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SM Conference {18+ Years Only}


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Re: SM Conference {18+ Years Only}

£10 Leeds to London

Have you not booked yours yet for the play-off final :D

You don't get coaches?! :eek:

Gimme a coach away trip over a train anyday!! Much better Craic. (Kenny :D)

Don't wanna be walking through London on Final day with them Millwall fans on the loose ;)

Edit: Just remembered how close the station is to Wembley lol, but sharing them trains could be carnage!

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Re: SM Conference {18+ Years Only}

Start of July Then? Everyone Ok With That... We Have Start Moving Really...

That would suit me a lot more anyway and I'm sure other people too as school / college starts again in September. Im not too sure whether I can make start of July either though as I'll be going to Oxegen.. I'll probs know better tomorrow.

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Re: SM Conference {18+ Years Only}

When and where' date=' someone PM me the details, if i can make it ill come ;)

what would be doing, just a a mahoosive drinking sesh ?[/quote']

Am Ya :rolleyes: Altough i have some surprises ;)maybe :rolleyes:

Trying to fit in global gathering and this yoke.. maybe il get to this conference and just sleep :)

not sure if lee can make end of july tough, kinda want the regulars there like..

We hava sort date out soon tough like this week... get poeple booking early to save money or to save up and book soon.. i know that poeple will pull out if its not pre booked or if its even alil bit exspensive...

Reckon north/midlands only option tbh

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