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Message(s) of the day - forum pop-up

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In recent times the forum has undergone several changes. Slight modifications of the rules, new board moderators, many new members of varying backgrounds, etc. etc. Unless you are completely on the ball or have plenty of time on ypour hands to explore everything on the forum, it's difficult to keep up with changes. The number of new threads created each day is increasing exponentially.

To counter this, I propose a forum pop-up displaying a message/messages of the day. It should appear as one-off when you log into the forum and could work in a number off ways:

1) A set of automated messages rotating i.e. a different pre-decided message each time you log on - could be basic forum regulations e.g infarction rules, greivance rules, basic regulations

2) A set message of the day agreed upon by admin/moderators/SM Devs - reviewed/updated on a daily basis

3) Message/Messages submitted by members of the forum on the latest news e.g date and time of next GC, important thread for all members (e.g announcement of new competition) - members would submit their message to a designated person on the SM team who will vetthe messages and will then put the most appropriate messages up as necessary.

4) General reminders to be polite to others and similar messages. Could even have some sayings from bygone famous figures

5) A combination of the 1) to 4)

Whilst I appreciate there are already other channels to do this within SM news for example as well as in the forum itself, it's clear to see some important news is not getting through to all members. Once such a system was set-up, I would imagine it would not be too difficult to run and could prove more and more invaluable in the future as the forum keep growing and growing every day :)

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