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Most important attribute for a modern day footballer?

Most important attribute for a modern day footballer?  

  1. 1.

    • Pace/Speed
    • Power/strong build
    • Silky skills
    • Stamina
    • Intelligence
    • Tackling skills
    • Passing skills
    • Aerial ability
    • Diving/simulation

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Re: Most important attribute for a modern day footballer?

Great debate going :)

I wonder if the attributes mentioned so far can be separated into those needed for a good player and those needed to make a great player. Perhaps the two can be separated :confused:

I agree with Phil and David that stamina is a must in the modern game. Whether the players of bygone age is a debate for another matter. I also agree with Dai that attitude/determination play a role. These are qualities all footballers should have, regardless of where they come in the pecking order of perceived greatness in my opinion.

But, the greats of the modern age need some of the other qualities that have been mentioned. The players regarded the top of the modern game have some of the other qualities in abundance. The silky skills of Messi, passing skills of Beckham, the tackling skills of Essien etc.

So perhaps the most important skills for a modern day footballer are stamina, determination drive etc, but to reach worldwide recognition asa great you must possess some of the other more expansive skills that have been mentioned :confused::)

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