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Official "To the beats" Setup Thread


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To The Beats Setup


I am gonna buy over this setup as it has been released...

However I am gonna ask if anybody wants to join it.

Below are the following BIG unmanaged clubs:

Atletico Madrid

Barcelona - Twisted (twisted skillz)

Bayern Munchen - swfcladie


CSKA Moskva

Chelsea - Zakkoo

FC Porto


Inter Milan


Liverpool - BenMotty


Manchester City

Milan - Mr.MCFC




Werder Bremen


Most teams have minimum squad size (been raided) but will have plenty of cash...

To check the squads to confirm the team you want search "To the beats" in the "Add Club" section, or go through my clubs. My SM username is "Bentaaaaaaaan".

Let me know what club you want, its first come first serve so get them quick.

Once most teams are picked I'll buy it and appoint you all.

Below I will post the Division 1 + 2 tables.

This is because the likes of Barca are in Div 2 because theyre squads tiny.


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Re: Official "To the beats" Setup Thread

Wouldnt it be best to buy a new setup. Not much more and you get to start fresh and would gather more interest?

I already have my own setup I bought..

This was the very first setup I joined..

Ive made a great Glasgow Rangers team...

Its been realised and I dont wanna see it decline.

Therefore Im gonna buy over it and get it advertised and up and running again.


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Re: Official "To the beats" Setup Thread

Yeah but i cant look at any teams within the gameworld because it has been locked. How am i supposed to be able to take over a club when i don't know what state it is in ¬_¬

Ok if any of you cannot see the squads I will upload a picture of any squads u require before choosing ok?

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