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The Time Has Come


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Dear all,

I'd like to inform you with my regret, that I will be quitting Soccer Manager completely. This includes the forum, the chatroom and the official game. It has been a hard decision for me to make, as I spent the better part of my time since May 2007 on SoccerManager. I have met many great people on SoccerManager, and would like to spend the rest of my post thanking all of them...

Dai Winston: One of my best friends on the forum and the game. I thank you Dai, for sharing a great friendship with me, and I wish you all the best for your daughter and your girlfriend. You never know, I might come visit you some day. But for now, all the best for the future. I give you my Crystal Palace in English Championship 1, as I know you've always wanted a side in the English Championship 1. I will definitely continue to talk to you on MSN.

Mark Farine: One of the best scouts ever produced in the game. Mark, good luck with your studies in Canada. I have decided to give my Gold Membership along with the majority of my teams to you, this including my amazing Barcelona. Any team you do not want may be offered to anyone interested. One day I will come to Canada Mark, and I guarantee you I will speak fluent French by then.

Jad Houssami: A great lad here. Jad has always been my great Lebanese buddy. He is a very nice lad. I will definitely continue to talk to you on MSN, and you never know, could have a great possibility of seeing you face to face some day, I only live about an hour's drive from your place. Also one of the only ones to wish me luck at my Eton school days, I thank you Jad. Jad, it's been great knowing you on the forum. Good luck with your GCSE's.

Ben Read: It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to know you Ben. A great tech wizard, have the best of future on making all these sigs and designs for people. And, good luck with your exams whenever you take them. Best of luck Ben.

Mitu Ahmed: Thank you Mitu, for the GM you gave me, but now, it's going into safe hands of Mark Farine. You have been a great friend to me, and to be honest, "taught" me how to do match reports, which are amazing. Have a good career as a banking accountant, and may love find it's way to you soon. :)

Phillipe Nguyen: The other part of Vietnam on the forum, seems like now you are the only part. I'm sorry to break up the duo, but some times, life has to move on. Schoolwork. Good luck in school Phillipe, and please do learn how to read and write Vietnamese. I am putting my money on that you can do it by summer next year, and I really hope so.

Ross Philp: One of my earliest friends on SM. Thank you for guiding my way in the beginning few months, I highly appreciate it, and I will always remember you as a guide for me. Ross, just a last advise, don't get into arguments so constantly, and take jokes like a joker. Good luck Ross.

Michael Atkin: Great scout, great forumer. Just made his name but is establishing himself as a top scout and a forum great. We will definitely continue to talk on MSN. I might just beam you a great player for you to post. Maybe, maybe. If I remain interested in lower league football. Good luck with schoolwork Mike.

Sam Pooley: One of my greatest friends on SM. And this is a fact. My only good friend that I don't have another contact to, other than the forum. I am disappointed to probably lose contact with you, forever. A great Gunner, will always remember him. And do please add me whenever you decide to create an MSN account.

Adam Johnson: Mr Johnson. Wise lad. Best of luck in university and hope you become a a great physio psychologist or whatever you want to be. (:D) And if I am able to buy a football club ever, my top man in psychology will be you, as promised (:P). Good luck in your career Adam.

Arslan Arshad: Otherwise known as Smartdoc by many of us. I could say, Arslan is the wisest of the people I have ever known, and that includes many scientists, philosophers that I have met and read about. Always knows how to cut out a stupid argument. Disappointingly, you do not have MSN, so I will lose contact with one of the forum's greatest, may I dare say, arguably, ever.

Louis Mattis: You are banned are the moment, and I have only started talking to you a few days ago, but I already know that you are a sound lad. One last piece of advise from me Louis, keep out of arguments, do not moan too much. Life's unfair. And we all know that Louis, it's just you need to calm yourself down.

David Scott: Shels, as I like to call him. Strict of the strict. Someone always complains to him about something. Good luck mate, will probably never be able to talk to you again, and it's been a pleasure knowing you.

Phil Luney: Thanks for all Phil. You've tried to get me un-linked from Sparky in SM, helped me in all different ways, and I still owe you something. But seems like, I might never be able to repay my debt to you. Do please, if you have any inquiries, use Messenger and contact me, or simply email me.

Tom Sinar & George: The duo that I believed were brothers for some time. (:P) Have a great time lads, you are probably all having a hard time in studies therefore I wish you all the best. As you have told me Tom, you may be leaving soon, but guys, do try and keep in touch via MSN.

Matt Jewiss: Not so active any more, but a great friend of mine, well I guess. Be careful when driving Matt, don't crash anywhere. Good luck on your A-Levels, hope you have some improvement on your AS Levels. Best of luck Matt, use your intelligence in something good.

Dennis Marks & Iris Chan: Two of the Canadian trio. Thanks for the beautiful sigs Iris, keep making them, they are amazing. Absolutely amazing. Dennis, keep scouting Germany, use your extreme intelligence on them, and use it for the benefit of others. Pleasure knowing you two.

Kyle & Jake Turner: The Turner brothers. Both great sig makers, but only one supports Liverpool. Best of luck Kyle and Jake, good luck with your A-Levels (Jake) and GCSE's (Kyle). You will be missed.

Colin Barker: Good luck in work, and keep your great setups running. And keep your daughters into place as well, you know, this world is becoming a dark and bad place. (:P) Colin, best of luck in the future, will miss talking to you, but it seems like without MSN, all contact is lost...

Luke Deveeney & Matt Burnett & Kuldeep Samra: Still able to talk to you two on MSN, so won't lose you guys. Both great match reporters, best of luck lads. Don't have Kuldeep's though. Good luck.

Muntasir Tailor & Sam Warren & Lee Bradbury & Nathan Kirby: The chatroomers. I never knew you guys very well, except for Sam and Nath, but found you four extremely funny. Lee, great lad, super humor, and always a bit of wiseness in there. Munt and Sam, young, bright future. Don't let anything wreck it. Nath, don't let your disability let anyone abuse you. Live like everyone else. Best of luck you four.

Herby Mohr: Our great German who lives in Aussie land. Good luck with the baby, take care of her. All the best for the missus and the baby.

Crazy Bones & Stevie Teb: The forum supers. Keeping the forum running very well. Well, will ask the one that is on at the moment to close my account after this post. Please do keep the forum running well, I don't want to see this place wrecked after a few years.

The Devs (Ste In Particular): Thank you for giving me such an experience, playing such a great game. It's given me a huge chunk of football knowledge, maybe too much. Keep making improvements. I also deeply apologize to Ste, whom I promised that I could help translating the site to Vietnamese, but now I don't think it's possible

The Liverpool Fans: We all share the same passion. LIVERPOOL!

Thank you. Now I shall leave. Good luck guys. :)

EDIT: Sorry for anyone I missed out, it has taken me sometime and omissions will be there. Also, if you don't have my MSN, please do add me...


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Re: The Time Has Come

If I catch someone trying to diss this...:mad:

Tom, just wanted to say that you will very much be missed, one of the classiest on here.

Do you know how much more scouting I have to do now if I want those full league reports? :mad: You just doubled my load mate :(

Very classy way to leave, anyone else would shock me to pay tribute to so many, but it's expected from you.

Keep in touch, buddy!

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Re: The Time Has Come

You know how I feel about you making this thread. But it's your call like I've said a million times over. I won't be a thread wrecker and come down on you .

You're a brilliant lad. I still struggle sometimes to believe you're a 13 year old with your level of maturity and vast knowledge. You certainly have the capability to do something decent with your life.

Unlike most this isn't too much a shock to me, as I'm in a similar position as you study wise. you've got to prioritise, and studies, as annoying and tedious as they be, come before play. I am behind you all the way and if you decide to come back then by all means you have my 100% support, but after our convo that seems impossible. :(

It's not really goodbye between you and I, and I would love to meet you in person one day. But all the same, good luck in your studies, and I hope to continue speaking with you via MSN. :)

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Re: The Time Has Come

Well well, my old friend Mr. Tom Pham

Your contribution has been absolutely immense and will be missed.

Still remember talking to ya in the chatroom before ya joined the forums...;)

Good luck in life and mainly your studies...

Might not sound like a big deal to others, but they are your passport to success.

Good luck

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Re: The Time Has Come

I'm glad you told me personally, before I read this thread....

Not that much of a shock for me really, we had spoken about it a little while ago and I thought I had talked you round.... I obviously did, for a little bit anyway...

This is different to any of the "Thinking of leaving" threads that we all love so much..:P:rolleyes: As Tom is not one to attention seek at all....

You are probably the most sensible lad I have ever spoken to and your age baffles me, you are not 13, you cant be....

You are a genious and will go on to become what ever you desire because you put the work in....

Very sad to see you leave here but I am still happy that we will always be able to chat about what ever....

All the best my friend... You will be missed...:)

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Guest King Kolo

Re: The Time Has Come

Sad to see ya go hope you do well in life and at collage u are a legend and i wish you the best of luck :) well not the livapool part i hope they lose but err in ya life i do :D

Bit Off Topic But Why Did you Quote Me? :D

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Re: The Time Has Come

I can honestly say it's one of my saddest day on the forum :( . You will be a great miss to everyone who graces the forum through your immaculate scouting threads, but more importantly you will be a great loss to so many of us for those who have grown to know you well as a friend and a brilliant young man. Your wealth of knowledge and maturity for one so young is a shining example for many and I have no doubts you will go on to have a successful, long and prosperous career in whatever you end up doing.

Like so many others, I hope you will grace the forum with your presence again in the future, but also understand that you are in a critical phase in your life. I wish you every success with your future and have no doubts you will make a great success of your life. I'm sure we will keep in touch through one way or another (see PM ;) ). All the best dear friend :)

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Re: The Time Has Come

Tom, i think we spoke a while ago before you came over to England about you potentially having to quit SM.

Sad day, you ooze class, Maturity, intelligence and most of all your a good lad. I cant believe i can speak to you on the same level i speak to some of my mates, and your 7-8 years younger ! wish my bro was as mature as you.


Your a great lad, a great scout and a great forumer.

Will miss ya buddy !

If you do read this btw, the last two times i havent answered you on MSN, iv been signed in on my xbox and was busy whooping people on call of duty !

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Re: The Time Has Come

:eek: I never got to know you personally nor do I with anyone on here but I must say you'll certainly be missed by many. I have always appreciated the thought you put into your posts on the forum and they were always a pleasure to read. You are incredibly gifted and undeniably a complete legend on this forum. I sincerly wish you all the best mate but I must say you will be back

some time, I hope.

Good luck Tom!

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Re: The Time Has Come

Very sad to see you leaving, especially since I've just gotten to know you better:(. I just have to say that you're one of the greatest forumers here on SM. Never have I seen you complain or make ridiculous posts. You seem to always be the one who emerges from discussions as the reasonable one, even when you're wrong. You're scout threads have been absolutely magnificent. You're one of the most hard-working scouts out there (and maybe even the very most:)). Good luck in life and I'm sure your commitment to work will pay off in another field and help you in the future.:D

And yes, I'll be sure to get better at my Vietnamese:p.

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Re: The Time Has Come

What a Pleasure It Was To Read That Leaving Post Tom.

All The Best With You Studies,

Since Your Time In The Fourm You've Contributed So Much & Been Envolved On Every Area of The Forum, Even Getting A Grasp of The Rating Systyme & Giving A Proper & Accurate Account of Future Predictions of Whole Leagues Prior To An Update, Not Many Do This Accuratly Bestpay Leigh & Insider Notably But Asides Them Three No.1 Else Stands Out At this Moment.

Your Mexican Predictions Were Your First or One of The First You Did & I Took Full Use of That Thread & If Anyone Goes Through Any of My Teams You'll Find Many of Those Young Mexicans In My Teams Notably My Drogheda United In GC-10, That Thread Has Completly Overhauled That Team Which Has Qualified For A World Competition Place Each of The 2 Seasons So Far Aswell As Drawing With Barce Away Last Friday In the World Sheild.

I Thaught You'd Go All The Way or Very Close In Forumer of The Year & Was My Intention To Vote For You All The Way Unfortuantly It Wasn't To Be On This Occasion Anyway.

Anyway, Best of Luck With Whatever Path You Take & Talk To Ya Again I'm Sure When You Return Even If Just In Chat During The Summer Months.

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Guest Mr. Razzcocks

Re: The Time Has Come

Tom, you're a pham-tastic forumer ! :D Sorry, couldn't resist a bit of English humour :)

You are a great forumer who, I would say, is the best rating predictor this forum has got. The hours you have put in for us shows an unselfish person who cares about others and I will really miss you on here. You may not have got to know me properly but whenever i saw a scouting thread by you, I always went on it to see your latest servings. I have added you on msn so I can talk to you once you finally leave.

There was so much I was wanting to say to you about your scouting predictions but, now, this will have to wait, as you take the long, rocky road that is life. Choose your route carefully and try to be the best you can possibly be. You're at Eton and as we all know, that is a fantastic school for fantastic students. You show maturity beyond your years and I hope you have a great future, whatever it is.

Goodbye, Tom.

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