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as of tonight i will be releasing my control on the haggis setup. this is not down to any one individual but a series of events over transfers recently.

up until the new rule i was able to stop transfers by taking control of the unmanaged club and undoing the deal. now i believe that the new transfer rules are a good thing in general' date=' but they aren't working so well for custom setups in my opinion.

however, i still believe strongly that as it was my setup i should be able to have control over transfers. with having no control at all over this matter i have reluctantly removed myself from this setup. i'm posting this to let all managers know so they can quit their teams if they wish.

thank you for taking part in this setup.[/b']

Yea but surely if they broke your rules you just kick them,i for one would not blame you because you couldnt stop deal going through ,but you still can have total control because you can hand pick who is in your set up ,make the rules and like i said they break them you ban,i think if we all were to see this happen that would be more than compensate for the new transfer rules seems they are for the good of game overall,no mate its been one of my favourite set ups ,give the lads who quit teams back ,take back your beloved Hoops who you were doing brill with and kick the unwanting ones out and relist your rules for all to see.

Or ask us all to quit which i gladly will and get S/M to reset set up so that you can do the above.:)

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The News Reports of Rumors on Jaron Bentrude, after having a break from managing would love to take over for Valencia in the Hoot if you love Haggis League. Jaron says"after a long break from managing I would love to return to the Haggis league." He also did mention on not getting his reward for placing s well with werder bremen before his big break. And that is the News.....Reporting.

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LEAGUE division one

Bayern Munich 0 - 2 Roma

14th June

Romas catchup begins at the Allianz Arena as we met Ben Morsons Bayern. It was a goal in each half that gave Roma there first away since 20th May. Yakubu scored both firstly with a powerfull shot off the post then with a diving header for a great win.

Roma 1 - 2 Arsenal

17th June

After the great away win last turn Roma returned to the Olympico hoping to add to it. Sadly they were undone by a storming first half display by Arsenal giving them a two nil lead thanks to Lennon and Essien. Things didnt get easier as Roma lost Camara after a reckless tackle but Tymoschuk did grab a consolation.

Luiz Washington joins division three side Fulham on loan.

David Angel joins Roma from Celta Vigo.

Fernandez Luis Garcia joins from Espanyol.

Christian Ledesma joins from neighbours Lazio.

Roma 1 - 1 Chelsea

21st June

A close game contested by two teams not many points apart and they couldnt be seperated after ninety minutes. New boys Angel and Luis Garcia made there debuts and it took seven minutes for Garcia to open his account. A Didier Drogba strike in the second half saved a point for the visitors.

Debutant and scorer Luis Fernandez picks up a knock putting him out of action for two weeks.

Manchester United 1 - 2 Roma

24th June

Roma turned the screw on struggling Man United a little bit more taking three points away from Old Trafford. It was the defenders that were on form in this game and not for there normal duties. Mexes and Bordon fired Roma two up before Rio Ferdinand snatched one late on.

Roma 0 - 0 Milan

28th June

Roma took on the giants of Italian football hoping to upstage them and signify there determination to be the countries top side. Second placed Milan did well to leave Olympico with a point as the home side enjoyed more of the game but failed to find the finishing product.

HAGGIS SHIELD round three

Roma 2 - 0 Barcelona

12th June

Roma booked a place in the last eight of the shield with a second half sparkling performance that knocked out Barca. Luiz Washington netted his last goal before joining Fulham on loan to set Roma on there way. The win was confirmed with MOM Simone Perrotta lashing the ball into the net.

HAGGIS SHIELD quarter final

Valencia 0 - 0 Roma

Valencia win on penalties 3 - 2

26th June

Roma crashed out of the shield after another penalty shoot out defeat(i never win these :) ). A game that didnt produce the goods despite a few chances for both teams had to be settled by the lottery. Christian Ledesma made his debut for Roma and had a steady game.

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Pavlyuchenko may be on his way out of the Olympico


An offer of £7million has been received for the out of favour forward Pavlyuchenko. Roman joined Roma last season for £10million and quickly settled in banging in seven goals in sixteen matches.

However his rating decrease to 89 last month has left him out on the cold as he slipped down the pecking order. Having made only two starts this season he has slapped in a request for more first team football whether it be at Roma or another club.

This prompted LS to place the player on the transfer list which attracted the attention of Saturn Ramenskoe. The offer is very short of the £12million asking price but if no other offers come in then something is better than nothing. A decision is to be made on Romans future on 16th July.


Saturn Ramenskoe £6,970,000

Celta Vigo £6,370,000

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29th July



Roma announce the signing of Brazilian Josue from Trabzonspor for £10,000,000.

The arrival of Josue takes Romas spending this season to over £70,000,000 and the fans will now be expecting a serious challenge next season for a trophy after this much being spent.

As part of the deal Roma gave Trabzonspor Roman Pavlyuchenko which suited the player as he has had a hard job finding a club to go too.


On the same day Steve also allowed strikers Leidson and John Carew to join Sao Paulo on loan untill the end of the season as they insisted on first team football.


Two games of the season remain and Roma are hoping to finish as high as 5th. Currently in 9th Roma are positive of finisihing higher than 10th which they managed last campaign.

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why has everyone quit over something silly?! could just kick people or repeal the law if it wasn't practical... well i think we all know the real reason - it's that my kooteepee team was about to get promoted 3 times, do the treble and embarrass everybody, so you all quit!:eek:

if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, did it make a noise? of course it did:rolleyes:

and if rarther says kooteepee won the treble and are world champions and no one is there to see it, did he win the treble? ...YES:D

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KOOTEEPEE look set for automatic promotion after an astonishing few seasons which have seen the club break its chains to the bottom of the table and skyrocket up the ladder. Thanks to some shrewd wheeling and dealing, the club which has virtually no income due to having no fans, has seen its players change from local factory workers and schoolboys to internationally renowned stars. The average rating of the starting 11 is now 90 and it proved too much for division 3 to handle this season!

Reading this thread over, it seems stupid that you all ditched the set up because setup owners did not have enough control... the upgrades were introduced a few months later and yet the setup was left for dead by you lot!!!! I will keep playing with myself... :D

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World football stunned

Gabriel MILITO stuns world football by moving to KooTeePee. The 93-rated superstar was greeted by what may well have been the entire populous of Finland at the Arto Tolsa Areena.

Milito told the press "Benfica is going nowhere. This club has huge dreams and I am here to make them come true"

KooTeePee, who were recently promoted after a number of years struggling to make the cut in the bottom division, have been linked with another world class defender who could be on his way shortly.

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Re: interview with new stuttgart manager herb mohr

mr mohr? mr mohr? dougal mcdougall here' date=' i wonder if you could answer a few questions for haggis news?

[b']1. andreas hinkel? a player you've had your eye on?[/b]

Yes, Andreas is a very talented young player with international and european experience. It's fair to say that we have missed him since his move to Sevilla FC last season, so we are delighted to have him back at the club and he will no doubt provide extra cover at RB for us.

2. tomasson? did he find it hard to settle in germany?

I think it's fair to say that Jon Dahl's form hasn't been fantastic since his move to the Bundesliga. The club had hoped he would settle easily and show the same form he regularly displayed for Milan but unfortunately our style and game hasn't brought the best out of him. He is still a sensational player but my focus will be on youth, especially at the back so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for Stuttgart to start the squad transformation. I now have my eye on replacing Tomasson and several bids have already been made.

3. your thoughts about the coming season and what you hope for?

I'm looking forward to the upcoming season as I feel as though we will be very competitive in Division 3. As already mentioned, I have funds available to further strengthen the squad and if my planned transfers come to fruition I would expect us to challenge for honours come the end of the season. The chairman and the board would no doubt be disappointed if the club can't achieve promotion this term but much will depend on some key players staying fit and healthy.

so a very positive and forthright interview from stuttgart's new manager herb mohr. his first signing already in and more changes on the way. watch this space

signing off, this is dougal mcdougall........

haggis news

Sorry, but I found this post extremely hilarious.

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