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Filip Djuricic


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Re: Filip Djuricic

What is his expected rise for next 2-3 changes?

A ''must buy'' one?

Definitely a must buy! Has worked on his fitness and strenght this summer and looks like a completely new player!!!

He's gotten a lot stronger, his set pieces are superb, his vision is unbelievable, and he's been practicing on keeping the ball closer to his feet(close control).

I expect a lot from him this season and possibly a call up to the NT as he's currently a starter for Serbia's U-21's.

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Re: Filip Djuricic

Jesus, I can't believe nobody has updated this thread :rolleyes:

Djuricic is probably my best find ever.

He's a star in the making, hell, he's already a star :D

In the last two years since my last update on him, Djuricic has become the leader of Heerenveen. He's without a doubt their best player and most valuable. He is currently seen as one of the best playmakers in Europe and if you watch him play, you will see why that assumption is justified. His vision is incredible, his technique is brilliant, and he has a high football IQ. All the qualities to make a great playmaker.

However, Marko Van Basten has recently changed his position to a more forward role as Djuricic has a knack for scoring goals and some amazing ones at that.

He has since been promoted to Serbia's A team and has scored 2 goals in the last 4 games for Serbia. One of them was against Wales during a WC qualifier and today against Chile where he also had an outstanding assist.

In Holland, they call him "little Cruyff" and his game resembles the legend very much so.

With regards to transfer rumor speculations, Djuricic is practically wanted by half of Europe and the other half cannot afford him. It is believed that Liverpool and Manchester United are the front runners to get him; however, Djuricic has stated recently in Serbian media that he would prefer to go to Spain (because his style of play suit him there--agreed) and will do so most likely next summer unless a monumental bid comes for him in January.

Since his contract is expiring in 2014, Djuricic will be able to go for a smaller fee than his actual value which I believe to be close to 15 million currently; however, he could be going for as low as 6 million now.

One thing I have to note, he's a very stable young kid. He never lets the media get to him and his work rate is incredible. He offers a no nonsense type of work ethic which is why Van Basten absolutely adores him and thinks he's a superstar in the making. The kid is very mature and has been playing at a high level of football for the last two years where his game just keeps improving month after month. We will see where the ceiling is for this youngster in the years to come when he enters a more competitive league.

There's some great youtube videos out there on him right now but this is my favorite, absolute class, this kid.

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Re: Filip Djuricic

Beautiful goal he scored yesterday against Twente. He did a Zidane turn and chipped the ball over the goalkeeper. Here's the video:


He also scored a goal in a cup match a few days ago.

The end is near for his Heerenveen days. I hope he finds the right club to transfer to as that will dictate his future.

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Re: Filip Djuricic

I should also mention that he made the Erdevisie starting 11 for the first half of the season. A promising feat. for a fairly young lad. He's arguably one of the top 5 talents currently in the dutch league and Van Basten constantly praises him in the media. Really have high hopes for him. A perfect #10 he is.

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