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Help offloading players!


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Re: Help offloading players!

This is my squad


BUCCHI, Cristian CF 31 85

SUAZO, Humberto Fwd 27 90

LAVEZZI, Ezequiel Fwd 23 90

DENIS, Germán Fwd 27 90

CABANAS, Salvador Fwd-AM 28 91

PIÀ, Inacio Fwd 26 83


MANNINI, Daniele Wing-AM 24 86

DONI, Cristiano AM-LM 35 90

HAMSIK,Marek CM-RM 21 89

GARGANO,Walter DM-CM 24 88

MONTERVINO, Francesco DM-RM 30 84

MAGGIO,Christian RM-RB 26 90

BOGLIACINO, MarianoLM-AM 28 86



SANTACROCE, Fabiano CB 22 87

DOMIZZI, Maurizio CB-LB 28 87

CONTINI, Matteo CB-LB 28 87

RINAUDO, Leandro CB 25 87

GRAVA, Gianluca RB-RM 31 85


SAVINI, Mirko LB-LM 29 87

GIANELLO, Matteo Gk 32 85

NAVARRO, Nicolás Gk 23 85

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Re: Help offloading players!

One thing I have always found useful when trying to sell off a lot of players, is to try to sell your starters first, because then the backups chairman value raises and you can maximize the money you get for your squad.

And as for players...well you want to keep Lavezzi, Hamsik, Santacroce and Maggio for sure.

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