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Where to post in Share Your Opinion

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Over the last few weeks and Months it seems people are getting confused with which section to post in. I understand it can be confusing which is why I have started this thread with explanations of which all of the sections are for:

Player Ratings:

tickgreenyh6.png This section can be used as a debate section about a players rating. An example of a debate thread may have the title, "Kuyt to 92!" with reasons, opinions, and facts why you think that X player should rise drop or stay. These threads can be controversial... the idea is to get a decent debate/discussion.

tickgreenyh6.png This section should also be used for Player Riser(s) Threads. There a 2 examples of this. Often before a Country's league is reviewed A forumer will review the league and give his opinions on certain players or all players from a nation. An example of this can be viewed here. It can also be a thread on one player who is likely to rise in the next rating changes. Here is an example of that.

crossfy6.gifPlease do not use for Rating Help. The Player Assistance Section can be used for this.

crossfy6.gifPlease do not make Duplicate threads. We have a perfectly good search tool so please use that first. If there is already a thread dedicated to a player please use that thread.

Player Talent Scout

tickgreenyh6.png This section is pretty self explanatory. It should be used for Player Talent scout threads. If you think you have found the next Ronaldo, and have followed the steps bellow please feel free to make a thread. You can also make 1 big thread full of your Players Scouted.

crossfy6.gifNo Duplicates Please. Search Tool should be used before opening any new thread or making a report on a previous player. If there is an existing thread dedicated to the player (see below), if the player is mentioned, and has been scouted in a larger thread containing numerous players, and you feel that player deserves his own thread, please contact the person who made the original thread and make sure starting a new thread on the player is okay with them. If they say yes, please make sure you give a link to the post he was originally mentioned in, n your thread.

tickgreenyh6.png Feel free to Add to previous posts if you have used the search tool and the player you have scouted has come up. If you have some information about that player that you think will be a benefit if it's shared by all means add to the players thread. This will not be seen as hijacking the thread, just helping out giving information. Adding information onto another persons thread will not affect the rep you are or aren't given.

crossfy6.gif Bumping. If you post "Bump" and that is all you write this will be treated as spam and is not allowed. If you would like to let more people read the thread feel free to add information in a new post.

crossfy6.gif Please do not mention that you have repped somebody in a post. Repping should be used privately. The person will be able to see you have repped them by looking at there User CP. Posting to say you have repped someone will be treated as spam. Posting positive comments on there thread is allowed.

Player Assistance

tickgreenyh6.png This is the section to use for Help. If you need help with a Player feel free to start a new thread. I do strongly recommend you read the stickies first to see if they could help.


So that's all. Hopefully you will now have a better understanding of where to post.

If you have any questions about where to post, or would like a thread you have made Merged or Moved, feel free to PM me, Insider or BestPay.

Please note: If any of these of these guidelines are not followed, Mods will Move/Merge/Edit/Delete/Close as they see fit.

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