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Gold Championship 34 Match Report / Transfers Thread

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Re: GC34 match reports and transfers VIVA LA ALMERIA Adam Johnson appointed Almeria manager in shock twist ! Today Almeria announced Johnson as there new head coach, in a some what suprising t

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Re: Gold Championship 34


Lyon Appoint Allan MUFC as Manager!!

In a suprise move today Lyon appointed Allan MUFC as boss. Allan had been expected to be unveiled today as the Real Madrid boss.

The Lyon board have said 'we feel we have pulled a manager coup here, a number of managers were interested in this club but to have tricked sorry convinced Allan to sign with us is a major acheivement.'

Allan MUFC - I am happy to be here at Lyon, when i relised i was running a few hours late and would not be able to make Madrid in time i rang the Real Madrid board and recommended a friend. I am glad they decided to appoint him. Anyway as i was in France at the time i went to the local job's and benefits office and saw a frog team was looking for a new manager, gave them my CV and they offered me the job and thats how i got Lyon.

Ive looked at the team and theres a few good players here, a young guy called Benzema was the best kid in the playground and when he got tackled he seemed a little upset. Then an old guy Benzema's dad i'd say by the age of him (Juninho i think they called him) calmed Karim down and told everyone off


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Re: Gold Championship 34

Well took Stoke as someone quit it but suddenly thought, ill go abroad and after readin the posts absoultly delighted to have chose Numancia as alot of people are in the league, anyways my 2 non-spanish players can go. Thats it for the moment, bigger article to come about 9 tonight.

50/50 over random ones tho, cba to check and check and check but i suppose if you are lucky enough to get on at the right time then you get a good team. Wouldnt mind like 1 a month but thats all.

Mark Swift New Manager Of Numancia!:)

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Re: Gold Championship 34

I had Espanyol at one point but had a close look at them and realised I have plenty of decent teams like them already - heart is not in it. All I want is one more big team....then I'll get on with it B)

I know what you mean mate - this is my last GC for a while as well, I'm running out of spaces on my accounts now. I dont mind dumping standard teams for GC's but I'm not about to dump customs for them

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Re: Gold Championship 34


The Almeria Board have announced there delight at bagging one of the games youngest and most talented managers in Englishman Adam Johnson.

Johnson has set his sights on a top 8 finish and posily a cup upset.

Johnson is looking to improve in the centre of defense and midfield

"Most talented" ?? maybe "one of the top 3 most talented" would be more accurate :P lol

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