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Iván Marcano

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(Report as of September 08)

Iván Marcano is a CB for Spanish Club Racing Santander. He was born on the 23rd June 1987, making him 21 years old. The young defender has been on brink of Racing team for a while, since breaking through as a youth player, but been unable to break into the team... until now.


This season Ivan Marcano has started all 3 league games for Racing Santander, playing every single minute, putting him on a par with fellow defenders Garay (91) and Pinillos (89). Racing regulars are rated between 87 and 91, so Marcano has a good chance of reaching this rating by the end of this season.

Marcano was a member of the team that held Barcelona to a draw, shutting out the likes of Eto'o and Messi. He was also in the team that held Sevilla to a 1-1 draw, again keeping out some top strikers in Kanoute and Luis Fabiano. In the 3rd match Racing lost 2-0 to Real Madrid, but despite the defeat Marcano received praise from his manager for a strong performance. So despite a difficult start to the season, Racing have held strong, and this partly down to the young defender.

Iván Marcano did not play in the 1-0 win over FC Honka in the UEFA Cup, nor was he on the bench, and I can't find why this is. But he did return for the defeat to Real Madrid.

Since then, he has played every single league match, scoring one goal. It is best to note that Racing Santander are currently struggling down the bottom half of La Liga though.

And the best thing is, Iván Marcano is rated just 77on the DB. He can be picked up for around £550k, very cheap for a player that could be 87 by the end of the season. I predict a small rise to 82/83 for the youngster when the Spanish ratings come, IF he continues to play, and then maybe 87/88 after that.

He is also playing in CB for Racing Santander, so expect a positional change to CB/LB or CB.

Presuming he continues to play.

Get Him Now!


Update (November):

He has now risen to 84. I think next time he should rise straight to 86/87. If you have him, Do Not Sell him. Even if you don't have him, he's still worth a buy, as he will increase again yet.

He has played every single minute for Racing Santander in the league, and he is the only player to do so.

Update (May):

He has now increased to 87. He had started every single game until getting a small injury in April, which kept him out for around 3 weeks, but since then he's been back and playing again.

He has also been strongly linked with Sevilla, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Update (July):

According to Goal, he has now signed for Villareal. Although Goal isn't the best source, so nothing is confirmed as of yet.

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(Report as of September 08) Iván Marcano is a CB for Spanish Club Racing Santander. He was born on the 23rd June 1987, making him 21 years old. The young defender has been on brink of Racing team for

Re: Iván Marcano - Young Spanish Regular Featured again for Santander in the weekend. Looks set for a good rise.

Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 82 -> 87 Vodafone... life is now! Marcano... get him now! How silly I am

Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 82 -> 87

The irritating thing is everytime you do a post i end up spending the evening buying someone 13 times...! The beauty with this guy is he plays for Racing Santander who seem to always be unmanaged in customs hence he'll only cost £550k..........another fine post by you and well deserved rep.

and yes......I've bagged Dzagoev and Delph at the same time to add to the Henrique / Baxter purchases from previous weeks.

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Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 82 -> 87

A good spot:)

But you have to note that R.Santander haven't won a game this season

2 Draws and 3 Losses:O

For a team that was superb last season and qualified to the UEFA Cup.

That's the only bad side' date=' but playing for a team like this and in La Liga- you'll surely make some profit:)[/quote']

That's a good point, but after an impressive draw with Barcelona, and being in Europe, I'm hoping that they'll break their duck soon. :)

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Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 82 -> 87

THis means that if I buy him for about 1 M ' date=' in a few months I'll have a superstar worth 6-7 M ?

It's great man

rep u although I have 0 points :(

I hope I'll remember and I'll rep u when I'll have more[/quote']

Bit more than a few months, until the end of the season.

And that's presuming he continues to play.

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Guest Chris_16

Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 82 -> 87

Dude you should be playing Babel in your signature at LW.... I hate EPL stuff' date=' but I think Babel is one of the most underrated players in all of the EPL.

Oh, and as for this guy, spotted him a while ago too, and he's a great buy. Snap him up![/quote']

LOL that is a custom team made by mt-77... the one on the left-wing is me (Christopher Camilleri) :D

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