncaster it was phenominal"

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My Coventry team are fourth in division 2' date=' fending off all offers made for my star striker, Theo Walcott, hell, I was offered £10,000,000 by Sheff. Weds. :eek: It's just mad, but as I said before, Barrett and Jorgensen up for grabs, with a special Forum discount!!! :eek:[/quote']

thanks for the offer of the players mate and I will take note in future but I have not got a lot of money at the mo and I have got a squad that is quite full. ;)

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Swansea City 0 Gillingham 2

After the disappointment in losing the cup match the gills bounced back but left it late to score two goals from Iwan Roberts(80) and one from gills new signing Dirk Lottner(86) to secure three valuable points in this Division 3 encounter.It moved them up into 7th.

PS Welcome to all newcomers btw that have just taken on some clubs and good luck. ;)

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Adam Johnson you have only been in charge of Shorpe for a few games now, do you feel you and the lads have settled down with one another well ?

Yeah, me and the boys have been getting along very well, i brought a few young talents in like Polak and Andre, and everyone seems to be settling down well. Iv spoken to all the players i wish to have in my future plans and they all seem to have he same ambition as me, they work hard in training and look a talented lot

So are you happy with the transfers you have so far made ?

yes im delighted, iv only encouted one problem and that was with Jorgenson, myself and the chairman of his cluib could not agree a fee, and so we movd our seperate ways, i have signed a french young goalkeeper called LLORIS whos rating recently went up from an 79 to an 85, along with Polak, Andre, luis manuel and spilane

WOW ! thast some great young talent there Mr.Johnson

Call me adam, and thankyou for the compliment im hoping for succes this year, aiming for promotion into the third divison

Really ? how have your results been since u have taken over ?

well so far i have mange thm for six games, unfortunatly loosing in both of the cups, but cup success is not my aim, in the league i am undefeated and have played four winning all of them, im lyinig in 4th position atm on the same trms as 3rd place, hopefully today against northampton town i can move into the top three

Well thanks for this interview adam

no problems any time, bye

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AFter a dissapointing home draw last week, shorpe have come under pressure from fans to push into the top three ?

Yes that is true and im a driving force behind that pressue we should be in the top 3, were still 4th which is a consalation, a win would do us well, iv mixed the team up and billy sharpe looked fantsic in traiing, i would like to speak to you guys in motd studio for longer, but iv got people to do things to see, i mean things to do ppl to see :o

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