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Gold Championship 34 Match Report / Transfers Thread


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Re: Gold Championship 34

whats the point in making a random one & then announcing that it will be made on a particular day:rolleyes:

it should be either completely random or at a declared time...

wud like to have a club as i missed 3 GC in a row:eek: :( ...but cant be online for whole day....so wud come online for 4-5 times & if i am lucky then it wud be created during that time...if not then who cares:p

3 ? iv missed 9 ina row :P:eek::mad:

After Man Utd :P

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Re: Gold Championship 34

Quite delighted especially as my screen keep giving me some random virus pop ups:o :(

Anyway' date=' let's get this started....

Everyone for sale:cool:

Also saw it being made lol and just went for it

Knew I had a chance as not many people were aware[/quote']

Same here. :D

Bit of good luck. :o

And just before I have to go for a while! :D

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Re: Gold Championship 34

I was checking all day regularly, and checked probably 2 minutes before creation, came back 3 minutes later and there were only 20 odd teams gone but they were all the ones I am interested in...... :(

I could have got a decent ish team but I have those coming out of my ears :rolleyes:

Interesting to see the same old people getting the good teams no matter when it is created! Anyone quitting a top team at all drop me a PM

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