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Gold Championship 35 Discussion/Match Reports

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This thread is just until it is created after that you dhould create a new one for match reports.

Anyway Gold Championship 35 will be created on Thursday 16th October, 2008, at a random time.

Another random time? They should only have them once a month, but if they want to then they shouldnt do any more set times as they can mess up.

Thats both sides of the story, after looking at this they should all be random from now, this is also because if they set a time and mess it up like GC31 then youll never know that they have messed up.

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Re: Gold Championship 35

I'm thinking Early morning for this one.

1-6AM I reckon.

Almost everyone said that for GC34, but it didn't happen did it?? :rolleyes:

Although i must say i do think the same as you this time Ben. I can see it being made between either 12-6am or 9-12pm.

Although if it isn't and i do have the chance to get a top 10 team, i will just go for whoever i see first. That is mainly the way it is in random GC's. :)

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