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Chris Legends Irish Scouting Leauge Challenge

Chris Legend

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Ok so ive been looking for a idea for a new custom leauge for quite some time now, and here is what i have came up with an irish scouting leauge challenge


The main aim of this setup would be for people who pride themselfs on there scouting knowledge to show there skills.

i chose ireland to eliminate the chances of Cheating as they have rubbish players

First of all i am looking for only serious managers who are willing to contribute to news updates/match reports ect ect

There would be a raiting cap of 80 for buying players, no rules on age what so ever, the whole aim of this set up would be to spot the stars before they hit the bigtime so im posting this to see if anyone would be intrested in this idea, if i fill it up with SERIOUS manager who are up for the challenge then i will create it simple as

Below are a list of available teams on a first come first serve basis - I have chosen Bohemians

Bohemians - Me

Bray Wanderers - Insider

Cork City - Hibee1875

Derry City - Omnium

Drogheda United - Kyle turner

Finn Harps - Kensational

Shamrock Rovers - Walt W

Sligho Rovers - liam smith

St.Patricks Athletic - WillC

UCD- tom 1 up

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Re: Chris Legends Irish Scouting Leauge Challenge

i sent a private message requested to everyone who was in this setup to add me as a friend in the game even provided you with my email to do so either you didnt respond to the request or i acidently missed you the first one is more likely but your all welcome to join now if you like if not feel free to sign up for my new setup http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=31463 in this one to avoid the confusion i will make this one an aplication leauge

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