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Impressive cup run.

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I joined a setup as charlton atheltic in division 2 in the setups first season.

Im sitting pretty at the top of the divison, 9 points clear of third.

But i just had to tell you all about my cup run.

Im in the final of the English Cup, and on the way i have beaten :

Arsenal away

Liverpool away

man city away

chelsea home (in the semi)

So all in all, my team from division two have knocked out 1st, 3rd and 5th in division 1, and i will play 4th placed Blackburn in the final :)

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Re: Impressive cup run.

could you tell us the first 11 of your team :D

Yeah i will post it later on tonight or possibly tomorrow.

Ive also been writing a piece i can send in to the support@soccer manager for them to put on their success story blogs.

The long and the short of it is, i enhertied a squad where the average rating of my starting XI was 83 or 84

and after a few weeks i had an average starting Xi of 89 :)

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Re: Impressive cup run.

Not at all you cheeky sausage.

i already had a bit of money in the bank, and the players i sold, i sold for good fees.

if you add the fact some of my signings were bargains (with low chairmans values) and some had ratings increases shortly after i bought them, then you will see my average age isnt that old!

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