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Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

Bigger report to follow...

Glad to have acquired my desired club... (Liverpool)

Everyone bar Carragher, Gerrard & Torres are available. Only looking for player exchanges please. Need a replacement first and foremost.

No one for loan at the moment but will keep you guys posted.

Only Keane listed so far but everyone available.

Thank you

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


Anything Less Than The Title Would Be Considered A Failure

Steven Barnes was appointed Feyenoord manager earlier this evening, and is confident that his team is capable of winning the title, and qualifying for the Champions league. Barnes will also field decent teams for both the Dutch cup and shield, but his priority is the league.

The only player not available for transfer for Feyenoord is midfielder Jonathon De Guzman, every other player will be available in a Player exchange deal.

Steven Barnes has his eye on a few players, including the likes of Hamit Altintop, Carlos Cuellar and Christian Poulsen, amongst others, and is hoping to bring in a few players within the next few days.

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


Fans Furious...


As Benitez Walks Out...

Just a few minutes ago, five times European Cup Winners Liverpool saw their Spanish manager Rafa Benitez leave the club after rows with club owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet. Many critics and pundits are unsurprised as the managerial saga at the Merseyside has been going on for months. It was reported that Rafa Benitez was unhappy with plans regarding Liverpool's new stadium and how much he had to spend in the summer. The Spaniard was left infuriated and decided to walk out. He told SkySportsNews:

"I have had it, this decision was inevitable as this problem has been recurring for months now. I had no power over the club and was told who to sell and buy. How is a manager supposed to win trophies if he isn't allowed to manage the club the way he wants to? I wish good luck to the new manager who decided to take over."

The Spaniard also added:

"I can understand a lot of the fans are upset, but one thing they mustn't do is go against the owners as this can affect the players and therefore their performances. I have talked to players such as Carragher, Stevie G and Fernando Torres. And they have pledged their future to Liverpool no matter who is in charge. I sincerely wish the players, the new manager and the fans luck. And may the new manager have better luck and more control over the club than I did"


"And may the new manager have better luck and more control over the club than I did" - Benitez

And just hours after Benitez's departure, the club owners were on a mission to find a new man to succeed the Spaniard. Rafa Benitez's comments left the vacancy at Liverpool look unattractive, and therefore the job received rejection from the world's leading managers such as Roberto Mancini, Jose Mourinho, Claudio Ranieri and many more. But one man who was eager to manage the club was former GC19 Spartak Moskva manager Nasir Ali, who faced considerate success with his former club. The new man was unveiled straight after he signed his 4 year contract with the club and he told LiverpoolTV: "It's an absolute dream come true, this is my first shot with a massive club. I understand expectations will be high but I am prepared for these challenges mentally and physically. We have a good bunch of players and I cannot see why we cannot challenge for the title, FA Cup and Champions League this season."


Success To Return To Liverpool?

Liverpool Transfer News

New man Nasir Ali has stated that everyone bar Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres is available. The new manager believes that the trio will ne their key to success. The only man to be listed however is Irish striker Robbie Keane who has failed to impress.


Flipped Over - Keane To Leave After His Arrival?

Liverpool are desperately after a winger, an attacking midfielder and a center back. However, they do not want to sell their main trio for these players.

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


Marios Tofaris Unveiled As The New Manager Of Barcelona

Barcelona earlier today unveiled there new manager Marios Tofaris as Pep Guardiola stepped down. Marios Tofaris has held a press confrence "I am delighted to be announced as the new manager of Barcelona. This is a great club with lots of talent. With enough great players to not only contest for the La Liga but win the La Liga. As for transfers Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi and Bojan are not available at any price.


Pep Guardiola says hes goodbyes

SMFA Champions Cup Group A

Marios Tofaris had this to say about Barcelona's SMFA Champions Cup group A "This will not be an easy group to qualify from. Going to Turkey to play Galatasary will be a tough match as they have excellent support but I think our toughest match will be against Werder Bremen in Germany. They have some quality players.


Barcelona Unveil new Kit For The Season


This is what Marios Tofaris had to say about Barcelona's kits for the new season "They look good and original."

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

I've taken over GREMIO , not sure whether to stay or go as there doesn't seem to be any forumers in the brazilian league. Will probably stay B)

Will be looking forward to collecting my league title, Brazilian cup and shield in 19 weeks ... :P

but to do this,

Gremio are in need of Loans!

Any Defenders, Wingers, LMs, RMs 86+ would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers


The first bit of transfer news from the City of Manchester Stadium and it appears that within minutes of him taking over, he sold of young prospect Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge will join spanish club FC Stuttgart for a fee in the region of £7million.

An angry manager recently added this comment:

"Stuttgart have withdrawn the offer for Sturridge, Daniel is annoyed that we were going to sell him and has handed in a transfer request. Any team that can match Stuttgarts origional offer can have him. He is not in my future plans."

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers



got some bids in for a few select players to improve my squad not really looking to trade my players as i took over ac milan to manage the player's they already have.......:D

dida has gone on loan but anyone else i loan shall be loan listed...all other loan bid's will be rejected....;)

all cash only bid's shall be left untouched from now on as i can't be bothered to waste my time rejecting pointless bids:rolleyes:

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Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers

United players for sale !

Ronaldo - At the very least a 92 replacement, and another 93+ player.

Tevez - 91 striker, and a 90/91 midfielder, depends on age

Rooney - 93 replacement + 91 + midfielder

Ferdinand - 92 + replacement and either a 90+ defender or striker.

Evra - 91 replacement + another 91/90 player, depends on age

others players for sale too, part ex only

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