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I decided to do a thread on this youngster. And im glad to present another Dinamo's young player after Badelj.


A bit info

He was born 15.07.1988. in Buenos Aires. Plays LB, but tried just one game as a LM in Dinamo. He is 170cm / 69 kg, and i noticed his speed and like most South Americans, his technical abilities, to be his strong sides. He came to Dinamo from Boca Juniors, where he played 2 games last season, for a fee of 650,000 €, which is a lot money for a club like Dinamo, and that should mean that he will get a lot of play time here. So far, he played 4 games (2 starts, and 2 subs) totaling 249 minutes this season.

On SM he is rated 72, but this will change when ratings come by. How much? Hard to say as this point, as rating changes are still far away, but my guess would be in a region of 76 and 79.

I will update this as the season goes by...

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Re: Luis Ibanez

Cheers BP, have him in my squad since the transfer was announced. Dinamo selling Cale opened a place on left flank, and Carlos is awful there. When he came, i thought he will be the starter, since Dinamo spending that kind of money is just for the top quality player. Hrgovic messed this up coming just a few days before the deadline. If he didn't joined, Ibanez would be playing much more by now. But he is now fighting for that LB and they will both play about the same IMO, as Hrgovic is not that good either

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Re: Luis Ibanez

An update on this talented youngster, as there are not much games left before the season brake.

I have to say that he is transfer of the season so far for Dinamo, and has cemented his 1st team role. Agile, explosive player with great pace and stamina. He has played 18 games so far, with 1402 minutes, and has 1 goal and 1 assist. My prediction is +8 to 80 next time and than 83/84/85 at the end of this season if he stays injury free. Definitely must buy

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