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Operation-A's English Champ Country Challenge


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Okay, I'm not going to make it myself however sometime on Sunday 12th October, An English Championship will hopefully be made on the top of the hour. It could be anytime...

Anyway the challenge is that you take over a club, hopefully a division 1 team and you have to pick a country. The country you pick will be the country you have to buy players from and you would have to sell all of your players on the squad who aren't from that country.

If that doesn't make sense i'll give an example. For example if i was Man Utd, and the country i chose was england, following the rules i would have to sell all players from the squad who aren't English and the players i buy would have to be English.

This has been done many times before, so i thought i'd see if i could get a bunch of forumers and chatters to take part in it.

As i said i dont know when one will be made, but im up for it

So if your interested pop your name down on the list :)

Thanks, Adam

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